Beautiful Weekend in Stowe, Vermont

I feel like I went to Narnia this weekend.

I was only gone with my family for 36 hours, but I feel like I was away for a week! After finals ended on Thursday night, I stayed with my parents at their hotel, since Friday required an early morning wake-up call for my brother’s graduation.

I went to bed past midnight and somehow got myself to roll out of bed at 5:35 AM (mostly because I needed to pee), so I hit up the hotel gym for a super quick workout. My hair was still in nightmare world and my eye bags were fluffier than my pillow.


2 minute warmup + 16 minute HIIT (24 rounds of 30 seconds work, 10 seconds rest) + stretching:

  • burpees
  • side jump lunges
  • DB clean and jerks (20# DBs)
  • tricep dips/spiderman planks
  • tuck jumps
  • split jack lunges/alternating reverse lunges (20#)

The ‘rents and I got dressed up and headed to TD Garden (home of the Boston Bruins and Celtics!) for the graduation. The arena doesn’t allow outside food or drink, so we made sure to eat a good meal before being in there for 6+ hours. Subway looked like the best option at 7 AM.


egg white, cheese, veggie on honey oat

But since we got to the arena two hours early to get good seats, I was hungry by the time commencement started, so I bit the bullet and bought FIVE DOLLAR in-shell peanuts to tide me over. It was either those or hot dogs for $4. Hot dogs in the morning. Need I explain my decision?

Anyway, the commencement was just peachy. Their speaker was US Secretary of State, John Kerry! His best line that made the crowd go wild was: “You are Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.”

Congratulations, Ben + Northeastern Class of 2016!


Afterwards, we were so ready for lunch. I got a Thai chicken salad with some sort of sweet dressing that was delicious.


We filled our bellies and then promptly hit the road for Stowe, VT for a little family weekend getaway.


We stayed at the Stowe Mountain Lodge, which was just gorgeous. The skies were a bit gloomy, but there are some awesome mountains behind those clouds.


The resort itself was huge and beautiful as well. It was such a labyrinth to walk through. We felt like we we walked at least a quarter of a mile just to get to our room!

IMG_0879 IMG_0881

Since we arrived pretty late, we bolted for the hotel restaurant for dinner before it closed. ‘Twas a convenient but pricey decision.


mason jars ♥︎ 


salad with pistachios, cranberries, and grilled chicken


apple crisp a la mode

The room had a kitchen and some artsy, rustic cutlery. A blogger’s dream.

IMG_0875 IMG_0874

Ben: “Should I model it?”

Saturday was a near perfect day in my book. I slept in and then started the day with a banana and some nuts and a workout at the {amazing} hotel gym.


dynamic warmup + 3 rounds of:

  • 15 close-grip DB chest press
  • 30 double unders
  • 10 clean and jerks

+ playing around on the Pilates ladder barrel


Then we brunched at a local place called McCarthy’s. Super Irish, which is perfect as I prepare to study abroad in Dublin this fall 🙂

IMG_0923 IMG_0938 IMG_0932

I ordered the French toast special with two sunny eggs + bacon. Everything breakfast should be. {Side note: I decided not to bring my peanut butter on this vacation because I thought I should try to detach myself, haha.}


I also shared a very decent portion of my mom’s Irish home fries and corned beef. KILLER.


Ben and I dropped off our parents back at the resort and then headed out on an expedition to Stowe Pinnacle!


I would say I built this, but that would be a lie

It was about 1.65 miles going up, and the incline wasn’t crazy steep, but it was, as Ben put it, persistent. ‘Twas a fab idea to have such a hearty, fatty meal an hour before this. We made it to the summit in pretty good time though— approximately 50 minutes.

Boy, was this view worth it.


It was pretty comparable to the glorious view from Bear Peak in Colorado a year ago, except this time I could breathe because we weren’t at high altitude.

IMG_0948 IMG_0949 IMG_0952 IMG_0970

There were these two golden retrievers up at the summit that were old, fat, and adorable. We couldn’t tell if they belonged to anyone in particular, but all they wanted was to be loved by all the people who made it to the summit.

IMG_0968 IMG_0963

freakin’ regal

We trekked back down the mountain, which is less physically challenging but definitely more technically challenging in terms of not falling off the face of the mountain. I only slipped and fell on my butt once going downhill, which is on par for me. I really need to wear the hiking shoes I have.

When we got back to the road, Ben and I went on a quest for a maple “creemee” per my friend Courtney’s suggestion. A creemee is special Vermont soft serve ice cream. Unfortunately, we could not find a place that was open and selling maple creemees. Unlike other cities we’re used to, Stowe actually closes shops seasonally *gasp*.

Instead, Ben stopped for a craft beer and we took a Ben & Jerry’s factory tour. Not a bad detour!

IMG_0982 IMG_0985 IMG_0986 IMG_0988 IMG_0989 IMG_0994

I got their banana peanut butter frozen Greek yogurt because that epitomizes my food choices // Ben got strawberry cheesecake and Spectacular Speculoos (so good!)


Ben and… Allie’s?

What a great post-hike snack 🙂

We went back to the hotel, showered, and then headed to dinner with our parents at the Trapp Family Lodge (yes, the von Trapps from Sound of Music!).


spring vegetable salad with an amazing yogurt sauce + some of my mom’s pancetta-wrapped chicken thigh and quinoa + a bite of Ben’s wiener schnitzel


roasted carrots for the table to share


cheese plate


the BEST apple strudel a la mode! 

Full and oh so content.

Sunday (Mother’s Day!) started with Mass and breakfast at Cafe on Main. I was in the mood for a good sandwich instead of breakfast food, so I went for the turkey club. Tasty!


Then we walked downstairs to the quaint Stowe Mercantile store, where I freaked out over their local peanut/almond butters.

IMG_1005 IMG_1008

May or may not have bought three jars.

Four hours later, we were back in Boston, where Ben and I unloaded/loaded some things from our places. We ended our family time with a late lunch at Super 88! All I wanted was crunchy, fresh vegetables, so I ordered the tofu and vegetable rice noodle soup. Hit the spot so good!


And then the fam parted ways. I’m back in Boston for one more week, which means lots of oatmeal for meals, which is perfectly fine with me!


THIS WAS SO LONG. But hey, thanks for reading! If you’ve made it this far, consider yourself bear-hugged.

Hope you all have a magnificent Monday! I am grateful for YOU.

So tell me:

Have you ever been to Vermont?

What was the best thing you did this weekend?

What was the best thing you ate this weekend?

Favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor!

Have you ever fallen on a hike?


31 thoughts on “Beautiful Weekend in Stowe, Vermont

  1. I want to go tour the B&Js factory so bad now that they have vegan options! I actually haven’t tried the vegan flavors yet, so I don’t have a favorite flavor hahaha, but I love anything with a lot of pieces in it! Looks like you had a great weekend. I usually stumble whenever I’m on a surface that isn’t flat, story of a baby horse. Have a good week 🙂

  2. Hmm I’ve never been to subway for breakfast but that sandwich actually sounds pretty decent for a go-to breakfast at the last minute! Congratulations to your brother on his graduation! That’s a fantastic picture of the two of you 🙂 I love how close the two of you are. Makes me want to spend more time with my own brother. I’ll happily take that bear hug. It was so much fun to read about your weekend!

    Best thing I did this weekend: “studied” with my best friends but really talked the whole time.
    Best thing I ate this weekend: a banana + nutella crepe!
    Favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor: S’mores!

  3. I’ve never been to VT, but it looks so pretty and now I want to! No one needs to talk me into traveling, though – I find myself wanting to go everywhere. Best sweet thing I ate this weekend was New Orleans praline pecan ice cream (twice, because ice cream), and the best savory thing I ate was an awesome breakfast of fried eggs over buttery grits with roasted cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. SO GOOD. Enjoy the rest of your time in Boston! 🙂

  4. What a beautiful weekend!!!!!! So much good stuff happening
    Never been to Vermont but it looks like the epitome of New England!!! And love how your vacations always seem balanced with meals and moves…and grooves:)
    How was the syrup btw;)

    Ok let’s get down to business ha
    Best thing I ate this
    weekend was pizzaaaaa
    Best thing I did was a walk with my mom especially after all the rain …clearly I’m a party animal lol
    And that Ben n Jerry’s tour is on my bucket list! Give me all Chocolate therapy🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼 literally ha
    Have a great week girlfrand 😘💗

  5. What a perfect weekend! I can’t stop thinking about this maple cremee thing now. Why doesn’t Canada have these? We are the land of maple syrup, after all. Oh my god. I need maple walnut ice cream immediately.

    I fall on all of my hikes. At least once. Usually when I’m stumbling over tree roots or slipping down loose rock. My legs are constantly bruised! #MOUNTAINLIFE

  6. That spoon, though!!! ❤ And I know what you mean about having to walk forever to get to your room in some of those resorts. We once stayed in the Fairmont in Banff, and had to take multiple elevators and go through multiple "wings" to get to our room — it was nuts. Super pretty, but kind of a pain in the ass if you accidentally forget something 😆 And I've never been to Vermont, but if it has mountains, I want to go 😀

  7. Geeze, Alison. As if you didn’t get the hot dog for breakfast. Who are you?

    I seriously love all these little vacays/getaways you guys go on, leaving the third unwanted child behind. erm. me. Congrats again to Ben!!!!

    Also, forgot to tell you but IRELAND!!!!!!!!! Gah! So glad you’re studying abroad, you can now achieve your dream of being a backdrop in Lord of the Dance.

  8. Wowzers!!! It looks like you had an amazing weekend vacation. I would love go to Vermont sometime; I’ve heard the maple syrup is sups-amazing. 😀 And I had to comment that you just look so strong and happy and vibrant Alison! You inspire me to pursue TRUE health everyday! GOD uses you in amazing ways. And, can you send me some of that nut butter? On second thought, my nut butter stash is way too huge right now. I’m needing to trim it down. 😀

  9. THAT VIEW. 😻 😻 😻 The Ben & Jerry’s factory tour has been on my bucket list since I was a kid. So jealous!!! Sounds like you had an awesomely busy weekend! Bear hugging you right back

    best thing I ate: BBQ meal for Mother’s Day — Texas brisket with collard greens, fried okra, coleslaw and sweet corn followed by a huge slice of blueberry pie
    best thing I did: following that ^^^ delicious meal, we went wall climbing. I hadn’t been in climbing forever so it felt despite the soreness in my arms I know I’ll feel for days. 😭

  10. This looks like an amazing weekend getaway! I love that you and Ben go on adventures together and I’ve always wanted to do the Ben & Jerry’s factory tour but haven’t been to Vermont. Ben and Allie’s- haha! You two are too cute.

    Best thing I ate this weekend was…Chipotle and Ben & Jerry’s on Thursday night if we can count that as the weekend!

  11. I read it. The entire thing. It was a blast, I lived vicariously. Man I miss little family holidays away!
    Never been to Vermont, best thing I did was get chicken burgers after church with a friend, best thing I ate was that chicken burger. Fave B&J’s = COUCH POTATO but they don’t sell it in Australia anymore! xx

  12. Never really explored the East Coast besides New York 😀 but I would love to travel a lot more! I think it’s so cool that you actually visited the Ben & Jerry’s factory! It must have been SO fun. The rest of the photos and the FOOOOOOOOD look stunning. Glad you had a beautiful trip!

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