Five Minute Friday #4: Virtual Breakfast Date

This week was full of surprises!

Little surprises, good and not-so-fab alike, but they made for a great week overall.

For example, Wednesday was World Cabbage Day, and Timehop decided to tell me about it.


“It’s finally here”

Also, the temperature totally went from [sub-] zero to a hundred REAL QUICK. Okay not a hundred, but like, 45 degrees, which is quite the jump.


stalking campus tours

Rachel and I ran into each other on Wednesday morning, realizing that we matched almost exactly— tour sweaters, jeans, brown boots. Surprised, but not actually.


One of the best surprises of the week was seeing one of my best friends, Emma, (who moved away a few weeks ago) walk through the door. Rachel and I screamed louder than people should at 10 AM.


Modern dance class on Wednesday was especially fun (we danced to a “Fever” cover by Beyonce, so that in and of itself was amazing).

National Eating Disorders Awareness week is next week(!), and I was so glad to see these flyers up in the dorms.


Another quasi-surprise that arose was the realization that I have three exams next week. Turn up.

Anyway, I talk more about this week’s happenings (including things like singing in the rain and thoughts about motherhood) in my Five Minute Friday vlog!

link to the video here!

So tell me:

Did you know it was World Cabbage Day on Wednesday?

Did you have any good and/or bad surprises this week?

Any plans for the weekend?


26 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday #4: Virtual Breakfast Date

  1. I haven’t had cabbage in forever! My favorite way to eat it as sauerkraut on a veggie Reuben or a veggie dog. I actually love fermented foods so I should have that today 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. World cabbage day needs to go away. I like fun food holidays such as ice cream, donuts, cake, wine, etc. I’m going to be so bored this weekend – *sob*. I’m used to being out and about constantly doing stuff. Ima eat snacks and watch Netflix/take naps.

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend 🙂

  3. Hello there Alison from daily moves and grooves😉🙋🏼 I just love these Friday chats so much and am 110% convinced you and I would be best buds and that we must meet up!!! Seriously
    I cannot wait to be a mother and have a big ole family but realistically it also scares the crap out of me. I’m barely taking care of myself lol. Hopefully God is preparing us both!
    Happy weekend my beauty!

  4. I think they must have a ‘world’ or ‘national’ day for almost anything you could think of… People are quite creative. The weekend… Church is always one of the highlights. I didn’t use to think of it like this, but to have a special time set aside each week in God’s Worship and God’s House with His people is such a gift. I’m thankful that we can worship Him all week too! 🙂

  5. Haha our weather has been insane, too! This weekend is super spring-y and I’m loving it. And, yep, when you get caught in rain like that… you just have to smile. Nothing you can do except keep on going 🙂 Have a fabulous weekend at your retreat!

  6. Loved this virtual vlog today! “Dates” just so happen to be one of my favorite kinds of blog posts, so of course that wouldn’t change when it comes to vlogs! Weekend = REST. I’ve been in a really negative mindspace since about Wednesday, and decided taking the weekend off from CrossFit will do wonders. I need to continue to be better about honoring my rest and starting the process on following my passions/establishing a side hustle! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  7. I had no idea that cabbage even had a day 😯 I’m okay with fun food holidays, but cabbage? If eggplant has a day, I might just scream. And this weekend won’t be all that fun for me — mostly work and trying to get some errands done that I managed to neglect all weeks. Oh poop.

  8. World cabbage day?! Hmm, not sure if anyone loves cabbage enough that there should be a holiday for it? Haha! And I’m hoping to have a super restful and productive weekend after a crazy week of papers and midterms. Good luck on your THREE coming up!

  9. I had no idea national cabbage day existed. I think they have a day for everything now, though. I think the week is always full of surprises – depends on where or how you’re looking 🙂 the weekend is almost done here in Singapore but it was the typical – church, hangout with family, get errands done. 🙂 hope you had a lovely weekend too!

  10. I had no clue National Cabbage Day was a thing but it doesn’t surprise me! (Today was apparently National Sticky Bun Day!) This weekend was full of LOTS of good eats, the How to Be Single movie and “studying.” 😀 I inadvertently celebrated cabbage day a day late at a Polish restaurant last Thursday–sauerkraut and braised red cabbage = the bestest!

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