Another Embarrassing College Story for the Books

I’m currently typing this as I watch Grease LIVE on the telly.



Did anyone else watch? I love it, and the cast is KILLIN’ IT. Holy smokes, what can’t Julianne Hough and Vanessa Hudgens do!?

In all honesty, I could be studying right now, but I’m taking a little blogging/mental break before hitting the books again.


Thank you, Enlightened, for the tasty snacks!

Speaking of academics, I have a story brought to you by my exercise physiology lecture (of approximately 130 people).

*Professor talking about something that I’m trying so hard to understand.*

Professor: *looks toward my section of the lecture room* “Are you okay? Do you have a question? You look confused.”

*All the students in my area look around thinking, “Who? Me?”*

*Professor takes out her laser pointer*

Professor: *Points her laser pointer in my general direction* “YOU.”

*Students looking around at who the pointer landed on.*

My friend: “Alison, it’s you.”


Professor: “Yes, did you have a question?”

Me: “…No.”

Professor: “Okay, yes, you can just come to office hours. Don’t worry about it. You just had a look on your face.”

*Everyone in the lecture looking at me and chuckling*

My friend: “Did you raise your hand or something?”


I was too confused to even be mortified. She took out her laser pointer and pointed to me in front of the whole class. WHY. I mean, I was confused about what she was teaching, but I would have raised my hand if I had specific question. I think it’s hilarious in retrospect though.

In other news, the weather was gorgeous this weekend! No coats yesterday!


This winter has been completely wack, and I can’t say that I’m displeased.

was displeased with being utterly “hangry” on Saturday during/after work. For some reason, my blood sugar was just not rising enough, despite my snacking throughout work. I was absurdly emotional while walking to get this lunch after work. It was bizarre, and I hated that I was letting it get to me so much, but I was too low on energy to hold myself together. #melodramatic


It was the kind of hunger that resulted in lightheadedness and weakness. Honestly, I don’t know why I felt that way, but thankfully, it was a rare occurrence. Needless to say, I was mighty grateful for this delicious lunch.

I did attend dance conditioning the day before, which was taught by my modern dance teacher. I was already kinda sore that day, but I figured it would be a fun way to move after sitting in class for a few hours. WRONG. Not that I didn’t have fun, but it was a more intense workout than I was expecting. I didn’t want to activate my lower glutes ever again after that class.

I’ve eaten a lot of ice cream this week. It had been a while since I ate dining hall soft serve, so I guess this week was catch-up.


Alrighty, time to read about exercise physiology so that I don’t look so confused in class.

Hope you all have a peachy Monday! Do the hand jive to ring in the new week (and month)!

So tell me: 

Any embarrassing college lecture stories?

Did you watch Grease Live?

Three things you did this weekend! Mass, mobile soup kitchen, and laundry 🙂


22 thoughts on “Another Embarrassing College Story for the Books

  1. Once my professor let me go home, saying: “You look sick”. I was not sick, I was not wearing makeup! It was awkward. And I finally pas my exams three day ago, so I just chilling at home with my family all weekend.

  2. Every time I watch people who can sing and dance, I’m tempted to quit everything and become famous and sing and dance all the time. Except I am entirely ungifted at both of those things, so then I go back to studying 😛 This weekend: shopping, brunch, homework. Have a fabulous Monday, Alison!

  3. I can’t believe your prof pointed you out like that!!! I had a similar experience, but with a smaller class and no laser pointer. My prof stopped in the middle of his lecture, looked at me, and said “Are you feeling okay? You’re looking really pale” 😆 Further proof that I’m in desperate need of sun. And YES to Grease Live! SO many feels.

  4. Nothing like that happened to me….yet!!
    I watched Grease live last night but I haven’t seen the original movie so I had nothing to compare it to. Three weekend things: attended a book club meeting at Half Priced Books, got $1 off Jamba Juice and watched If/Then with my family! Have an awesome week Allison!

  5. Lol at your professor! I can understand why you looked confused though, exercise philology is some pretty hard stuff, so glad I’m finished with that class! And yes to that catch up on soft serve, it’s too good to stray away 😀

  6. Lol that is a funny story. Three things I did this weekend are babysit, get dinner with my parents, and go to my school’s dance! Hope you have a great start to your week 🙂

  7. omg. I bet your professor was just racist. Our RAF (Resting Asian Face) lol!! That happened to me many times, or the odd occasion I’d be replaying a story in my head and get called out.

    I can’t believe you have a soft serve machine. You need a DIY topping bar.

  8. omg that is hilarious :”D hahaa. nothing like that has happened to me, but last year, i was at the grocery store in the check out line, and the guy in front of me was like, “hey, you’re in my math class”! took me a second to realize he was my professor. it was only the 2nd week of class!

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