Five Minute Friday #8: Confidence

This week was more packed than a chipmunk’s mouth before hibernation!!!



Or my face before hibernation.


This week…

Lots of time with our noses in the books:


I got to see my cousin for a hot minute! She was visiting from Canada to check out some colleges in Boston (not Boston University though…*sadness*).


Fab breakfast and deep conversation with my friend, Lauren:


An exceptionally delicious wrap with roast beef, pepper jack, roasted vegetables, corn salsa, lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard:


Dinner with my dear friend Mai and her boyfriend (arguably the cutest couple I’ve ever known):


Fish tacos that were messy yet delightful:


there’s fish under there

A free Cyc Fitness class (aka my first spin class ever), compliments of Fit University founder, Sarah Gaines!


Sarah just became a “Cycologist” (certified spin instructor at Cyc), so she kindly invited me and my friend Cassandra to her first tribe ride!


didn’t know what we were getting into


taken aback by the special shoes

Like I said, I had never been to a spin class before, so I didn’t know what to expect…


…but, uh, Sarah kicked my ass. When that beat dropped and she went double time on the pedaling for two sets of 32 counts—HAHA. How. My quads are totally not adapted to moving that quickly for that length of time. Also, pretty sure I was sweating taco/I could still smell fish taco on my hands.

But the music, lights, and overall atmosphere were amazing, and I left feeling spent and sweaty as ever.


Thank you so much, Sarah!! You absolutely killed it, and I would definitely come back to #getcyced with you again.

St. Patrick’s Day was fun and festive with our (my friend Kristy and me) first Shamrock Shake ever!


I love mint. That thing was straight. up. SUGAR. I enjoyed it, but I honestly could not consume more than a quarter of it. ‘Twas a good experience though.

I had a large hunk of cornbread with turkey chili in the dining hall last night. Random, but good news.


Not so good news: I have three exams next week.

Good news: Five Minute Friday is here again! I’m talking about confidence, inspired by my breakfast convo with Lauren. Specifically, I’d like to know how you guys feel about being “useful” to others and how you feel about compliments.

link to video!

Great news: This Sunday is Palm Sunday and next week is Holy Week!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ♥︎

So tell me:

Do you find that you need to be “useful” to others in order to be worthy of their time?

How do you handle compliments?

Have you ever tried a spinning class? Do you like spinning?

Have you ever tried a Shamrock Shake? 


19 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday #8: Confidence

  1. I compartmentalize things probably too much, but I try to treat compliments the same way I treat criticisms in that I accept them but don’t let them affect the way I feel for very long. That’s not to say I won’t work to improve something if I’m criticized, but I don’t let it crush my self-worth. Similarly, I don’t let compliments over-inflate my ego. I take them, spend a few minutes feeling really happy that someone noticed a nice thing and took the time to say it, and then I carry on with life.
    Also, super jealous that you got to try Sarah’s class! I’ve never been spinning, but I’d love to give it a shot. Best of luck on your exams next week!

  2. When I started my blog, I used to think I had to have useful content for others to read. I didn’t enjoy that though and it was stressful. Now that I’ve been at it for a while, I just write about my life and find I enjoy that and readers do too.
    I have had a shamrock shake before! You’re right, all sugar! I love the green color though 🙂
    Have a great weekend

    • I thought the same thing when I started blogging, Ellie. But then I realized that the quality of my content actually declined because I’m not qualified to give professional advice— just tips from my own personal experience. And personal experience is usually something everyone can relate to on some level!

  3. I LOVE spin! If I move to a city at some point, I’m definitely going to get a membership. Such a great way to get a massive sweat on – and it’s my kind of party. Where I can enjoy lights and loud music in a packed room, but without having to talk to anyone. HAHAHAHA

  4. Before I started loving myself, I would succumb to peer pressure and let my classmates step all over me. I thought that I’d win their respect, but I was only becoming more and more powerless. It wasn’t until I became healthier when I decided that things needed to change and I needed to start loving myself. I’m transformed from the ultimate people pleaser to Little Miss “I-do-my-own-thing-and-don’t-give-a-shit”! 😉

  5. shamrock shakes are the same as Butterbeer- Pure sugar. So good for the first few sips then…death.

    I think what others may deem you to be ‘useful’ for is something that you’d never have even considered- Your presence, your values, your beliefs and just being you. The other things are simply extras but not necessary and definitely not reflective of your self worth.

    Now for spinning classes…let’s say no. 😀

  6. Sweating fish tacos and cornbread🙌🏼😂👏🏻👏🏻 you my friend are winning at life!!! Lol

    And we are two peas in s pod!!!! Hearing your thoughts I felt myself nodding to everything. Literally. I often times dread compliments bc I feel like to have to keep up whatever they complimented me on or even kick it up a few notches.

    So my advice is keep doing you. Other people can either lik it or lump it 😉

    Have a great weekend pal!

    Ps you have some deep breakfast conversations lol I don’t think I would be able to keep up😂🙈 I would be like “umm this oatmeal is really good today ” haha

  7. Those fish tacos look delicious! What was the name of place that you went to? I’ve been to a spin class before and while the cycling was fun I’m not a huge fan of scheduling and booking classes so far in advance. If I could find a drop in cycle spot I may be game. I’ve heard there is a place in Back Bay that offers some drop in spots but I haven’t checked it out. Have a great weekend Allison and hope you avoid the snow on Sunday!

  8. To me, there’s no better taco than a fish taco. I’ve tried a couple of spin classes before and boy are they intense. I know people swear by it but I just can’t get into it.

    Your entire video was on point for me:
    a) I’ve caught myself valuing my usefulness to people–I don’t consider myself to be a “fun” person to be around. I am teaching myself to trust what people say more. If they say they want to hang out, I shouldn’t second guess that. Rather than overthink every detail, I need to take it for what it is.
    b) I hate compliments because I feel like I will never be able to live up to people’s expectations of me even if they are good ones. Probably ESPECIALLY because they’re good ones. So I definitely feel ya. Regardless of what you said, I wanted to say I think you’re pretty groovy Alison! 😊 Thanks for continuing to inspire me.
    Hope your weekend was awesome too! 😄

  9. Do you find that you need to be “useful” to others in order to be worthy of their time?

    Hmm… I do want to serve others, but I know that I don’t want to do it at the expense of trying to please other people more than my Heavenly Father. His approval is really all that I need. It’s hard to remember when I’m blogging, especially, but the best thing has been following bloggers like you Alison who are constantly just sharing real life. We’re all gifted in different ways. I’m thankful God didn’t make us all the same.

    How do you handle compliments?
    Sometimes really badly… I’m not sure about how I handle them most of the time. O_O

    Have you ever tried a spinning class? Do you like spinning?
    I haven’t tried a spinning class, but I’m a TERRIBLE cyclist, so I imagine that it would kill my legs.

    Have you ever tried a Shamrock Shake?
    No, but it looks like a seriously tasty shake. I’d probably share one with someone.

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