Nothing Like A Little Friendly Competition

Everything huuuuurts.

This weekend was packed with good and fun things (at the expense of sleep and my safety at times), which explains why I’m posting this today instead of yesterday. What’s been happenin’!?


‘Twas a pretty standard day— class, bible study, gym (two rounds of this workout— another one of my faves @Jo), work, “trying” to do homework in my dorm on a Friday night.


I was actually in a good mood



they had avocado! *praise hands*


very much wanted to eat the chicken I cooked at work


Are you ever up in the middle of the night and tired enough that you can’t read a book but “on” enough that your brain can’t shut up? That was me this day.


I must keep telling myself that I am indeed thankful for functioning kidneys.

Saturday was a big day because some folks at the Catholic Center (myself included) participated in a fun, athletic competition called the “St. Sebastian Cup”. My friend Lauren sent me a snapchat of herself that morning making a protein shake with the caption: “Are you scared?”


I had overnight oats, so no, I was not scared.


The competition consisted of three games of Ultimate Frisbee…


copyright Cecilia R. Photography

My team didn’t score a single point in all three games… but we had HEART. Unfortunately, heart doesn’t get you points.


copyright Cecilia R. Photography

But then there was this banana relay race. We all had to jump across a field and back with a banana between our knees, then run with the banana between partners without using our hands, and finally eat the banana.


copyright Cecilia R. Photography

EXPERT. But only good enough for second place.

Next came the painful part. We played two games of capture the flag, and I may or may not have been plowed over by one of my teammates when we were both sprinting to tag the same person. It all happened in slow motion, and before I knew it, we were both eating dirt and my right hip was talkin’ to me.

But as any elite athlete would, we carried on with the competition.

Lastly, we had tug o’ war with a thin, slippery nylon strap. Safe? Not at all. Blood was shed. Maybe it helps that St. Sebastian is a martyr? (Too dark?)

Anyway, my team got fourth (aka last), and Rachel’s team got first.


copyright Cecilia R. Photography

(*cough* stacked team *cough* what?)


It was a mighty fun time though, and we all went to the dining hall to feast on good food, including some bomb bread pudding.

At night, I attended a Women’s Retreat about being uniquely made. It was a lovely, heartwarming way to end a hard day of “friendly” competition (things got pretty spicy at some points!).


The lovely ladies running the retreat made us vegan sweet potato chili! I un-veganized it with cheese and sour cream 🙂



freshly baked chocolate banana bread ♥︎ 

I did some reading for class back at home afterwards, and I kept falling asleep. Rachel kept waking me up and motivating me to finish my homework like a good friend. But I wanted to sleep.


I think it’s safe to say that everyone who participated in the St. Sebastian Cup woke up moaning in pain on Sunday morning. Convo with my girl, Lauren:

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.18.54 PM

The pain was even worse two days later.

But Sunday was a beautiful day for productivity, Mass, and National Siblings Day!


banana oatmeal with almond butter for breakfast


not a cloud in the sky


finding places to stand and do work outside


took the siblings out for dinner (Rachel is the “adopted sister”)


roasted butternut squash, goat cheese, spinach, balsamic pizza


berry + vanilla creme crepe

And then there was Monday, which was a solid day all around. We had stretch and massage day in dance class, so that was GREAT.

Hope you all have a fantastic week! Play outside and get into some friendly competition (just be careful).

So tell me:

What is your favorite competitive athletic activity?

Is there something that you get very competitive about?

What did you do this weekend? 


19 thoughts on “Nothing Like A Little Friendly Competition

  1. I get competitive about silly things like making smoothies fast at my job or eating something faster than my coworkers. It’s all good fun 🙂

  2. Sounds like such a fun weekend!! This weekend there was a concert at my school, I studied and did a lot of HW, and went to the NEDA walk. Hope you have a great Tuesday girly!

  3. Ooooh, overnight oats in a PB jar–I actually have an almost empty one myself and I am so excited to use it for breakfast! I think that friendly competition is healthy because it ignites you to improve upon yourself. It’s still important to want to see your peers succeed, however, because wouldn’t you want them to do so if you’re unconfident about your progress? It seems like your friends had a wonderful time too!

    • It actually wasn’t real overnight oats… Just regular oats that I made the night before and put in the jar and then the fridge. But no yogurt or milk like the usual! And yes—it is good and important to wish the success of others! It would be an even more cruel world than it already is if everyone was only concerned about themselves.

  4. That St.Sebastian’s Cup makes me think of track and field days at school! Oh man I miss those. Tug of war, capture the flag, dodgeball… maaaaan, I miss grade school gym class. I didn’t really end up doing anything interesting this weekend –> it was mostly just catching up on random crap since I was away for 1.5 weeks. BUT… at least I didn’t have to clean my place since there was no one living in it 😉

  5. Like amanda said that event totally made me think of the good ole days in the school yard during recess or sports night or in gym class (even though I hated gym class with a passion and would “forget” my sneakers on gym days …catholic school! Don’t worry I wasn’t walking barefoot 😉 I generally don’t get too competitive in the sports realm but relay races? A whole other side of comes out lol
    have a great week pal!!!

  6. I feel ya on the restless brain. For the past few weeks, I’ve been randomly waking up an hour before my alarm. I don’t even have to pee! That pizza. *drools*

    I’m honestly not a very competitive person except when I’m with one particular group of friends! Just Dance and card games can bring out the worst in me!

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