Weekend Confessions


This weekend…

Confession #1: My best girl friends and I went out for appetizers and cocktails mocktails to celebrate Rachel’s birthday, because we’re still babieeees.IMG_1905


Confession #2: Yo girls can EAT.

IMG_0494 IMG_0496 IMG_0495 IMG_0499

Confession #3: I cooked some pretty darn tasty chicken and burgers at work, and I really wished I could eat more than just a nibble of them. #occupationalhazard


Confession #4: I base my decision to get either a sandwich or salad at the food court based on the availability of cornbread. If the salad bar has cornbread, I’m getting salad for the sake of cornbread. I’ll say it one more time: cornbread.


Confession #5: I’ve been eating more carbs and a little less protein to put my nutrition project’s results to the test. Verdict? Feelin’ great! It could be a mind game, but I feel more energetic. Because carbs give you energy, WHO KNEW!?

IMG_0488 IMG_0528

Confession #6: In all honesty, this weekend was a little bit harder on the body image and recovery front than it has been in a long time. I can’t tell if it was from Thursday’s body fat composition test, or if it’s just a stress crutch. Either way, I am keepin’ on and my mind is still in a good place overall, thanks to the amazing community of people in my life (YOU included).


Confession #7: I bought oatmeal at Au Bon Pain, even though I have oatmeal in my dorm. I went to Mass and a spontaneous breakfast date yesterday morning with Rachel before she went home for some personal business, and I felt the need to buy something to go along with the Perfect Bar (got it from a giveaway on Instagram thanks to my girl, @foodietunes!) and banana that I brought along.


Confession #8: Whenever I match with people, I feel compelled to take a photo with them.


leather jackets ayooo

Confession #9: I stood outside in the beautiful weather listening to a song I really liked and pretended I was in some dramatic montage.


Confession #10: IMO, the best part of the Oscars were when Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe announced together and when BB8 came on stage.

Also, Chris Rock was funny but made me kinda uncomfortable at some points. I guess that was the point, right?

Confession #11: My friends are hawt.


One more week until spring break!

So tell me:

One confession from your weekend!

If you watched the Oscars, which part was your favorite?

When was the last time you got dressed up and what was it for?


31 thoughts on “Weekend Confessions

  1. My weekend confession is that I went to Trader Joes and needed nothing but felt I had to buy something because I was there…so I bought bananas. It’s one of those store that is two hours away so when I am in the area I feel like I have to go…and buy something hahaha
    Looks like you had a great weekend! #allthecornbread

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. You don’t even want to know how many times I have done #9! I’m pretty sure I could do that as a job. 😜 I’m glad to know I’m not the only one…I kind of thought it was just me, and I wasn’t sure if it was normal. 😄

    I honestly don’t remember the last time I dressed up. Probably for someone’s wedding. Yup, I think I’ll go with that.

    Confession: I spent like four hours yesterday knitting and listening to my audiobook. I don’t know if that’s a proper confession, but it’s the best I can think of. And I’m (trying) to knit a sweater for my sister’s older dog. So far it’s going fine(ish), but I haven’t gotten to the hard part yet. Fingers crossed!

  3. One confession from your weekend!
    I have nothing to confess…? Oh, well, there was no Sunday service yesterday at my church and I liked it bc I got to sleep in…it felt so good!

    If you watched the Oscars, which part was your favorite?
    Didn´t, don´t ever.

    When was the last time you got dressed up and what was it for?
    yesterday, sunday night service, singing with youth choir, my church is pretty fancy so I dress up every sunday (Although, hereś another confession, I don like dressing up nearly as much as I used to)

  4. Your honest makes me smile but also breaks my heart to know you’re going through some murky thoughts. You are a beautiful human being, regardless of those dark and illogical thoughts that seep into your head. Sharing lots of love with you, Alison. ❤

  5. Corn bread baby!!!!!!! Making good decisions👍🏼👍🏼😉
    Totally agree with the Chris Rock observation!!! Eep!
    And#9!!! Bahahahah that would so be me!!!
    Have a great one beautiful Alison!

  6. THAT CORNBREAD. That is all.

    If you watched the Oscars, which part was your favorite? — Lady Gaga’s performance was incredibly powerful.
    When was the last time you got dressed up and what was it for? — I pretty much have to dress up every day during the week for work so I’ll tell you the opposite instead! The last time I dressed down was this past Saturday when I wore leggings. It felt so good to dress like a college student again!

  7. That black dress you wore to dinner is so pretty!! Sorry you had a hard body image week – everyone does – but I’m glad you’re able to just focus more on the good things/people in your life instead of dwell on it. Have a great week love ❤

  8. Omg the Oscars made me so, SO uncomfortable. I had to stop watching and only tuned in again to watch the last 4 awards. Happy for Leo 😀 And heck to the YES for carbs! I’m quite sure they make up like 70+% of my diet 😆 But honestly? I’ve never felt better. They’re my happy drug.

  9. You keep some beautiful looking people around you! And you yourself, of course.
    I’m a massive Oscars fan, though to be honest it is my tradition of giving myself a date night with wine and chocolate and not leaving my couch for 4 hours that I love the most.
    Wishing those fudgy body image thoughts take a hike stat.

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