Back in Boston + Five Minute Friday #7

Dinner last night was leftover salad with hummus, Popcorners, a frozen banana, and two spoonfuls of cashew butter. Why did I come back to Boston when the dining halls aren’t open yet???

Well, despite the fact that dining halls aren’t open, I am both nourished and having a great time with friends.

Rewinding back to New York: On Tuesday night, my parents kindly took me out to dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant for the best sushi ever.


I came home and made myself some peanut butter banana soft serve (frozen bananas blended in a food processor with a splash of milk and peanut butter)— an old time fave. I ate it with a little Greek yogurt, cinnamon, nutmeg, and granola. Fabulous.


And then this beautiful person came to visit me after her class ended (at 10 pm!)!


Daliza! ♥︎ I fed her a pancake with half peanut butter and half nutella + glass o’ milk. Her visit would be incomplete without me giving her something with peanut butter or nutella on it.

Wednesday morning involved overnight oats, packing, and some moves and grooves (handstand walks, pushups, and a 16 minute interval workout) before preparing brunch for my friends Joe and Louis.


DSC_2175 DSC_2176

French toast, scrambled eggs, and bacon


“The bacon was very good, Alison. The whole brunch was very good, but the bacon was VERY good.” — Louis

It was my first time cooking bacon, so I’m glad it turned out well. I also blended up a green peanut butter banana smoothie (milk, greek yogurt, frozen banana, peanut butter, and spinach) and forced it down their throats convinced them to try it, since I knew for a fact that they would not be able to taste the spinach.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.34.58 PM

They didn’t taste the spinach. #VICTORIOUS. (“There’s like a little bit of an aftertaste.” ← yeah, sure, believe what you want.)

I made myself an avocado, bacon, and egg toast + another egg + sriracha. I also ate my weight in leftover roasted brussels sprouts while I was cooking.


This was amazing.

Joe, Louis and I hit the road for Boston and made it back in time to enjoy the FREAKING GORGEOUS weather. It hit 70 F — shorts and t-shirt weather! As soon as we arrived on campus, we joined more friends for Can-Jam until it got dark.


Then we ate dinner at the food court on campus, chilled out on the dock, and played the Ellen Degeneres iPhone game, “Psych”, until we were all falling asleep. Good people, good times.

Yesterday’s activities included some quick moves and grooves (this ab workout), Mass, lunch at Tasty Burger, the Museum of Fine Art, and a special pre-screening of the new movie, The Young Messiah. It’s hard to pick out the best part of the day!

IMG_0021 IMG_0020 IMG_0024

This was a “dine-in” theater with the most luxurious seats I’ve ever seen in a movie theater.

And today I’m going to Mass and lunch with a friend, maybe working out at the gym, and definitely doing lots of studying.

Now that we’re all caught up, how about some Five Minute Friday action? (This post probably took you five minutes to read already…sorry.) This week I’m talking about something very random: where I would want to live after I graduate!

link to the video!

Taking a video of myself on a tire swing in a park that I’d never visited before. Sounds about right for me.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

So tell me:

Have you ever tried convincing someone that a smoothie with spinach does NOT taste gross?

If you could live anywhere, where would you live and why?

If you love where you live, why is that?


15 thoughts on “Back in Boston + Five Minute Friday #7

  1. You and your friends always have do such fun things! I can’t watch your video right now due to Danny sleeping 😛 But I hope that you said you want to move to California……..

  2. I don’t think spinach has an aftertaste but kale definitely does! I can’t do it in any other form than fried kale chips. I want to live in the same city I do, just south so it’s always warm. Preferably near a beach, but that is not necessary if the temperature never dips below 65 degrees 🙂 How did you like the movie?

  3. I’ve had people try to convince ME that it’s not gross and I’m just imagining the spinach taste. But I *can* taste it… And is totally screws up the texture! I can taste the texture of spinach in a green smoothie, if you know what I mean.

    Northern California! It’s where my parents came from and where my roots are. Currently visiting, actually. 😊 I LOVE the weather, I love the view/countryside, I love my family who lives here! How could I not want to be here? I live in the Seattle area right now, and I have to say I think it pretty much stinks. Wet, cold, no snow, no real summer, wet, and did I mention wet? I like to have my SUMMERS and my SNOW. Or at least one or the other. ❤ you, California! I always say I need to migrate… 😁
    ~ Kat

  4. That pic of the booty tho😂😂😂😂
    I would love to live in San Fran!!!!! And I always thought maybe Colorado but anything too granola-y or hippy dippy is not for me lol
    Maybe San Diego?! Or this is random but Tallahassee! I visited there once and loved it. Doesn’t feel like Florida since its very north but has such a good vibe and feel! And warm weather!!!
    Have a great weekend Alison !!

  5. Sushi is already good but when your parents pay for it, it’s even better! HAHAHA. ooooh, I enjoy exploring art museums. What’s the Museum of Fine Art in Boston like?

    I’ve actually never had a green smoothie! The color just totally throws me off. 😩 Maybe you can try to convince me too…. I would love to live in D.C. if it wasn’t for the cold, which brings me to why I love where I live: the Texas weather!!!

  6. Your snaps this week have been amazing but let’s be real here- That is a cameltoe on GW.

    Your two poor friends drinking that smoothie. They looked so….willing.

    I think NYC still has my heart. I’d just like all the residents to leave and save me some peace and quiet..sometimes. 🙂

  7. I miss the days of having dinners made up of random bits and bobs – gotta do that again sometime for fun!
    Both David and I always wanted to live abroad, and somewhere hot… And here we are in Perth Australia! Although sometimes too hot! Ha!

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