Weekend Confessions

weekend confessions

It’s been a while since I confessed to you all (because I don’t already bare my innermost thoughts to you on a weekly basis already).

So some confessions from the weekend:

Confession #1: I watched Me Before You with Daliza on Friday night, and I was crying my eyes out with all the other middle school girls in the theater. In my defense, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room except for Daliza’s. She was laughing at the rest of us.



Confession #2: I loved and hated the movie. Loved because it was a very sweet romance (I’m a sucker). Plus, British accents. Hated because I have some qualms about the ending.

Confession #3: After the movie, I went home for a really cute baking date at home with a British guy ❤


Cookie & Kate’s banana bread in muffin form

That guy would be Jamie Oliver. On Youtube. It was like a Skype cooking date, except we were cooking different things and he has no idea I exist.


fresh out of the oven with a big smear of cinnamon raisin peanut butter from Stowe + glass o’ milk!

Confession #4: Dad’s birthday was on Saturday, but he did more work and service than I (and many people) did that day. He’s a star.


Saturday’s breakfast: full fat Greek yogurt with cinnamon, nutmeg, chia seeds, banana, banana muffin, and almond butter

Confession #5: Mom and I bought so much {rather expensive} food at the farmers’ market on Saturday with the reasoning that “we are supporting the locals.”

IMG_1386 IMG_1393 IMG_1394

I’m sorry, how many dollars?


foraging in my natural habitat

I love special nut butters, but there are very few times I am willing to drop $13 for a standard jar.

Confession #6: I totally snacked my way through lunch at the farmers’ market. I love how you never fail to get excessive amounts of carbs and cheese at farmers’ markets.


side confession: this fresh apple waffle was probably the best waffle I’ve EVER eaten — so doughy!



this apple strudel is legit

IMG_1390 IMG_1397

side confession: this tasted no different from chocolate cow milk, but that’s not a bad thing

Confession #7: I may never get tired of tacos.


one carne enchilada + one chicken taco

Pop chose a local Mexican restaurant for his birthday dinner, and Mom and I could not be more pleased with his decision 😉


he got a huge frozen margarita for his special day — atta boy


chicken and pork chilaquiles as an appetizer to share

Confession #8: I always forget how wonderful one-on-one walks are. Pop and I took a late night walk through our humid and dark neighborhood. Good convo with a great man.

Confession #9: I indulged in more sweets on Pop’s birthday than on my own birthday. The farmers’ market lured Madre and I into buying many baked goods, sooooo, like, you gotta eat some while they’re fresh, right?


a slice of apple strudel a la mode + a piece of this gluten/dairy/grain/everything-free blueberry scone

Confession # 10: I play eenie-meenie-miney-mo (sp?) for a lot of my trivial life decisions. Example: yesterday’s breakfast was a toss-up between three of Amanda’s recipes: oatmeal cookie dough smoothie, banana oat french toast bake, and chunky monkey pancakes.


banana oat french toast bake won – topped with cinnamon raisin pb + glass o’ milk

Confession #11: I put Greek yogurt on my beef yesterday.


LISTEN. It’s like sour cream if it’s full fat Greek yogurt (I’m saying this mostly to defend myself from my non-blogger friends, who think that even peanut butter with yogurt is weird).


also had a hunk of a huge cheese biscuit…from the farmers’ market

Confession #12: The workout I did on Saturday left me quiiiiiite sore on Sunday. It was:

5 rounds of 10 Bulgarian split squats each leg + 3 wall walks. Then…

3 rounds (30 sec work, 10 sec rest):

  • burpees
  • alternating split lunges with 10# DB
  • toe touch + split sit-up
  • push-up with knee tap
  • high knees
  • heel tap burpees

I’m sorry. Half of those exercises probably mean NOTHING to you, because they are not conventional exercises that have real names.

Confession #13: When I did this 60 minute vinyasa yoga with Leigha Butler yesterday, I spent about 25% of the time staring at her doing poses beyond my anatomical capacity.

Confession #14: When I went on a walk with Madre yesterday, I was walking at maybe 2 mph because my butt was so sore.


a slow incline that felt like a mountain – but look at how mystical this is!


Confession #15: We secretly live near a rainforest.


…that happens to have evergreens

Confession #16: I decided to watch home videos with mom last night because all I wanted were warm fuzzies.

Confession #17: Dinner last night was pita bread and veggies with hummus, these baked zucchini, and desserts…from the farmers’ market.



Hope you all have a fantastic week! Support local businesses 🙂

So tell me:

What is your experience with farmers’ markets? Do you get giddy like I do? Do you give in to buying more expensive things than you normally would to #SupportLocal?

Do you ever play eenie-meenie-miney-mo to make life decisions?

Two fun things you did this weekend!

What do you think of Me Before You if you read/saw it?


19 thoughts on “Weekend Confessions

  1. LUUUUUUCKYYYYY–I wanted to see Me Before You soooooo badly! I have to get on it next week, hopefully! I also laughed with your Jamie Oliver date too XD Anyhow, your food photos never fail to inspire me! 😀 And hope your dad has a wonderful birthday!

  2. That sounds like such a fun weekend and my dad would have definitely chose a Mexican restaurant (probs because he is Mexican… haha). I always enjoy reading your blogs Alison. You surely have the nack for telling great stories 🙂

  3. Haha gal! Your cute british date made me laugh! Sounds like my kinda date:) No one to comment on how much nut butter I put on my muffins or the fact that I also eat it on the side before and after baking.
    I am the same when it comes to farmer’s markets. Completely altruistic motives of course; nothing to do with how deliciously tempting the food is… My own mother, however, would rather stay away from shopping of any kind. It is indeed unfortunate.
    That forest place looks magical. Oh boy.

  4. I read an analysis on the movie/novel of Me Before You and I agree with your sentiments about the ending. Therefore I’m making an active choice to not see it. You totally fooled me with your British guy comment! I got really excited for a moment. Those strawberries look juicy and fresh! I don’t know how to justify the $7 but man they look good.

  5. That rainforest is GORGEOUS! And when I saw your cooking date comment, I was thinking, ‘What??’ Then I thought that that was the most convenient date I’ve ever heard of. Also, being in the farmers market is so dangerous for me in a kind of ‘good way.’ I don’t mind spending more because they are local businesses, but I have to not go overboard. 😀 Also, do you think you could post more simple videos of your workouts cause I would love ideas from you?

  6. I want to go to my local farmers market soon. It is a must!! That movie looks so good. I haven’t seen it yet! And girl those homemade muffins with peanut butter look AMAZIN 🙂

  7. I read Me Before You (haven’t watched the movie yet though) and really enjoyed it though not enough to read the second book. Kudos to your dad for his selflessness especially on his day! And belated happy bday to him! 🙂 I lovelovelove farmer’s markets and sampling all the things! Gotta make sure they aren’t poisoned right? 😜 Also love your seemingly never-ending stash of pastry finds! Totally on board with Greek yogurt as sour cream. Greek yogurt is great wherever.

  8. I’ve read me before you some time ago and I Really Loved it (tears were involved!). I didn’t know there was a film about it! I didn’t imagine the girl (don’t even remember the name…) to be that pretty TBH. I even heard the audio book to the 2nd part of the story, how her life goes on. Sorry, can’t remember the title right now (apparently I’m a grandma without memory -.-)
    On another note, I was wondering what “full fat” Greek yogurt means to you. Here in Germany the equivalent to GY is “quark” and the highest fat content is I think 9g per 100g. There’s also greek style yogurt which some versions can even have like 10g fast power 100g!

  9. I always am amazed by how expensive things are at the farmer’s market! But I definitely do feel more justified in spending more money since things are typically pretty fresh and local. All of your baked goods from there look amazinggg!

  10. holy crap your farmers market looks faaaantastic!! i would be buying like 20 apple turnovers LOL.
    wait i bought apples i should make some. but ugh work. we’ll see.
    anyways, i had a total huge jealous moment that you had a baking date. with a guy. a british guy!! but now i see that i cant too have that 😉
    also dont worry, i will forever love tacos. …and fajitas. and enchiladas. YUM!
    and you are KILLING the workouts! those Bulgarian squats leave me screaming. 5 sets of 10?! i cant even :O

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