Five Minute Friday #10: Personality + Exciting Announcement!

I definitely start a lot of my posts with small talk. I often like to talk about the weather, for example…


 …but can we just…I was in shorts and a T-shirt all day yesterday. And WHAT is that next to Sunday and Tuesday?

But all this small talk is really just procrastination for what I really want to say (I have not told any of my friends or family about this, so you know it’s BIG and SCARY):

I’m working on a building a startup fitness company!

Moves and grooves have gradually become a bigger part of my life in the past few months, so this idea has been growing in my noggin for a bit. I believe I am at a very healthy place, mentally and physically, so I feel comfortable and empowered to take this on. Also, since I’ve become a Fit University ambassador, I’ve just had this inexplicable drive to integrate all my knowledge about physical therapy and eating disorders/fitness obsession and apply it to a holistic, supportive environment. I don’t want to divulge too many details since it’s still in the works, but I’ll be sure to share as the process unfolds.

WOW. LIBERATION. EXCITEMENT. Thanks for listening. Business things. Who would have thought?

Anyway, my friends and I have been rollin’ out the Easter celebration this whole week, despite real life things like laundry and falling asleep in class school.

Rachel and I checked off another food bucket list place on Tuesday with Zinneken’s liege waffles for lunch dessert! Instead of going to the storefront, we stopped by the food truck that was closer to us. I cannot tell you how much this food truck has been torturing me with its aroma of sugar-coated waffles for the past month whenever I walked by.

Tuesday was the day.

IMG_0346 IMG_0349

nutella + banana for Rachel // Speculoos cookie butter + banana for me


so beautiful (Rachel AND the waffle)


We bought our waffles, parked ourselves on a bench, and let all our fellow students watch us devour the crispiest, sweetest, most delightful waffles ever.

Other delicious foods from the d-hall this week:


two eggs scrambled with veggies, drizzled drenched with sriracha + whole wheat pancake with almond butter and banana + glass o’ milk


quinoa cake and roasted veggie bulgur + spinach salad with tofu, carrots, tuna, beets, couscous, olive oil, and balsamic


banana cake + pumpkin bread

Joyous feasting for Easter? 😀

I’ve also had lot of amazing conversations with friends this week, which brings me to this week’s Five Minute Friday! This one’s all about personality:

link to the video!

*Note: After filming this, I reflected on my answer for abstainer vs. moderator, and I actually think I’m an abstainer when I’m more stressed, but I’m more of a moderator when things are going pretty smoothly. Is it cheating to say both? 

Hope you all have a grand weekend! Also,


I am NOT starting a fitness company. I have no plans to do so. Sorry. 😀

So tell me:

DID I FOOL YOU? Please say yes. I never fool anyone.

Do you think you’re an abstainer or a moderator?

Introvert or extravert?

Salt or light (if that’s applicable to you)?

Best April Fools story!


28 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday #10: Personality + Exciting Announcement!

  1. I was very, very surprised (especially when you said you hadn’t told friends or family), but yep, you fooled me!! I thought, “Wow, I would not have expected that, but if anyone could combine those mindfully and do it well, it would be Alison.” I know, I am super-gullible.

    Though many people say it’s impossible, I think it’s possible for people to swing back and forth on the introversion/extroversion scale during periods of their life where their hormones are more unstable (e.g. teenagers, pregnancy, conditions or diseases that effect hormones, even possibly eating disorders, since that makes basically all body systems go screwy). I’ve seen this play out several times from my own observations, though I’m not a professional by any means. I myself was introverted as a kid, became more of an extrovert until I was partway through my teenage years when my hypothyroidism came to the fore, and now I’m more of an introvert. Though perhaps on the ambiverted side.

    Very interesting about the salt/light! I’ve never heard it put that way before, but that definitely is going to give me something to think about! My instinctual reaction is that I’m pretty solidly on the salt side. Not that I don’t love deep-diving into Scripture or discussing it with other believers, but I’ve had a rough church experience growing up and I have become a lot more cynical than I would like. Something to work on…

  2. LOL, it would have been so cool if you were starting one! I love this video too. It’s so informative and so relatable. I’m probably more of an abstainer with moderator qualities–I work hard and give everything my all!

  3. I think you would have fooled me, but as I was reading my blog posts this morning, I was reading an April fools post that a different Allison made, and mentioned out loud how it wasn’t at all believable. My sister heard that, and thought I was talking about you, and said, “Oh, wow, she totally had me fooled!” I knew she didn’t follow Allison, so I knew she was talking about you. So I had it spoiled for me. 🙂

    I think I am both an abstainer and moderator, too. I follow Julie, too, but I couldn’t really figure out how knowing what you were would be helpful. I think I would have to read the book. Plus, I’m just a little sensitive to things being off limits period. (That could be from my Moderator half, though. 😛 )

    I have been thinking about the extrovert/introvert thing a lot as well, because although I have always been textbook introvert, recently I have been feeling more extroverted. I think I am an introvert, but I think I might be close to an ambivert. It could be that my people tank is just so low right now that it just gives the illusion of ambiversion. I guess I’ll see as my life goes on. 😀

    I’m very intrigued by the salt & light idea! I’m definitely on the salt side…probably a bit too much so. 😐

  4. Watching you shoot for the stars and work toward your passions gives me such joy. you deserve all the loving in the world, and I really hope this all continues to grow!

    Edit: You fooled me. I start my comments as I scroll down through the post. You totally fooled me.

  5. I was just telling someone I’m never fooled on April fools day (I’m usually the one one doing the fooling) ans fhakdjzjdj! You totally got me. No joke. Good job 😉👍🏼
    This vlog was probably the most interesting things I’m seen/heard in a while. Got me thinking 😉 I totally am with you in that I’m more of an abstainer when I’m more stressed or insecure about something if that makes sense. Other things that I’m more confident about I can be a moderator.
    Def a combo of both introvert and extravert. I need my space but I need people!!!!!
    And I have never heard that light v salt point! I guess it’s like book nerds v more worldly people. Kinda? The thing is we need both in this world . We need those book nerds aka drs scientists etc! And we we those people people ( I’m so articulate oday;) ) to go out and do the work and be with people (therapists, Business owners, plumbers!!! ) right? I hope this makes sense. It’s Friday and my brain is fried lol
    Have a great weekend alison!!

  6. Alison, you fooled me. I was totally fooled. And I love your creativity. I couldn’t think of something nearly that creative. 😀 Although, I think that would be a good idea, eh? I would say I’m kind of an extroverted introvert. I used to like going out all the time, but I think I’ve toned down over the years, and learned more about just listening to people, being slow to speak and quick to listen. I’m definitely more of a moderator sort of person when it comes to some things, but I have been a bit of an abstainer, especially about eating and exercising for so many years. So, well, I guess I’m a bit of both like you! By God’s grace, He is a loving Heavenly Father to bring me more to moderation on things like exercise and eating. It’s totally a journey of sanctification. 🙂

    I LOVE these Five Minute Friday videos Alison, and it’s been such a blessing to follow you along on your journey. My grandma and I are just going through the Sermon on the Mount and talking about salt and light. 🙂 The Scriptures are so rich. I’m thankful for God’s truth that guides us in the way of salvation. ❤

  7. OMG you got me I was about to start texting you 😀 ahaha but anyway, been loving reading your blog lately it fuels my addiction to you. OKAY. that is all — I MISS YOU THOUGH SO LETS HANGOUT. xoxoxoxo

  8. Like most everyone else, you got me too! The fitness company came out of no where so I was hesitant but I definitely believed you. 😂 My favorite April fools joke was when I convinced my friends I was staying in the Philippines for college rather than move to the US. They fell for it! I’m evil, I know. For a gullible person, I am surprisingly good at tricking people!

    Personality fascinates me! At first, I couldn’t quite figure out if I was a moderator or abstainer… But thinking about it more, I feel I’m a moderator. And I can definitely relate to the introvert turned extravert! College has made me less reserved. I’m curious–what’s your complete Myers Briggs type??

  9. Girl, you got me all excited for nothing!! I totally believed you! Oh well, I’m going to start my own coffee shop so maybe you could work there? 😉

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee

  10. LOL that was an amazing april fools joke. I literally was about to ask you five million questions about everything since I eventually want to open my own business haha. Good one!

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