Day in the Life of a Second Semester Sophomore


A Tuesday in the life of a second semester college sophomore…

8:10 AM // First alarm goes off. Shut it.

8:15 AM // Second alarm goes off. Snooze.

8:25 AM // Third alarm goes off. Roll out of bed. {Should not have spent useless minutes scrolling Insta so late the night before.Bathroom, brush teeth, put in contacts, etc.

8:35 AM // Morning prayer.

8:40 AM // Change into athletic clothes, just for the morning while I’m still studying (I try to wear real pants as little as possible).


8:50 AM // Head across the street to the dining hall for breakfast! Work on my nutrition project while eating.


hard boiled egg (with sriracha) + whole wheat toast with pb and banana + frozen blueberries


9:40 AM // Go back to my dorm building and read biomechanics in the study room.


10:20 AM // Head back up to my room for some foam rolling and a 30-minute yoga video.



11:00 AM // Change into real people clothes, tweeze my brows, and put on makeup.

11:20 AM // Film this week’s “Five Minute Friday’s” vlog and re-watch it. It’s over five minutes, dang it.

11:35 AM // Leave the room and walk to another dining hall for lunch with Rachel and Kelsey!


salad with beets, peppers, and some sort of marinated potatoes + grilled chicken with eggplant relish, sautéed collards, and couscous


plus an orange!

12:30 PM // Nutrition lecture. We learn about the basics of digestion, which isn’t the most exciting, but the professor is still awesome.


1:20 PM // Get out of lecture early! Walk outside to the river for some fresh air since I have 30 minutes to kill before my next class. Re-film my vlog to see if I can get it under 5 minutes (spoiler: didn’t succeed).



2:00 PM // Behavioral biology of women lecture. Such a fascinating course! Eat a snack before the lecture starts.


half pb sandwich packed into napkins during lunch #resources

3:30 PM // Walk to the Catholic Center for a meeting.

4:10 PM // Send some messages to people and study exercise physiology (gotta keep on top of that) in the CC study room.

5:00 PM // Attend daily Mass in the upstairs chapel.

5:40 PM // Descend into the basement for the beloved free Tuesday pasta dinner! Have a grand ol’ time catching up with friends.


6:45 PM // Start setting up for our weekly “Catholics on Campus” talk.

7:00 PM // Kick off the talk. Last night, one of the most hilarious nuns I’ve ever met came to talk to us about Catholic Church history. She transformed a history lesson into something that had my abs and cheek muscles hurtin’!

8:15 PM // Help clean up after the talk and walk back to my dorm. Eat a peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookie (compliments of my Aunt Sharon from Christmas!).


desperately need to do something about my nails/cuticles

8:45 PM // Shower, make appointments, write out my to-do list for Wednesday, brush teeth, chat with suite mates for a bit.

9:50 PM // Go up to the study room to take my online exercise physiology quiz.


10:20 PM // Finish the (easy) quiz and curse myself out for getting one question wrong because the directions said “place in order from low to high glycemic load” and I put them in order from high to low. I deserved that.

10:30 PM // Start typing this blog post!

11:20 PM // Finish up the post, head back to my room, pray.

11:45 PM // Hit the hay. Feeling ever so slightly hungry, but I already brushed my teeth and I’m lazy. I DO THIS EVERY NIGHT UGH (9/10 times I just eat and brush again).

Every day is so different, but this is the gist of life right now. Some days I’m ultra productive, and other days I let myself get a little too distracted with friends/social media. Some days, it’s a nice balance of both. I like to think it’s “mental health”.

I’m having fun though! I’m feeling more comfortable with tackling the work in each of my courses, and I’ve been blessed to encounter so many people from whom I can draw inspiration and motivation. Including you guys!!

Some new Tori Kelly therapy for you all today:

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!

So tell me:

Do you have on and off days in terms of productivity?

What was the best thing you ate yesterday? The chicken with eggplant relish and couscous was pretty darn delicious!

A silly mistake you’ve recently made. (← for my own selfish, empathy-seeking purposes. 😀 ♥︎)


21 thoughts on “Day in the Life of a Second Semester Sophomore

  1. Seeing you “day in life’s” make me so excited for college this fall! I definitely have on/off days. I think everyone does! Hope you’re having a great week Allison 🙂 xo

  2. I like your resolution to wear real pants as little as possible. Hmm… your last question is a probing question. Let me think… I think I hid my Ipod, and now I don’t remember where it is. Is that silly or what? The best thing I ate yesterday was definitely a chocolate s’mores cupcake. God is SO good Alison! You also remind me of that whenever you post a blog post! ❤ ya… 🙂

  3. I go up and down with productivity in my personal life based on how busy I am with work. Yesterday I had a couple hours in the morning and decided to get stuff done. Most days I try to accomplish one or two small things before going to work. That usually helps me stay organized.
    The best thing I ate yesterday was garlic mashed potatoes. Oh I also had a white chocolate and raspberry scone that was really good. I am a huge white chocolate fan!
    A hilarious nun? That seems like an oxymoron! Did you ever watch Sister Act? Those nuns were awesome! Have a great day!

  4. Day in the life posts are probably my favorite kind of blog post to read….I’m super nosey and love the little details! The struggle is real post-teeth brushing when you get hungry!! It happens to me so much. I’m right there with you that 9 times out of 10 I just eat and brush again 😛

  5. Some days I am super productive and accomplish everything on my to-do list and others are kinda a “blah” day where I am a tad more lazy haha. But I think that’s what balance is all about! Favorite thing I ate yesterday was vegetarian minestrone soup 🙂

  6. You are so much more productive than me😂🙈👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 teach me your ways lol
    I loveeeee these posts too:)
    Aaand I always make mistakes like that on tests ( tricky son of a guns🙄)
    Please remind me to add potatoes to my salad 😍
    Ok those are my random comments for the day;) love you girl

  7. Yup…some days I just book through all the things, while some days, I can’t seem to tear myself away from browsing blogs online or listening to podcasts, etc. Best thing I ate yesterday! Man, this is hard, but I think I’m going to cheat and say the entire dinner. It was one of my favorites and is a meal my sister always makes (and no one makes it quite like her!): garlic lime panfried chicken and shredded kale salad with a lemon vinaigrette and cranberries. Then later, I made a partial batch of double chocolate banana oat bars, half baked them (because I’m weird and like my stuff warm and raw 😜) and ate it all myself! 😋

    I’ve made a tonne of embarrassing/silly mistakes, especially because I am one of those people that are more socially slow as well as being mentally + physically clumsy. I keep my family and friends laughing though! 😳 I can’t think of anything recently, as we haven’t been doing a lot socially, but one of my most famous embarrassing moments was from when I was a server at a wedding reception for some church friends who had just gotten married. I was serving the head table dinner (part of dinner was a whole baked potato) and was trying to keep track of the plate I had in my left hand while also serving the groom with my right. Anyhow, I almost dumped the hot potato in the groom’s lap. Thankfully, I was able to recover and tip the plate towards myself in time, but it was a near thing and only his good-natured grace saved my super-self-conscious self (even more so when I was younger) absolute, complete mortification. 😆 So know you are not alone! 😉

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