Five Minute Friday #13: The Trait I Value Most in People

Upside: It has been utterly GORGEOUS this week!


morning workout with Rachel yesterday // she’s so stretchy

Downside: I could use more sleep. I know this because a) I’m nodding off in lectures more this week than ever before; b) I’ve been kinda out of it from 2-4pm every day (what I call my “dead period”); c) There are times when I want to do something (eat? exercise? talk to someone? dance?), but I have no idea what to do with myself to satisfy that urge.

Answer: SLEEP.

I also need to go on a social media cleanse this weekend, mostly because I need to buckle down and focus academically. On schedule this week: 2 exams, 1 paper due, 1 project due, and 1 lab exam.

Other upside: My family friends + Mom took me out to dinner on Wednesday night at the best Asian food court in Boston.

IMG_0610 IMG_3886 (1)

Mom: “Alison do you want a taro bubble tea?” // Me: “No…but I know you do.” ← how she gets me to share a bubble tea with her.

REAL BIG UPSIDE: THIS DISNEY ORIGINAL MOVIE MARATHON AT THE END OF MAY. It’ll be one of the best birthday presents a girl could ask for.

Five Minute Friday time! (My brain cannot make this post coherent, I’m sorry.) This week is about the trait I value most in people, inspired by this post!

link to the video!

Hope you all have a rockin’ weekend!

So tell me:

What is the trait you value most in another person?

What is the trait you find most attractive in another person?

Do you have a “dead period” during the day when all you want is a nap?

What are you doing this weekend? Work, spring formal, SafeTalk training for suicide prevention, possibly an a cappella concert, HOMEWORK/STUDYING, Mass, and hopefully catching some extra zzz’s.


14 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday #13: The Trait I Value Most in People

  1. The trait I value most in other people is unrequited kindness. I don’t care who you are, being kind is the best quality someone can have. Omg I will be watching that Disney movie marathon! My favorite Disney channel movie was Double Teamed 🙂

  2. Hmm you got me thinking 🤔🤔🤔 what I value most in other people is acceptance. So accepting me in all my forms of crazy!!! And loving me at my worst and at my best! And never judging me. If you know anyone like that please send them my way 😉 or send you bc I get that vibe from you!
    I really find humor , laid backness (?) and sincerity attractive in others
    And omg I’m not alone. I feel like from the hours of 2-5 I’m in a fog. It’s so crazy and kinda scary.
    Have a feat weekend beautiful friend!!

  3. We actually have the same ‘dead period’…’s also my intense snacking period too lol.

    Now traits…Honesty. I think it’s SO rare to find honest and genuine people out there and the few who are gems, you keep.

    You sometimes fall in that category.

  4. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THAT DISNEY MARATHON. My DVR is not ready!!! If I disappear for 4 days, you know why.
    Along the lines of honesty, I admire genuineness in people the most. I am tired of fakes and faking. As a people-pleaser, I too am guilty of not being real at times (something I’m trying to work on) so it’s refreshing to see authenticity. I also value curiosity; when people ask (GENUINE!!!) questions it shows me how much they care or are trying to and I appreciate that.
    Good luck on your last week of school!

  5. The most important trait I look for in a person is SO hard for me to pick because I look for a LOT in a person. I would have to say that I also value honesty as much as the majority of most people, but I also value someone who is ambitious and kindhearted. Someone with none of these traits just do not click with me! I hope that your social media detox does justice for you–we’ll miss you! xo

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