See Ya Later, Boston

I’m back home in New York!

Where there is a kitchen and where the toilet paper is thick enough to use only three squares instead of seven.

That being said, I actually consider Boston my second home (maybe even just “home” now), since I do spend 8/12 months there. I also feel that the people I’ve met at BU are truly my second family. And I’m gonna cut the sap right there before I start crying and you start cringing.

Even though I’m not going to be living at “home” in Boston for another 8.5 months (oh my gosh) because I’m going to Dublin in the fall, I tried my best to maintain a “see ya later” attitude rather than a “goodbye” attitude, especially when it came to leaving friends.

My last few days in Boston were wonderful, spent with many people I love, and for that I am so grateful.

On Thursday, Rachel and I walked and talked for 2 hours, more or less. The weather was just perfect. We also watched The Parent Trap that night, which was a fantastic choice.

IMG_1082 IMG_1084

My favorite moves of the week: Hillary’s Dirty Burpee Workout on Saturday morning. I had to dodge lots of families who were hanging out by the river for graduation festivities, but it was like an agility obstacle course, ya know? There were also so many other people working out too!


last time workout there for a long time

That workout took everything out of me. The burpees felt like a break in between the .25 mile runs, which is evidence of how much little I run.

I tried this Aussie yogurt from our campus market store, since I had some dining points left to use. It’s called Noosa and it’s some of the richest, most delicious yogurt I’ve ever eaten. But I’m probably never going to have it again because I’m too cheap and buying individual cups of gourmet yogurt doesn’t seem very economical.


I also finished up some Nature’s Path multigrain wild berry freezer waffles for breakfast one morning. Topped with pb and banana, naturally.


On Saturday night after Mass, our Catholic Center chaplain, Fr. Barnes, hosted a potluck dinner for all the non-seniors who were still on campus. ‘Twas a lovely evening. We started with cheese and crackers (arguably the best appetizer of all time). My friends Casey and Fiona came through with some smoked gouda, brie, and sharp cheddar #BLESS.


My friend Nico brought quiche, which made me squeal.


Fr. Barnes made us the most satisfying spaghetti ever. Plain spaghetti tossed in olive oil with fresh tomatoes, grilled corn, raw garlic, Italian sausage, and basil. KILLER. I roasted some balsamic brussels sprouts and green beans to go along with it.


“Look bourgeoisie.”



Chef Barnes and Casey— two great people (p.s. Fr. Barnes has an awesome blog)

On Sunday morning, I attended the graduation for the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences with some friends to support more friends. I hope we embarrassed them by how loudly and obnoxiously we cheered.



Mom and Pop so generously drove up to Boston just to help me move out and drive me back home. What a lucky girl I am.

We ate dim sum for lunch and then hit the road. Back on the home front, I had/still have a lot of unpacking to do, but I got to cook! Honey mustard paprika salmon + honey balsamic roasted green beans and asparagus (can you tell that I like roasted things in balsamic?). Mom made quinoa too.


I didn’t take a pic of the roasted veg

In the midst of unpacking, I saw that Emily from Beauty in Christ sent me the sweetest package! Nuttzo + homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookies! She’s so good to me.


Of course, I microwaved and ate one of her cookies for dessert, and they are seriously some of the best peanut butter chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever eaten. UGH. Thank you so much, Emily! ♥︎ I highly recommend checking out her blog if you love good reflections and inspiration regarding body image and ED recovery + beautiful things/positivity in general.


These next few days I will be with my friends Fiona and Rachel in upstate New York! I won’t have service, which is honestly a blessing, because I need to get my eyes off pixels for an extended amount of time. I’ll catch up with you guys soon though!

Hope you have a great week! Squeal with excitement over things like quiche.

So tell me:

Do you feel like you have/ever had a “second home” somewhere? I do still love home in NY and being with my parents ♥︎ Love you, mom and pop.

What is the best thing you ate this weekend?

Do you buy individual cups of yogurt or just big tubs like me? I buy individual ones if they’re on sale!


22 thoughts on “See Ya Later, Boston

  1. I don’t think I have a second home unless you count my job lol. I actually stopped considering my parents house my home when I still “lived” there. Long story but it’s all good, my home is wherever I am and I’m happy 🙂
    I usually buy a tub of yogurt because I usually only use it to make dips and dressings. I can’t remember the last time I ate yogurt for a meal or snack. My favorite brand is Nancy’s
    Have a great summer!

  2. Fun fact about me: I have not one, but two “second homes”. My general home is where my parents live, plus one where all my family (grandma, aunts) live and one where I study😅

  3. Cheese + crackers really is SO good. I pretty much only have that combo at parties as an appetizer, but I might need to make it a snack soon. Such a classic! And I usually buy the single-serve containers of yogurt for convenience… and so I don’t have to wash a bowl. Wow, I’m lazy 🙂 Have fun with your friends this week!

  4. Your comment about the toilet paper… way too true. I’m like you now. San Diego is my home now, not Los Angeles, which feels really weird to say because my family still lives in LA. It’s just not my place anymore.
    Best thing I ate this weekend: In N Out!

  5. Parent trap!!!!!!! Solid choice! Another reason why I want to be your BFF and hang out with you all day every day and meet up ASAP;)
    Best thing eaten…aten🤔 (Monday got my like 🙈) Was pizzzza …I feel like I say that every week 😂
    Have a great time this week!!! I’m feeling a technology detox too
    Love you

  6. Ooh boy, Aussies love their yoghurt! I haven’t tried that one… I’ll have to have a search for it.
    I live in Sydney (3yrs now) but my ‘home’ is Canberra, where my family is. So I get what you mean. It’s a funny thing, having your heart in 2 places at once.

  7. Do you feel like you have/ever had a “second home” somewhere?
    YES! I love being with my family. Anywhere I’m with my family does feel like a second home.. ❤ I can't wait to follow your 'Dublin' trip!

    What is the best thing you ate this weekend?
    Well.. can we count today? It wasn't the weekend, but I just had a 'Rawxie Heart Banana Nut Bar' with Sun Butter. So satisfying right before bed. ❤

    Do you buy individual cups of yogurt or just big tubs like me? I buy individual ones if they’re on sale!

    We love to buy big tubs, because it's one of my family's number one staple foods. 🙂

  8. I completely feel your excitement about having a kitchen at home. Even though I lived in an apartment with an oven and stove, it was tiny. It’s so nice to have a fully stocked pantry too.
    I always buy a large tub of plain Chobani yogurt then individual cups of flavored Siggi’s! My favorite is the vanilla. So thick and so, so good.

  9. I’d have to say that every Whole Foods that ever exists is a second home. Make that Trader Joe’s, actually. Or ANY foodie spot! But I also live for the gym too! Anyways, so glad that you’re back in NYC for more awesome adventures! Oh and I also have to try out that insane burpee workout too! I’d probably break my bones though XD

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