Five Minute Friday #1: Managing Stress

Do you ever feel think, “Wow. I feel so inadequate for this right now.”?

*raises hand*

We just finished the second week of this semester, and it’s KICKING MY BUTT. I feel like we’ve been in school for two months already. But God is good and challenge is good.


I also made a vlog for you guys today! You can decide whether that’s good or bad news. I’m thinking of doing regular Friday vlogs because it’s quick and fun way for me to catch up/talk with y’all at the end of the week. I’m calling it “Five Minute Friday’s” with the goal of keeping my yapping to a minimum.

This week’s debut is about how I’ve been managing stress (see Monday’s post…and the intro to this post). So without further ado, please enjoy the less-than-flattering angle of my face!

link to the video if isn’t working here!

I talked about apple crisp a la mode, so here it is in it’s glory:


Lunch dessert seems 100% necessary sometimes.

Breakfast is definitely 100% necessary. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my post on Wednesday about how my omelette order got swapped with another girl’s order, and I could have solved the problem had I not doused my eggs in sriracha so quickly (the other girl does not like sriracha, so the possibility of swapping vanished).


One last good thing to close this frenzied Friday post: I worked out outside yesterday! It’s been pretty warm this week, despite the fact that there’s still some snow on the ground.



Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! Eat some lunch dessert.

So tell me:

Is anything stressing you out currently?

What are your favorite ways to manage stress?

Yay or nay to lunch dessert? 


19 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday #1: Managing Stress

  1. Twist my arm behind my back to have dessert for lunch! 👊🏼 Lunch dessert for the win! 🏆 Love the Friday vlog idea…hope it doesn’t end up being too much trouble, because it was so nice to hear your lovely voice and have like a faux in-person chat. ❤️

  2. Hmmm…things stressing me out. Right now I feel chill because I’m finally home from work and eating lunch, but my job was giving me some stress today. I’m also in between thinking about going back to school or not and that is on my mind, but that’s something fun to think about so I’ll keep it that way.
    I’ll take dessert for lunch if I’m still hungry!

  3. I really hope these vlogs become a regular bc 1. I love you and you are so soothing?! Lol for real 2. This was incredibly relevant and helpful:)
    Have a great weekend girl and keep doing things for you including lunch desserts and naps😘

  4. I love the way your posts’ read, so quick & funny & real!(:
    Kind of a nay for lunch dessert, I have my breakfast dessert most days. But wait, never say no to dessert, at least not the sriracha kind!

    My own health issues are currently stressing me out, & I like to work out to manage stress, or read my bible/pray. But of course, because of my health problem working out is prob not the best idea right now…urgh.

    But I’m reminded, God has me, even in my worst days. On a good note, my internship interview went v well this morning praise God! (:

  5. Lunch dessert always ❤️ Sometimes it’s a healthier sweet treat, but yes. Right now, I’m not overly stressed, but my weeks are kind of front-loaded in terms of stress, so that’ll come back. 😉 I’m also better at studying alone usually. When I’m working on homework that requires help (we do a lot of group homework for econ), friends are good, but otherwise I need to read alone. To-do lists are awesome. It sounds like you’re managing everything really well! Love the “smile” tip – so simple and so important. Have a wonderful weekend, Alison!

  6. Yes for a video every Friday!!! I love your vlogs and your face. Such a good tip about doing things for others (even when really busy/stressed). It always makes me feel better too, but it’s easy to let slip in priorities. Have a good weekend girly

  7. I have a big test next week that is on the back of my mind: definitely will be hitting the books this weekend and next week but something I do when I’m stressed is just remind myself that it will all get done and worrying won’t solve the problem! And yes for a video every Friday, would love to see your face and watch your vlogs! Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

  8. I totally feel the stress! My history teacher is soo unclear about what his expectations are so I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. And I am 100% on dessert every day 😉

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