Five Minute Friday #12: Fear of Failure

I woke up in the middle of the night doing sit-ups, I KID YOU NOT.

I think I was dreaming about doing the sit-up test in high school phys ed, and as I was waking up in my hazy state, I felt the need to continue cranking out the reps. Hahaha ew.

I’ve also been going to sleep and waking up pretty early this week — bed at 10:30 ish and wake up at 6:45 naturally. Oh what glory! The early sunrise and blue skies for the second half of this week have been making me so happy.

Other things making me happy this week:


big breakfasts: two eggs scrambled with veggies + whole wheat french toast with almond butter and banana + glass o’ milk


impromptu d-hall dinner with the roomie (and her provocative captions…we sleep in our own beds FYI)


visiting chefs in the d-hall! calamari salad + chicken with veggies and polenta


ice cream with sprinkles + mini cannoli


last exercise phys lab with the coolest lab group

My first article on Fit University! It’s basically the story of my journey to fitness and health ➔ “There Was a Time When the Healthy Living Community Was Bad For Me.”

The last thing making me happy(ish) this week: Asking God to be humble me and getting exactly that. Yeesh, ask and you shall receive, am I right??

That last point kinda leads me to this week’s Five Minute Friday, which is about fear of FAILURE. I way cheated this week and made the vlog almost 7 minutes, mostly because my brain is a wee bit slow and I can’t form words quickly enough.

link to the video!

Three day weekend up ahead for us at BU for Marathon Monday/Patriots’ Day! Yeeeeeya. Hope you all have a fun weekend!

So tell me:

Are you afraid of failure? How do you deal with it?

Have you ever woken up doing something really weird?

What’s making you happy right now?

Know anyone running the Boston Marathon!?


12 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday #12: Fear of Failure

  1. This topic definitely hits home for me…but it’s something that no longer paralyzes me like it used to, so that’s something. I think the more you fail (aka the older you get), the less scary it gets because you realize that you survive it every time haha I actually was really dealing with that fear when wanting to start a podcast and it’s why it took me like a year to finally do it!

  2. Haha OMG I woke up laughing one time and was like “what just happened”….. As long as I’m not sleep walking im good 🙂

  3. Failure and rejection are my biggest fears in life. I still fear them from time to time, but I know that both are unavoidable. Without them, I won’t be able to grow as a person, learn new things and appreciate the achievements I make. It’s important for me to just work hard regardless and practice kindness no matter what.

  4. Yep! Welcome to the life of katie!!! I share the same fear and it not only prevents me from a lot, it sucks up a lot of my energy because I’m kicking myself either in regret or fear As I listen to you talk I want to say everyone’s so busy in their own worlds that they aren’t really caring if you made a silly mistake or “failed” at something. And you can never be considered a failure in Gods eyes. He loves us unconditionally and me us in His image. Plus He has got our backs so go out there and do anything and everything (This is me offering the advice I need myself lol) ok so that’s my shpiel for today! Always love seeing your beautiful face in these videos:)
    Hopefully when the weather starts getting consistently nicer we can plan something?!
    Love you lady!

  5. HAHAHA sit ups? You kill me.

    For the record, I never watch vlogs. Unless it’s you. You always have the most insightful things to say and you get my brain thinking about stuff. And things.

    Oh yeah, I feel afraid of something almost everyday. But it’s just a thought. I don’t waste time entertaining it for too long. The whole “failure” thing doesn’t really exist in my world. Is it really a failure if you tried? Not only that, if you’re not mistaking mistakes, you’re not really trying, right?!

    Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

  6. Instead of sleepwalking, you’re sleep sit-upping? 😂 Despite how off my mood was this morning, the rest of the day went better than I thought it would. I’m currently watching this week’s Survivor so that’s making pretty happy ☺️ Loved your piece on Fit U, btw!
    Fear of failure is basically my middle name. Your whole video hit too close to home for me. Personally, I’ve really just tried to eliminate the word “failure” from my life. Rather than even consider it a failure, I like to change my perspective. Everything happens for a reason. And if I learn fro whatever happens, I think that’s a success in itself.
    So jealous of your long weekend!

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