Friends Pushing Me to Be Better

I just ate a dinner of popcorn, Chex Mix, celery, chocolate cake, an apple, “gorilla dip”, and a singular chicken wing.



Also, the only thing I watched from the Super Bowl last night was the halftime show and the Honda commercial with the singing sheep, and that was everything I needed.


I love Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars, but did anyone else feel like the halftime performance as a whole was a weird combo?

Anyway, I have nothing more to say about the Super Bowl, so let’s talk about how my wonderful friends have been kicking my butt in the best way possible.

Rewind to Friday: I had biomechanics in the morning, a good lunch with friends, bible study, a workout, homework, and productive procrastination (working on a birthday gift for someone!).


Two of my dear friends, Mai and Kelsey, are in my bible study, and listening to their perspectives and insights on Scripture and faith in general was so inspiring. Most of all, their willingness to share their own doubts and trials humbles me to face my own doubts and trials.

Saturday started off with a walk through winter wonderland to get to work (unintentional alliteration).


I tried to pack more substantial snacks so that I wouldn’t be so lightheaded and cranky like I was last week at work, but I guess all the walking, cooking, and cleaning I do (and the fact that I end at 2pm) just does me in. Needless to say, lunch was again demolished.


While I was studying, my pal Connor came up to chat with me for a bit, and he gave me nuggets of wisdom to deal with my academic stress. His words were simple and things I knew logically, but I still needed someone to tell them to me in order to internalize it. 1) Happiness is important. 2) Don’t stress out because other people have more knowledge than you. Do what you need to do, but there’s no good in comparing and worrying.

Good stuff.

Saturday night involved a workout, some studying, and Tasty Burger (!!!) with the best friend.


A cheeseburger from this joint was on our food bucket list, and Saturday night was the night to crush it.


We liked their milkshakes as much as we liked their burgers! The shakes were uber thick and creamy. Like, you had to work those cheek muscles to drink it through the straw.


love at first bite

Rachel and I talked about our Lent resolutions since it starts this Wednesday, and one of my things to “give up” is makeup. I don’t wear a lot, but I do wear a little every day. I told Rachel with hesitance that I would give up makeup, but the next day I told her I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it. She insisted that giving up makeup would be good for me, and that I shouldn’t cave just because it’s hard (it’s definitely not supposed to be easy!). I agree. Wearing no makeup will help me focus on my character and fight vanity.



My roommate Jordan also gave me a great slice of humble pie when I told her that I’m not always early (and sometimes a little late) to things, especially if I’m meeting with a close friend. She told me that everyone, close friends or professional mentors, should have their time respected. Duh, common sense, right? But it’s easier said than done for me these days (punctuality is slacking). Jordan is 100% right though. I should never take advantage of my friends’ time just because I’m close to them.



Lastly, my amazing friend Christina invited me to do mobile soup kitchen with her last night. I joined her and some other kind volunteers, but I knew that I wanted to make it back in time for the Super Bowl halftime show. Towards the end of the route, I started to get impatient and antsy to make it back to campus, but just watching how patient, considerate, and kind Christina was with all the people we met was a humbling and beautiful sight. A lesson in selflessness right in front of me.

I am constantly in awe of my friends and the beauty of their souls. God is definitely shaping me up through their example and words. And of course, so many bloggers push me to be better too. Thanks, guys ♥︎

Hope you all have a happy week! We’re kind of hoping that BU calls in for a snow day today…

So tell me:

Do your friends keep you “on track”?

What is one lesson you learned/were reminded of this weekend?

Thoughts on the Super Bowl/halftime show?

Best thing you did this weekend. Probably Tasty Burger with Rachel!


21 thoughts on “Friends Pushing Me to Be Better

  1. Love the idea of giving up makeup for lent! One thing I learned this week was that stress is inevitable but how you handle it is something you can control. Best thing I did this weekend was go out to a party with friends!

  2. I know you have the strength to do what’s best for you, Allison. Just keep working towards that and don’t be so hard on yourself! Lots of love, always 🙂 xo

  3. The only thing I watched was the halftime show and that was the only thing necessary. I watched it this morning hahaha My friends are my coworkers so they always keep me on track, no slacking allowed lol
    Best thing I ate this weekend was gumbo. I added cheese and left out the okra. Best decision ever. Have a great week!

  4. Thoughts on no makeup – I think I’ve been back and forth on the idea of wearing makeup. I personally feel that the fact that women are expected to wear make-up in a professional setting (even on the daily) is absolutely ridiculous and one sided. This is what I would call a double standard in the male/female dichotomy. Why do women have to cover their natural face (clog their pores, and spend silly amounts of money on makeup) when men can just splash some water on their face? I’ve decided to limit my own make-up wearing and not only does my skin feel and appear healthier, not only do I get 15 minutes back every morning to do more relaxing things in the morning, BUT my sense of self-love and self-confidence has gone up. On top of it all, during a quick poll with my friends and coworkers (men and women), I found that no one can really tell the difference! Good luck! I’m sure you’ll come out feeling better about your decision. This is a very transformative challenge to take on. 🙂

    • Great point, Liz. I often wonder as well why it seems that females can’t be “good-looking” unless they have makeup on (in most cases). Our minds are accustomed to seeing females in makeup, whether we realize it or not. I’m so glad that you’ve found self-confidence in your own skin (literally)! Thank you for your words, Liz ♥︎

  5. I’m giving up makeup for Lent too.

    Isn’t it intriguing how we take certain aspects for granted, especially from those closest to us? I think even society dictates that (in some regards)- I know with my close friends back home, it got to the stage where if we were meeting at 10am, we’d all arrive at 10.30- Not cool!

    I think I read an article that the half time show was trying to actively promote equality and same sex marriage/relationships but I’m not sure… I didn’t have coffee before reading it lol!

  6. You have good people around you and no doubt you raise them up as well:)
    One thing I’ve learned is to let my guard down and that we are all in this together. Rather than trying to be one way or another or put up a front I’ve realized we are all just humans trying to get through life in one piece!!
    Have a great one Alison!
    Now I want a burger 🙈

  7. Thank goodness for great friends hey? The older I get, the more I understand and appreciate how important it is to keep a tight circle of close friends by your side. I’d rather have one friend who is completely understanding/non judgemental/motivating than 100 superficial friends.

    Yeah, that halftime show was pretty weird. I didn’t like it at all! Hahaha

  8. I had an emotional breakdown on Saturday and was reminded that crying is not a bad thing; it’s actually healthy to have nights watching sappy Hallmark Valentine’s Day ads and let it all out. On a football related note, totally agree on the strange Superbowl halftime combination!!

  9. I have no idea what I’d do without my friends… both because they talk me down from the ledge when I get a little crazy AND keep me on track by straight up telling me how it is. I can’t stand people who are nice to your face and talk crap behind your back — I’d rather have an honest friend who’s willing to give me some good critique every now and then. Albeit in a loving way 😉 And yeah… the halftime show was super weird. Didn’t flow together at all.

    • Amen. I’ve definitely learned about tough love through my friends. I’m trying to improve at GIVING tough love, because I’m naturally very agreeable with others. My friends giving me straight talk has helped me, so I should do the same for others (when appropriate)!

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