Fasting and Feasting

He is risen!! He is risen indeed!

Happy Easter, friends! ♥︎

Phew, wow, I cannot tell you what’s going on inside of me right now, because you would have to physically shut me up (or pry my fingers from the keyboard in this case). Joy, gratitude, stress, fullness, tiredness.

Last week was a stressful week, but powering through the stress made the Holy Triduum and Easter all the sweeter.


*Disclaimer: These next few paragraphs include content relating to fasting and restriction. Please take caution ♥︎ Those with mental disorders (including during recovery from eating disorders) are not required to fast from food.

In light of Good Friday (the day we commemorate Jesus’ death), I fasted from Thursday night until Saturday (not a full fast, just less food than usual). Obviously, it was challenging. The point of fasting in the Catholic Church is to feel hunger and weakness as our Lord did in His time of suffering for our sins, and to unite our (minor) sufferings with His.

When I fasted for the first time last year, I was in a more delicate place regarding my relationship with food. I was a lot more worrisome about making sure that I was eating enough but not more than I was supposed to. This year, fasting was 100% sacrifice mode for me. You don’t have to tell me twice to eat enough at this point in my life, so I didn’t have to worry about mixing up restriction with fasting at all.


Although sacrifice is involved, we’re encouraged to be smart with fasting. I had a three hour class and then a campus tour on Friday, so I made sure I had just enough energy to get through those things. Fasting should not cause you to be utterly incapacitated nor make you feel super lightheaded/nauseated.

The most significant thing I noticed while fasting this year was that it was freeing to feel that hungry yet know that my hunger pangs were volitional not for restriction but for sacrifice. It empowers me to be okay with being very hungry sometimes, because I know the hunger doesn’t have to be connected to the intention of losing weight. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I was planning on doing a quasi-fast on Saturday, but I went out to lunch with my parents and family friends, and this happened:

IMG_0237 IMG_0238 IMG_0239

I couldn’t be rude and say no to their generosity and kindness….



I also took— not one— but two naps on Saturday. They were both 20 minutes, so I don’t feel too bad.

The weather cleared up nicely by late afternoon, and I hadn’t moved and grooved in a while, so I did this workout (one of my favorites!) by the river.


For whatever reason, I think my body produces a HECK of a lot of gas after I eat a big, fatty meal and then work out later that day. ‘Cause my GI tract was hurtin’ from after I worked out until much later that night. (It felt just like this day last summer!) The gas just stays inside of me and it feels like pins and needles are poking me from the inside out.

TMI, but welcome to the blog.

Saturday night involved the coolest Mass of the year—the Easter Vigil! Followed up by a late night Easter celebration, which commenced the FEASTING. It was also fun to wear makeup again 🙂

IMG_0255 IMG_0244

I went to bed at 3 AM, haha. I got 6 hours of sleep that night, and now I’m typing this at midnight the night after. I’m so prudent with my life decisions.

Easter Sunday started with a 30 minute walk to brunch with the family + family friends!

IMG_0257 IMG_0260

THIS PLACE. Dreams. Check it:


apple donut holes for appetizer, because Easter


cast iron skillet cornbread with honey butter *moment of silence*


my entree: cornmeal crusted cod + mango salsa slaw sandwich on brioche


also shared some of my mom’s “Breakfast Club” waffle sandwich (triple decker with fried chicken and fried egg + syrup for dipping)

Heart-stopping on so many levels. It was so wonderful seeing my family again too. Thank you for making the trip up here, Madre and Pop!

Then I went back to the dorm to do some homework (blah) before hanging out with friends from the Catholic Center and eating MORE.

IMG_0289 IMG_0325 IMG_0303 IMG_0272

air saxophones

IMG_0278 IMG_0286



radiant souls


tradition ♥︎ 

It looks like it was warm outside, but it wasn’t. We sucked it up #ForThePics.

What a blessed day. I am at a loss for words except “Alleluia!”

The rest of the day involved me rushing to get in an assignment due at 5pm, mobile soup kitchen with my inspirational friends, and late dinner.


spinach artichoke dip to share (we all burned the roofs of our mouths devouring this)


arugula salad with golden raisins, candied walnuts, blue cheese, red onions, and Italian herb vinaigrette


my aunt’s homemade zucchini bread with almond butter

Plus another cookie and more almond butter.

Thank you, family. Thank you, friends. Thank YOU for reading this and supporting me so lovingly. Thank you, Lord for your Death and Resurrection and Love beyond imagination.

Hope you all have a splendid Easter week!

So tell me:

Three things you did this weekend!

The best thing you ate this weekend!

Do you have any insights on fasting/feeling very hungry after having experienced an eating disorder?


18 thoughts on “Fasting and Feasting

  1. Your Easter seemed so lovely, with so much good food!! And I’m really happy to read what you were saying about fasting and how it no longer even walks that line of restriction. Totally get what you mean ❤ Also, I love your pink dress!

  2. One beautiful girl, Epic food (still no words for that cornbread) and awesome company! Looks like the most joyous Easter to me!!!
    And it’s so AWEsome to see where you’re at in terms of fasting with a purpose and devotion 🙏🏼 and then feasting with a passion 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼😍😉
    Have a great one my pal!

  3. DID:
    1. I visited the Empire State Building!
    2. Probably walked 20 miles in total for the past few days!
    3. Saw so much beautiful artwork of all eras!

    1. BEST chicken vindaloo ever. Spicy, but I LOVED IT.
    2. Baked Japanese yam fries….that were cooked to PERFECTION.
    3. Black rice sushi filled with avocado, sundried tomatoes, cucumber and butternut squash!

  4. I love it when you share your fav workouts- I always bookmark them. Can we talk about how great your Easter dress is? SO CUTE. Pink looks great on you.

    Last summer, I attempted to fast with with my ex BF for Ramadan – zero food, zero water from before sunrise to sunset and I didn’t make it. (And in Alberta, it gets light out at 4am and doesn’t get dark until 11) For one, we had to wake up at 3 am to eat – like as much food as we could handle. Barf. I remember eating a massive greek yogurt bowl. By noon, I was getting thirsty. By 1pm I was getting the shakes and a raging headache. I ended up caving and drinking a sweetened iced coffee to take the edge off + water. Hahahaha

    Fasting is hard for women. We need our food and snacks otherwise we die a little. And get super angry!!!

  5. Ohhh my. What a weekend full of love and food and joy! You look so stunningly happy ❤️ Best thing I ate: tie between southern eggs Benedict (fried green tomatoes topped with allll the pulled pork, poached eggs, and spicy hollandaise) and a huge slice of SUPER peanut buttery pie. Such a great Easter brunch!

  6. Your weekend recaps never fail to make me smile at your happenings & drool over your food porn. Did you all purposefully wear pink?! Planned or not, your pictures look lovely. Definitely worth braving the cold to get those shots.

    Also, that’s awesome that you were able to fast without letting your ED take control. So inspiring as usual Alison. Favorite thing I ate this weekend was this tomato tart & spinach-tofu Turkish dumplings from the farmer’s market yesterday! Very different, in a good way. 🙂

  7. Sister, I loved what you shared about fasting. I still struggle sometimes with it being a restrictive thing when we do it, but praise God that I am so much less obsessive about it than I used to be. I see that you are walking more and more in the liberty of Christ, and it’s awesome. ❤ All of your Easter eats looks super yummy.

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