Virtual Lunch Date

If we were having lunch together…

…I would apologize for missing our usual breakfast date this morning. If I had a battery for myself, I was at -5% last night, so I chose sleep over typing this blog post.

….I would tell you that my body is begging for lots of good food today. My body is probz still repairing from this workout that I did on Friday (even just 6 rounds at 20 and 25# did me under) and the strength workout I did yesterday.


breakfast this morning


lunch this afternoon

…I would tell you that my brain is extra needy for energy this week with three exams on deck.


…I would tell you that Saturday was a fun day— St. Joseph’s feast day, lunch with Rachel and her younger sister (which involved a giant biscuit with sausage gravy), and celebrating my friend Megan’s birthday! Someone brought a lot of Girl Scout cookies to the party, so I helped myself to one three (samoa, thin mint, and tagalong— the “trifecta,” as Rachel calls it).

IMG_0163 IMG_0162 IMG_0164

…I would tell you that spring has sprung!!!


^^^That was the joke of Snapchat this morning when Boston woke up to this. Remember when it was spring break 8 days ago and we were all warm and happy?


But now I’m looking outside and it’s sunny and kind of warm and all the snow is melting. Because why not, Mother Nature?

…I would tell you that Friday’s weather was also bizarre. It was cloudy and ominous yet blue and sunny all at the same time. I must have opened and closed my umbrella five times within one walk.


to be sunny or not to be sunny: a reflection of my soul

…I would tell you that Snapchat notifies me of occasions that I didn’t even know existed.


I can get on board, I guess. Happiness is good. Happiness is also facilitated by Sundays and apple crisp a la mode.

…I would tell you that I am SO STOKED that it’s Holy Week! There is honestly nothing keeping me going through this hell week of exams like the knowledge that Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter await. *anticipatory happy dance*



…I would tell you that it was so lovely getting to take a break from studying and catch up with you for half an hour! But exercise phys calls.

…I would ask you:

How is your spring weather so far?

What are you eating for lunch?

Do you find that you’re learning a lot about national/international occasions via social media?

What’s exciting you this week!?


18 thoughts on “Virtual Lunch Date

  1. How sweet! And I absolutely agree with odd weather–here in LA our weather is quite bipolar. Cold one morning, sauna hot the next. I’d also DIE from the 1000 rep workout XD I wouldn’t last even through the kettlebells, LOL! I’d tell you that I’m having salmon brown rice sushi for lunch and that I’m leaving for NYC on Thursday 🙂

  2. Same weather here in ny!!! Cray cray!!
    (Do people still say that?!)🙈 #no lol

    What would I do without social media? I would have never started celebrating national PB day😳 Only thing is I celebrate everyday 🤔😝

    And so looking forward to this Holy Week and Easter!!!
    Have a great Monday my pal 😘

  3. That exercise physiology life though! I am currently supposed to be watching a lecture on muscle contraction, but I’m taking a ‘break’ ;). It’s funny you say you were on -5% battery, I always equate my mood to my battery life! When I feel tired I always tell people I’m on 0% and need to go charge haha. It’s Autumn where I live right now, but our weather is pretty spring like right now!

  4. The only reason it feels like spring is because the days are getting a little longer, otherwise… it snowed ALL day yesterday 😆 And I totally know what you mean about Snapchat informing me of important occasions. I had no idea there was an International Day of Happiness, so thank you, SC. Now I think we need some Minion related snaps 😀

  5. My Spring weather has been completely out of whack. Last week it was 80 degrees then yesterday morning the forecast said to expect freezing temperatures. Now it’s back to sunny & highs in the 70s! Weather make up your mind!!!
    This is the first week of internship interviews for a program I’m in. Most of these firms also hold pre-interview dinners the evening beforehand, which means I’ve got free food almost every evening this week! Woo!
    Wishing you the best of luck on your tests! You can do it 👏

  6. That workout looks killer! I want to try it today… but modify with dumbbells or plates since I don’t have kettlebell access.

    It’s been quite Spring-y here in the mountains! It rains down here in the valley and snows at the peaks, just the way I like it. I prefer to keep the white stuff as far away from me as possible.

  7. This weather is crazy! It snowed a little on Saturday, yesterday was the coldest morning all week, and I think it’s also supposed to be 60° and super windy for the next couple days. So weird. Lunch today was an egg-and-ham sandwich with grapes and veggies on the side, courtesy of my dad 🙂 Good luck with your exams this week!

  8. um….can I take a moment to praise the white board for fooling me that the word ‘Borek’ was written there? I’m craving Mediterranean food now!

    Today for lunch, I had this tasteless roast beef but it cost $15 so I ate it all. Wait, $16.50 plus tax so like, $19.95 or something. Fail.

    I hope you’ve been staying warm then cool then warm then cool again!

  9. Spring weather here has been pretty nice – it’s actually been in the upper 80’s quite a few times already! For lunch today, I had a peanut butter sandwich, carrots, and popcorn.
    I hope the weather figures itself out!

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