Five Minute Friday #6: I Bet You Didn’t Know…

Someone make a meme out of this, please.



We did the VO2max unit in exercise physiology lab last night, and I volunteered as tribute. Getting into that contraption was more exercise than the test itself, because the cycle erg never even increased resistance, so I was at a pretty low VO2 by the end of the test. Oh well. The hardest parts were the initial panic of having my nose plugged and then the fact that my butt was hurting like a !@#$% on that bike.

But it was fun!

In other news, spring break starts today! It was a pretty chill week for me this week, since all my midterms were last week. It was actually pretty hard for me to find motivation to do things since I didn’t have any imminent deadlines or exams this week.

So instead of doing work, I did things like take selfies in the 50 degree weather…


…had a lot of meal dates and awesome conversations with friends…

IMG_0561 IMG_0563 IMG_0566


I really love my friends ♥︎ 

…and don’t worry mom and dad, I did do lots of work 😀

Today’s Five Minute Friday is lighthearted! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know a lot about me, but here are some things I bet you didn’t know! (Inspired by Tina’s post)

link to the video here!

Hope you all have a marvelous weekend! Don’t forget to laugh at yourself.

So tell me:

A fun fact about yourself!

Have you ever done a VO2max test?

What are you doing this weekend? Driving home with a couple of my good friends and just chillin’ out with the fam/doing homework/sleeping!


27 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday #6: I Bet You Didn’t Know…

  1. The VO2 max test looks terrifying! I don’t volunteer for runner studies because I don’t want to get hooked up to those contraptions lol. One fact about me is I love weight lifting YouTube videos even though I don’t have any inclination to lift weights myself 😛 have a great weekend Alison!

  2. I’ve always wanted to do a VO2max test! I mean… it’s not something that’s on my life’s bucket list or even something that I think about too often, but still! I think it’d be neat to see how I do. Hope you have the most awesome spring break and that you don’t have any big homework assignments due right after it! Our profs always liked to do that to us…

  3. I feel the same way about buffalo sauce. Barbecue is the best ❤️
    Fun fact: I used to claim to hate tomatoes and peppers for the sole reason that my aunt doesn’t like those things and I wanted to be just like her. I still think she’s freaking awesome, but I do like tomatoes and peppers.
    Enjoy your spring break! Half a week of classes and a week of finals and I can get to mine 🙂

  4. YES. Aeroplanes have a smell, I hear you! It is disgusting. You even smell like it after a flight – like your clothes smell like flying. Gross.

    Have a lovely break!

  5. Fun fact: I LOVE to eat spicy. If it’s not spicy I probably wouldn’t eat it! I’ve never done a test like that but it looks interesting too! And I’m celebrating my sister’s birthday this weekend, going to the farmers’ market and possibly going out to lunch with a fellow blogger!

  6. Omg that pic!😂😂😂😂😂😂 seriously needed that today so thank you!!! You hottie you;) and omgggg I hate all melon too and also chew half a piece of gum at a time. My reasoning is that just when to flavor is gone you still have another half a piece without going through insane amounts of gum a day #holyrandomness lol

    Hmm I bet you didn’t know I carry cinnamon in my purse;) I’m clearly winning at life huh? Lol not. I’m a leftie! And I have cousins in Spain!

    Have a great spring break my ! Love you!

  7. Wow, you are so brave to try that VO2 test… O_O Isn’t it amazing how God so marvelously designed our bodies with SO many different organs that all work in conjunction at the same time? I’ve never done a VO2 max test, but I would love too. 🙂 And I love Tina’s blog!

  8. You bet correctly! I didn’t know most of those things about you. It annoys me so much when there’s melon in fruit cups. The melon taste goes EVERYWHERE (same with pineapple). I would love to see a picture of 7-year old, permed up Allison!

    I bet you didn’t know…
    – My phone is constantly on silent too
    – I can’t braid hair to save my life
    – The Titanic movie didn’t make me cry….

    Have an awesome break!

  9. I did one of those VO2 max tests last…April? Scary contraption! I also really dislike buffalo sauce…it has never appealed to me! I love this idea for a vlog/blog post. Such normal stuff in your own life, but when you share it, you don’t always realize how many different quirks we all have. I’ve only seen The Notebook once and was pretty ‘meh’ about it. I love other drama romance movies more.

  10. Aw! But I love your hair, Alison! It’s so beautiful! And weird, I’m the same way about melons…but I do love buffalo sauce (as long as real blue cheese isn’t involved, which I know isn’t actually true buffalo sauce). Yes! I totally know what you mean about airplanes having a smell! Though I have it associated it with all sorts of fun trips and seeing family, etc., so I don’t mind the smell.

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  12. Meme = made. Thanks for the op!
    (Meme note: I don’t think you’re psycho. Just saying. 😛 )
    And I LOVE you’re hair!!! It’s so lovely!
    I bet you didn’t know…
    – I hate all melons too
    – My preferred color scheme is gray scale
    – I’m left-handed
    – I’m secretly an orphan of magical lineage destined to save the world from a terrible villain
    Just kidding on that last one lol. I’m writer, what can I say? I can’t help myself sometimes…
    Have a great one!!
    ~ Kat

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