Let Me Brag About My Friends Again

I’m currently sitting outside on this last day of spring break, and I’m feeling all kinds of emotions.

Sad that spring break is over, overjoyed that the weather has been beautiful, grateful for amazing friends, anxious for the second half of the semester, and excited for what’s to come.

But can I brag about these people in my life who I call my friends (I think they call me their friend too, but who really knows)? These last few days of spring break have been wonderful in every way, but mostly in how down-to-earth, fun, and faithful my friends are. I’ve said this so many times before, but they constantly inspire me to be better and grow closer to God.


Friday started with some homework, maybe? I don’t remember. Regardless, the important part of the day was Mass and lunch with my friend Katie!


perfect weather


We chatted about the very depths of our souls over some bomb salads from Sweetgreen. I forgot to take picture with her, so my type-A-blogger self is sad.

The rest of the day involved Kan-Jam, a trip to the gym (too many heavy squats ➔ sore for DAYS), homework, and early bedtime.



I worked from 10-3 before playing outside in the perfect weather (again). I also stopped by Whole Foods to buy a box of salad greens, Fage Greek yogurt (that was on sale!), fresh strawberries (also on sale) and Nature’s Path mixed berry buckwheat freezer waffles (also on sale #collegebudget). Those four things were my sustenance for the weekend.


crumbs everywhere on my bed


Yogurt, nut butter, waffles, berries, and leaves— nothing out of the ordinary for me anyway.

Saturday night brought some fun festivities! My friends and I went out for drinks…


…and I was the only one in our group under 21, which explains my Shirley Temple pictured above.

*waitress taking orders*

Friend 1: Guinness, please.

Friend 2: I’ll also have a Guinness.

Friend 3: Guinness.

Friend 4: Guinness for me too.

Me: …Can I get a Shirley Temple?

Honestly, that’ll probably be me when I’m 21 anyway.

Nevertheless, ’twas a grand ol’ night, complete with live Irish music and dancing. I’m grateful for my older friends who let me have fun with them despite me being an infant.

IMG_0053 IMG_0063

They went to another bar at 11, at which time I actually needed to go home. #NoFakeID


That one hour loss, guys. IT GOT ME.

Nothing a good breakfast can’t fix though!


Better yet— Mass with friends… and more perfect weather!

After Mass, I knew that I had to move and groove outside. It seemed like all of Boston was saying hello to the blue skies!


I ran into more friends, who were willing to put up with my selfie shenanigans in the middle of their workout.


We all burpee’d a lot.

Lunch was the rest of my salad greens, Snap Pea Crisps, and an almond butter Perfect Bar.


I was planning on doing some more studying, but I didn’t need to do any work… So I went back outside 😀


As soon as I whipped out my phone, this squirrel that was stuffing its face stared me down and looked like it was about to kill me.

More frisbee!

IMG_0076 IMG_0078 IMG_0080

It was also my friend Lauren’s birthday!!!


four-eyed friends ♥︎ 

The dining halls opened last night (praaaaaise), so a few of us chowed down.

IMG_0084 IMG_0085

Then I joined my saintly friends for Back Bay Mobile Soup Kitchen for a little while before coming back to do some work attempt to do work while waiting for RACHEL TO COME HOME!

She was on a mission trip in Guyana for spring break, so I had not talked to her/seen her/contacted her/known every detail of her life for what seemed like FOREVER. She shared her experiences from the mission trip, and I almost cried. God worked through her in such profound and incredible ways.

She also saw a lot of stars 🙂

Back to the grind today. Sophomore year will come to a close in just six weeks, help.

Hope you all have a kick-butt week! I’m going to need a couple kicks in the butt just to get out of bed.

So tell me:

Something you loved about this weekend.

Something you love about your friends.

Have you ever been “that” person under 21?

Have you ever been on a service or mission trip?


18 thoughts on “Let Me Brag About My Friends Again

  1. I don’t really drink so I’ve always been that person hahaha it’s not so hard because my friends can handle a lot of alcohol before their drunk, at which time I leave and they can continue on their journey. I am blessed to have great relationships in my life and thank God for them when I remember. Have a great first week back to school!

  2. This weekend, I got to grab dinner with a friend after picking her up from the airport! It was also gorgeous outside, so that made everything better 😊 I love that my friends constantly make me laugh! And they are all older than me- so I am ALWAYS the “under-21” odd one out😂

  3. Blue skies and warmer weather🙌🏼 I think we should make sure to find a place to live that’s like this all year 😉 overall it was a good weekend minus a panic attack in target #nevergoinginthereonasaturdayafternoonagain #peopleprobthoughtiwasnuts🙈🙄😜

    Wishing you a fantabulous week Alison !!!!

  4. Something I loved about this weekend was seeing some friends from HS! Also being able to relax before heading back to school. I am so excited for some warmer weather. I need spring ASAP!! Best of luck in your first week back at school 😉

  5. LOL!! My aunts and uncle took me and my sister to a bar just this week to get drinks while we were waiting for our dinner reservation at a nearby restaurant. I’m 25, but I don’t care for alcohol for the most part, so I was laughing so hard as I read your retelling of your experience; it was so much like what just happened to us. After the waiter took the alcohol orders, and I was giving my order, I was like, “Can I have ginger beer?” and internally, I’m thinking, “I guess that at least *sounds* like a hard beverage, lol!” 😂

    The thing I love about my friends is that my best friends are my family, and so I’m hoping those relationships will not fade out of my life as it seems regular friendships are wont to do. Also, several of them are fiercely devoted to maintaining the relationship, so also that’s another favorite part. Favorite part of the weekend was probably having some chill time with my extended family going home…they treated us foot massages + dinner, we watched movies, and of course, I think they are basically the best ever, so the company was wonderful…good times! 💗

  6. By the time we went to Uni in the UK, pretty much everyone was 18 and therefore legal – so no one really had any issues! But I know a lot of them went over to the U.S. in those early years and were surprised when they found they couldn’t drink!

  7. Something you love about your friends.
    I LOVE that my friends are always teaching me about what it is to be compassionate and non judgmental. They’re also all really good listeners.

    Have you ever been “that” person under 21?
    Hmmm… I have, but I didn’t feel left out, because alcohol doesn’t really appeal to my tastebuds. I don’t know why.

    Have you ever been on a service or mission trip?
    YES! It was the hardest and best experience of my life. 🙂

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