Five Minute Friday #14: Fill in the Blanks

This is going to be the most cop-out post ever—photos, teeny captions, and five minute Friday vlog. Hope you’re all doing well!

Life this past week:IMG_0670

the world is colorful again!


moving and grooving at the Catholic Center spring formal last Friday



accidentally patriotic


Saturday morning — almond butter AND peanut butter


Boston is pretty sometimes


one of those #hangry lunches


embarrassed, but not enough to change anything


fangirling over my friends’ a cappella skills


late night food bucket list run with Rachel (“I’d put in the leg work for ice cream” ← love that chick)


their famous cake batter cookies ‘n’ cream (+ mint oreo, my fave)


carbs getting their own plate




100 burpees as my body slowly shuts down this week


more beautiful weather






banana cake on one night


 and banana bread on another

And here’s this week’s vlog with a little survey and a little catchup.

link to the video!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Eat some ice cream for me.

So tell me:

How has your week been?

What would you try at least once?

Best thing you ate this week?

Have you ever gotten a hug/call/affirmation right when you needed it most?


14 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday #14: Fill in the Blanks

  1. I love your pictures. Carbs definitely need their own plate! One thing I would try once is moving across the country. I really want to do this hahaha. The best thing I ate this week was a new brand of peanut butter called B Happy Peanut Butter. It’s in the middle of crunchy and smooth, they call it smunchy 🙂 cute right?

  2. ” Embarrassed but not enough to change anything” lol story of my life!! 😂
    2. Cake batter cookies n cream ice cream?! WHAT IS LIFE AND HOW COME I HAVE NEVER HAD THIS?!
    3. My spainish grandma makes this thing called Pasteles and even though they look like orange poo they are amazing!!! It’s like this soft dough mass filled with meat and flavored With saffron. So strange and so good

    So close to the end girl! Keep nourishing yourself and resting


  3. I had a really emotional week actually. Broke down yesterday, broke down even MORE today. Oh well. I guess these incidents are unavoidable. I’m trying to see the positive light in these situations and really push myself to the end in order to hopefully change the outcomes of my problems.

  4. I would try also try skydiving at least once! Aside from that, skiing, caving & backpacking are also on my list.

    My week has been busy but good! All of my final exams/projects/presentations/etc. finished up this week. I actually take my last exam in an hour! Unfortunately, I’ve reached this point where I can no longer motivate myself to study 😂 Good luck with the rest of school! You’ve got this 👍 Sending all the hugs your way

  5. That ice cream! ❤ ❤ ❤ mint oreo has got to be one of my favorites, as well. you look beautiful for in your formal pics! And do you like working standing up? I've been doing that a lot more lately (one of my friends always does and has inspired me!) and it definitely helps me feel less sleepy! Every afternoon when I'm studying, I always just want to go take a nap! (I rarely do…but the temptation is real!)

    • I do like working standing up because my butt starts hurting and I get antsy! My friends think I’m ridiculous. But sometimes I have to sit down because I’ve been standing for too long and then my legs get stiff, haha! Changing positions works best, I guess.

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