Three Words for Valentine’s Day Weekend

“I love you!”

…But not said to a significant other. I was saying that to my family and friends though, which is equally (if not, more) important.

I guess my three words are still “Dear No One“. (P.S. Tori Kelly’s dress on the red carpet for the Grammy’s last night, WHAT!? Gorgeous. Wish she won best new artist, but Meghan Trainor is cool too.)

I’m running short on time since I’ve been studying oodles for my exercise physiology exam, so here are some snapshots of my Valentine’s/President’s Day weekend in three words each!


another jar down


not as good

{but still delicious}


post-work lunch


childhood friends reunite

{dinner at Orinoco + dessert at Paris Creperie}


fantastic guava flatbread


roasted portabella arepa


dessert seemed mandatoryIMG_0188

“Gram’s apple pie”


Snape-inspired crepe


this is inside


warmth before fashion


“Galentine’s” date night 

{food bucket list at Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Cafewatched “How To Be Single”}


lamb cumin noodles




Alton Brown approves


pork flatbread afterwards

hit. the. spot.


muffins are underrated


my Valentine’s date


Valentine’s self-gift


lunch with family!

{Dumpling Cafe}


soup dumplings ROCK


wish me luck


So tell me:

Three things you did this weekend (please feel free to use more than three words)!

Do you find that cashew butter is too mild to put on foods (I can’t taste it with my banana/cinnamon oatmeal!)?

Did you watch the Grammy’s? I actually did not, but of course I kept up with TK.


35 thoughts on “Three Words for Valentine’s Day Weekend

  1. This weekend I was studying hard (not as crazy as during the week), got 2 good workouts in, spent time with my bf’s, got cooked for ❤ I love cashew butter, prefer it over almond butter! It is indeed mild tasting, that's why I prefer it straight from the spoon, or with apple slices or something simple like that. Have a great week! Good luck with exams!

  2. I tried to watch the Grammy’s, but I only lasted a short time because all the commercials drove me insane. And is it sad that I really have to spend a good chunk of time thinking about what I did this past weekend? 😆 I’m pretty sure I did some snowboarding and went to the movies, and I’m pretty sure there was a lunch date and a family dinner in there as well. Hope the rest of your week is awesome, lady! GOOD LUCK on your exam!!

  3. I make cashew butter to add to other recipes to give a richness. You’re right, it’s kind of bland. I think it’s like butter, subtle but adds a depth of flavor.

  4. Looks like such a fun weekend with lotsa yummy food 🙂 This weekend I visited my friends at UMASS Amherst, ate a delicious omelette, and drank probably a little more coffee than I should have haha. Have a great Tuesday girl!

  5. Dessert is always mandatory. What is the green stuff on that crepe? Also, how was How to Be Single? Sorry, so many questions. 😉

    Three things: I applied for a passport for my study abroad program, I threw a movie night for all of my single residents, and I stayed in bed practically all of Sunday quite content with life.
    I’ve never had cashew butter, so I can’t answer!
    The Hamilton performance was AMAZING but that was also the only part of the Grammy’s I watched.

    Hope you have a beautiful day, Alison!

  6. This weekend I studied for my stat midterm on Thursday, wrote an essay, and hung out with friends (while working because we’re lame and busy). Your weekend looks fun and filled with delicious food 🙂 I find cashew butter is best on a spoon or in baked goods, but it’s definitely mild. Oh, I actually do really like it on sweet potatoes! Best of luck on your midterm!

  7. Where was my Valentine? Evil.

    I love how mama Y is taking a photo too- She’s the best. Also, YES to cashew butter being way to mild- Which I guess is why I love it in baked goods over oil- It gives a subtle taste that peanut butter doesn’t haha- It overpowers!!!

    Kill the exam buddy!

  8. Given I’d never heard the term before and only picked it up on other blogs this year I need to say it:your Galentine’s Day weekend looks like a lot of fun. Time with friends > time envying all the love birds celebrating Valentine’s Day.
    Fingers crossed for you exercise physiology exam! I hope it’s not too hard.

  9. Soup dumplings are always a good idea and those arepas are making me hungry!!! I haven’t tried cashew butter but sunflower butter is pretty flavorful. If you count having the Grammy’s on as background noise, then yes I did watch. Nothing too exciting happened in my opinion.

    My weekend in three words:
    surprisingly stress free
    ice cream weather
    movie every day

  10. It sounds like you had an awesome weekend! 1. I had an awesome Valentine’s Party with my best friends. 2. I went home and visited my cats/high school friends. 3. I ate super delicious cupcakes.

  11. 1.hibernated 2.made brownies 3. Got very little school work done =winning lol not at all though 🙈🙈😂

    Love tori Kelly so much! I had never heard about her until you mentioned her!! Thank you friend!! And she looked stunning. People were comparing her dress to gumby but I though it was so classy 👌🏼
    I agree! PB sunbutter or almond butter for me!! Glad to know we agree on the important stuff 😉
    And I love youuuu!

  12. Well considering I just moved to Sydney, Australia I guess that wins hands down haha! We went to my families beach house in Palm Beach which was pretty awesome! I joined a gym and learned to drive on the other side of the road!

    Cashew butter is my FAVORITE of all nut butters. I’m actually not a huge plain PB fan… I know shoot me.

    I actually didn’t watch the grammy’s.. it was late here!

  13. I seriously want to spend a weekend with you and eat everything you eat. Sounds weird but you eat such good food (especially for a college student!). I LOVED Tori Kelly’s dress too.. she’s beautiful.

  14. Your V-day date looks a little like mine. 🙂 I was actually really thankful it fell on a Sunday. 🙂 My dad preached a sermon on Jesus and His compassion for the lost. Wow, His love is incredible.

    So, I like cashew butter, but I agree that peanut butter has a much more distinctive taste that helps flavor oatmeal or pancakes. I mighty actually like cashew butter better with … um… toast.

    And dessert, for this sweet toothed girl, is always a blessed addition to a meal. During the weekend I, 1. cleaned house. 2. ate chocolate 3. went to worship 4. oops… I already did 3.

    This was actually one of the best Valentine’s days ever. I didn’t really think about not having a Valentine. My family are my special people right now… Thankful for them!

  15. I’ve never tried cashew butter before, it looks yummy though! I watched about 80% of the Grammy’s. I thought it was a pretty good show, I really liked Demi’s performance in the Lionel Richie Tribute. SO GOOD 😀

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee

  16. I’ve actually never tried cashew butter because it’s ridiculously pricey in Singapore. I am looking for a good cashew butter recipe though that might be nice to try. Personally, though, nut butters should always be brown to me. I think white nut butters resemble butter and coconut butter too closely. Hehe.

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