Pray, Eat, Move, Groove, Nap, Repeat

When this happens during spring…


…you think…



…so when this finally becomes real…



I’m typing this on Monday night, but it feels like a Sunday because we had an extra day off for the Boston Marathon! But the weekend fun definitely kicked off on Friday…


Class, lunch, bible study…


tuna salad, artichokes, lettuce, tomato, roasted vegetables, and pesto in a whole wheat wrap


corn muffin 🙂

…and some moves and grooves outside with mah girl Christina from @foodietunes and Fit University! We warmed up and started with a 12 minute HIIT workout. 3 rounds of 30 sec work, 10 sec rest:


12 minutes can take it out of ya

Then we messed around with some yoga-y moves and partner pistol squats!



She also convinced me to have force-fed me a couple bites of her Zinneken’s waffle with chocolate, cookie butter, and whipped cream. Life isn’t fair sometimes.


It was decadent and amazing

Then I cleaned myself up for dinner with my friend Zoe, followed by my roommate’s fashion show that night!


She is FIRE. Always so cool to see her rock that runway (← sounds like an ad for a new Target teen clothing line).

I have never felt more awkward posing for a photo than in this moment. I have a lot to learn from Jordan in terms of effortlessness:


via Mint Julep Facebook


I went to bed way too late for getting up at 6:30 on Saturday. I joined some friends for BU’s Global Day of Service for the morning and early afternoon. We went to the houses of senior citizens to help them with yard work. It was a lovely day to be outside, and we all enjoyed meeting new people, serving, and reflecting on the day!

Afterwards, Rachel and I proceeded to shower and take long, delicious naps. I set my alarm for a 45 minute nap, but 90 minutes later I woke up not knowing anything.



“5:45…am? Wait no, it’s sunny outside.”

After grasping a sense of reality, I did some random things before going to dinner with my friend Mai. We had some beautiful convo ♥︎


that quinoa-stuffed tomato was fantastic

I spent the night in my room by my lonesome, so I watched this Crossfit “Behind the Scenes” movie on Youtube, practiced handstands, did this ab workout, did laundry, and worked on a paper. I really enjoyed the “me time” to recharge (extravert who is secretly an introvert?).


Up and at ’em early-ish again for a fabulous girls’ brunch at Sarah’s (one of the Catholic Center missionaries) house!


THIS WOMAN. Not only a radiant and inspirational woman of God, but a killer chef. She made us a crockpot egg/sausage/bacon/hasbrown casserole, blueberry cream cheese french toast casserole, and roasted potatoes. Whaaaaaaaat. Thank you so much, Sarah! ♥︎

‘Twas a beautiful day again, so a few of us took the 25 minute walk back to campus.


We went to Mass and lunch before doing some work (TBH, I just folded my laundry from Saturday night and took a 20 minute nap). Then I went on a short run with Zoe before we met up with  Joe for the 1000 REP WORKOUT (← caps for dramatic effect).


I’d been asking my friends to work out with me for a while now, so I was stoked that they joined me for some moves and grooves outdoors. They made it a fun and funny workout 🙂

Refueled with milkshakes (milk = protein, so essentially protein shakes).


The rest of my evening consisted of Back Bay Mobile Soup Kitchen, dinner, a much needed shower, and homework.


the finish line the day before the race!

Marathon Monday!

Since Boston University is in the heart of Boston (unlike the arch nemesis, Boston College) and the marathon course runs right through campus, we get a day off of school! Some of my best girl friends and I started the holiday with a lovely pancake breakfast in the morning. Rachel was in charge of pancakes, I sautéed the bananas, and Zoe cooked the eggs. Dream team.

IMG_0588 IMG_0587

I loved Rachel’s impressionist pancakes.


one with almond butter, one with peanut butter (and then another with blueberry syrup…and another with more almond butter) + glass o’ milk!

Then we hung out before heading to the Mile 25 marker of the marathon course!



Atsede Baysa— first place woman!

I can’t get over how fast and resilient these people are. Holy cow.


I screamed a lot again this year, but not as much as last year. Sparing my vocal cords was a smart decision. But my favorite things to yell at the runners are:

  • “YEAHHHHHH!!!”
  • “COME ON!”
  • “KILLIN’ IT!”
  • “KEEP IT UP!”
  • “YEAH CANADA!!!”

My friends reprimanded me for that last one.


We also got to see one of our friends running in the marathon (he finished in 3:00:05!!!), which was so awesome.

After a couple hours of cheering, I went to eat lunch and take a nap. I felt like I could nap for an eternity, but I got myself up after an hour and went to do some errands, move and groove a little bit outside, and do some work before having dinner with my brother and typing this up.

TL; DR — pray, eat, move, groove, nap, repeat.

Hope you all have a marvelous week! Cheer someone on (including yourself).

So tell me:

Did you get to go outside this weekend?

Have you ever spectated a big race? Are you a big cheerer?

Two things you did this weekend!

How do you feel about naps?


15 thoughts on “Pray, Eat, Move, Groove, Nap, Repeat

  1. I was working all day yesterday so I checked my phone constantly for updates. It was quite an exciting race. I can’t believe the guy who was is 21 years old! What am I doing with my life!? Hahaha
    I try to take a quick nap before work most days and I definitely think it calms me down and I feel more energized when I do. How was the CROSSFIT movie? Cultish? 🙂

  2. Your weekend looks so much fun! It’s amazing how well you incorporate healthy living into your social life. Anyways, I did get pretty sick this weekend with a sinus infection and a slight cold, but I did make lots of yummy new recipes, eat delicious food, spent quality time with the family and caught up on a lot of work! 🙂

  3. I can’t get enough of being outside! Our weather actually took a turn for the gloomy this week, but this past weekend was HEAVEN and I think I might have even managed a strange farmer’s tan 😆 My only sad face moment was when I realized that I only managed to make it out to the mountains to go snowboarding a few times this year. The warmer weather kind of made things a little tricky 😕

  4. What a fabuloso weekend Alison!!! I agree, this weather has me all kinds of happy! Remind me again why I like in ny?!🙈🙄
    Finally able to go on some walks without my marshmallow jacket and hand warmers is truly a blessing #stylin
    Hope you have a great week girfrand💁🏼 now off to find me some cornbread/corn muffin/some type of baked corn good 💃🏻😜
    Ps teach me how to handstand?!🙋🏼


    Geebuz, you packed in a ton on the weekend and 6.30am? Geeze who is this 😉 I didn’t know the marathon actually ran through your campus. Maybe I should organise a marathon through my house on a week day 😀

  6. Ah what a fun weekend! That pesto tuna salad looks freaking amazing!

    I was able to get outside this weekend for an early farmer’s market date with my mama and then to the NEDA walk in DC. It was such a positive experience seeing all the people come out to support each other and share their recovery stories.

    And I am ALL about naps. They are a lifesaver!!

  7. Your posts always leave me drooling and this one makes me wish I could do a handstand! I love yoga but get so nervous to try any sort of inversions where you have to balance. Someday!

  8. Working out with friends is so fun, hey?! A coworker and I go for runs/hit the gym together and it makes the experience so much more enjoyable.

    I’m sorry your spring has taken it’s sweet time reaching you. I already have a summer tan.

  9. Catching back up on some of your posts…so cool that you got a day off from school since the BM goes through campus! What an awesome experience to get to see it up close! I’ve spectated races before that friends were doing, but not many and definitely nothing like Boston!

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