20 Things From My Life That I Regret (But Not Entirely)

I just finished a rather colorful bowl of oatmeal this AM.


Sprinkles were welcomed onto my classic bowl of banana chia egg white oats, because I’m turning 20 today! Two decades and no longer a teen. I’d say that I feel closer to fully #adulting, but did I mention that a waitress gave me a kiddie menu in Vermont three weeks ago?



I hope that all my fellow Americans had a lovely Memorial Day! The ‘rents and I took it easy. We attended our local Memorial Day ceremony, Mom and I went shopping, we all napped a bit, and some killer moves went down in honor of the fallen.


the superintendent of my high school!


salad with sautéed onions, mushrooms and chorizo (← new fave)


Memorial Day 5/30/16 Workout

5 rounds for time: 30 pushup burpees + 16 alternating weighted pistol squats


dinner was eel and Asian roasted brussels sprouts over brown rice (I LOVE EEL)


new favorite late night snack: Greek yogurt and almond butter with dried figs

In honor of twenty years since emerging from the womb, I decided to make a list of twenty things, because that seems like a socially acceptable way to subtly scream on my blog that I have turned twenty years old.

I have learned plenty of lessons in these past twenty years, but instead of listing the lessons themselves, I am sharing twenty things that I regret doing/happening (but not entirely, because they’ve taught me that I am a foolish human being who constantly needs improvement/they’ve given me the best memories). So I do not necessarily condone all of the following things, but I am appreciative that God allows me to learn from mistakes.

1) Filming a plethora of home videos of my brother and myself dancing to Pokemon songs and Backstreet Boys.

2) Showing said home videos to my friends in high school and college.

3) Having a bowl haircut.


4) Complaining to my parents that I didn’t want to go to Hawaii when I was seven years old because I had no interest in pineapples (they still dragged me along, thankfully).

5) Wanting to have hamstring muscles just like my figure skating friend when I was seven years old (the dawn of body comparison).

6) Waiting until the last minute on one of my elementary school math projects and getting a terrible grade.

7) Crying and getting mad at God because I didn’t get a lead role in my middle school’s musical, Willy Wonka, Jr. I got the part of an orange-faced, green-haired oompa loompa.

8) Any and every time I stomped through the house in an unreasonable rage.

9) Begging my mom to take me to buy Crocs. And Uggs.

10) Not paying attention to directions whenever my parents drove.

11) Not reading Harry Potter (and then the heavens rejoiced that she repented).

12) The whole phase of my life when I started wearing makeup and getting interested in fashion.


blue eyeshadow and 10 lbs. of jewelry

13) Not keeping up with stretching after some time off of figure skating. It taught me early on that muscles do not stay flexible forever.

14) Counting calories and finding healthy living blogs that pushed my disordered eating further (but finding healthy living blogs was ultimately fruitful).

15) Discovering my love for nut butter. A blessing and a curse.


16) Attending one high school Halloween party where there was a single handle of vodka, touchy people, and really bad lighting. But it taught me that I was not missing out on anything by not going to those parties.

17) Thinking that I did not want to study abroad because of FOMO (fear of missing out) at Boston. My friends who know what’s logical and good urged me to reconsider, and now I’m going to Dublin this fall!

18) All the times I did not engage in conversation with people because I did not think they were interesting enough or that I was interesting enough.

19) Not trusting in God’s mercy, which has plunged me into my darkest times yet ultimately brought me to my greatest joys after seeking Truth.

20) Not following politics. I need to inform myself more, but I’m also happy that I’m not stressing over the hubbub.

This was a lot more fun to write than I was expecting. And embarrassing!

Off to work now! Hope you all have a wonderful week!

So tell me:

What are some things you regret (but not really)? Can you relate to any of mine?

What did you do for Memorial Day?

Do you have any birthday traditions? Going out to dinner with the fam!


24 thoughts on “20 Things From My Life That I Regret (But Not Entirely)

  1. Happy birthday!!! Hope you have a good one! Plus, I loved this: “I decided to make a list of twenty things, because that seems like a socially acceptable way to subtly scream on my blog that I have turned twenty years old”. Lol! The blogger’s dilemma. Although maybe it’s just young bloggers, since older ones wouldn’t care as much?

    I’m going to say the obvious, and say going on a super restrictive, prepackaged diet. I’ve learned so much since then that I never would have learned otherwise, but the journey was excruciating, and I wish that I had chosen differently. Also, one thing I do regret (pretty much completely) is not enjoying the food at this very special event, and more specifically, not enjoying a treat along with the rest of my friends when it was over and we were watching a movie and having ice cream novelties. I remember staring at them, and contemplating “cheating”, but I stayed “good”, and boy have I wished since that I had just enjoyed the moment with my friends. I mean, I did, but my spirit was a bit crushed in the background from feeling deprived. But at least I know, that will NEVER happen again. 🙂

  2. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Alison, happy birthday to you!!! I hope you have the magical day you deserve. ❤

    Chorizo has been a hidden favorite of mine for year. I always forget about it until it randomly pops up on a menu. I was like you for #11. I didn’t read Harry Potter until the summer after my senior year. It was a tough primary educational experience not relating to everyone. I have yet to see any of the movies apart from the first one! I wholeheartedly agree with #16 as well. Parties. Yeah, I *guess* they can be fun, but they aren’t my type of fun. It’s taken me a while to be okay with that, but now I am.

    Have a great time at your family dinner, Alison!

  3. Happy birthday, Alison! 🙂 🙂 I’m so glad we reconnected over the Christmas holiday and all the weddings the past couple years. I remember when “Ben” was “Benny” and you were just a wee little one with awesome birthday parties back in your Oxnard, CA days. No matter how many years pass, that bowl cut will live on. Hehe. Have a wonderful birthday! Do 20 year olds still do Jolly Jumps? 😛

  4. Happy birthday girly!! Hope today is great 🙂 One thing I regret is any time I was rude or disrespectful to my parents. I also regret feeling like I need to do things I didn’t necessarily want to just in order to “fit in.” Have a happy happy birthday!!

  5. ’19) Not trusting in God’s mercy, which has plunged me into my darkest times yet ultimately brought me to my greatest joys after seeking Truth.’

    That one. I can resonate with SO many of these, and I also resonate with this one in so many ways, because I realize how INCREDIBLE God’s Mercy is, now, but it took me so long to see that. I am thankful that He is long-suffering and full of tender mercies. I see His mercy and grace in your life in so many big ways.

    I relate to ‘not following politics.’ We started a newscast about a year ago, and it has been pretty fun to learn, but it’s also been hard. It’s difficult to read the news, and I can say that I’m thankful to re-focus every morning and evening and every weekend and just remember that God is in control and He is redeeming and restoring.

    I love that your friend caused you to re-consider going to Dublin, cause I think that will be an awesome learning journey for you.

  6. Number 10: YES. I still absolutely need landmarks and don’t really know which highway near my house is which. It’s a mess and I’m learning how to fix it. The happiest of birthdays to you, Alison! Have a beautiful day!

  7. Fun post Alison! Happy birthday lovely!
    I think the one thing I regret is not having a plan b for after university. I had always wanted to become a teacher but there were only a handful of places available postgrad and I missed out. I had no idea what direction to take next. However, this is the perfect ‘not really’ as it put me on the journey to where I am today – and that’s aweseome!

  8. I DEFINITELY relate to SO many of these things! I’m thinking about doing a similar post where I list eighteen things I am grateful for or important lessons I’ve learned too! The FIRST lesson is not to eat an entire jar of peanut butter. Whooooooops.

  9. Happy Birthday!! Welcome to your twenties – I hope they bring you much health and happiness.

    I regret everything I missed out on as freshman because I was so consumed by anorexia. All the things and people I avoided. But as said above, as hard as it is to look back on all of that lying and self-abuse, it is what it is, and we wouldn’t be who we are today without the regret and experiences we’ve learned from for better and worse.

    Dublin is going to be so much fun – my year abroad was where I fully mentally let go of my disorder and I treasure that year so much! You have to nip over the sea to the UK whilst your over the pond as well. 😉

    • Thanks, Jessica!
      Mm I can relate to all the regrets caused by my disordered eating. But with 20/20 vision in retrospect, I’ve learned a lot about the mind of those who struggle with EDs, as well as how to take care of myself in order to be nice around others!
      Haha, I might just visit the UK when I’m over there! 🙂

  10. Happy, happy birthday, Alison! Love this creative post! Laughed out loud at “Begging my mom to take me to buy Crocs. And Uggs.” and this one “All the times I did not engage in conversation with people because I did not think they were interesting enough or that I was interesting enough.” <- I regret the same thing and definitely want to work to change that going forward. Hope you had a great bday!!

  11. AHHH! Belated happy 20th birthday!!! I LOVE EEL TOO so that meal is making me supremely jealous of ya. I definitely regret not engaging in conversations and putting myself out there, and not following the news/politics too.
    Some other things I partially regret:
    – Dressing the way I did in elementary school *Cringes and shudders*
    – Sticking it out with TV shows even after they turned awful
    – Constantly going to bed early and not pulling enough all nighters

  12. I’ve been MIA from the blog world for a while so I’m a little late on this one but, HAPPY [belated] BIRTHDAY!!! I don’t really remember turning 20 (amg I’m old!!!), but I’m pretty sure it was really similar to 19 😉 Either way, I hope this year is an amazing one for you! I think one of the biggest things I regret is not really letting my personality shine through because I was too shy or embarrassed. The older I got, the easier it was to just be myself, and I really with I could have done that when I was younger… But better late than never! 😀

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