Beginnings Are Stressful

Winter decided to show up this weekend.


And it ain’t too bad so far! Now that I’ve said that, mother nature will probably release her wrath in another snowpocalypse soon. But ugly nights can turn into the most beautiful days (#wisdom).


Four days of classes down, how many to go? Not that I’m counting, because I’m actually really diggin’ my courses this semester. However, I must admit that the start of the semester has brought about some stress already.


not stressed about that large hunk o’ cornbread though ♥︎ 

Whenever I begin a new semester/activity/phase of life, I become extremely focused on the tasks at hand so that I stay on top of my stuff. That’s what people are supposed to do, right? I guess so, but when I become extremely focused, it becomes extremely hard for me to let go.


A million things are always on my mind, and I {irrationally and subconsciously} fear that if I don’t have those million things on my mind at all times, I won’t get them done. Simply put, I worry. I end up doing what I need to do, but not without feeling a lot of stress and self-imposed pressure before/during.


side note: this wrap was fantastic (tuna, lettuce, roasted vegetables, artichokes, pepper jack cheese, and honey mustard)

To be 100% honest, for a few days, my stress-mess also included invasive, slightly obsessive thoughts about working out. I did get some workouts in that felt good to me when I had time, which actually helped relieve some stress, but I never worked out for the sole reason of feeling anxious about it. Nevertheless, I was definitely thinking a lot about exercise for the first half of the week. Thankfully, the fixation is fading.

Rachel made a good point that when I’m stressed, I seek control, and thinking about workouts all the time was probably one way for me to cope (in addition to onto the school/social/work/faith-related thoughts in my head).


more cornbread is never a bad thing

All this said, I am grateful that God has put me through very similar situations in the past. Thus, I feel fairly equipped to deal with times like these. Some pep talks that help me:

  • It’s okay that you feel anxious.
  • Worrying is not going to get it done.
  • You already wrote it down in your planner. You will see it and get it done.
  • One step at a time.
  • You’re living right NOW. You can only do what you’re doing right NOW.
  • Rest in God.
  • This too shall pass.
  • Look outside of yourself.

I’m fairly confident that this just a case of  beginning-something-anxiety* and it will pass once we get the semester rollin’. I almost feel as if I need to get out of the “habit” of feeling stressed, if that makes sense.

*Not a technical term. May or may not have scientific basis.

A good dose of friend time is some powerful medicine too, lemme tell ya.



Our team won, just saying.

Yesterday was national peanut butter day, so naturally, I brought peanut butter to the Catholic Center pancake breakfast and slathered that stuff on my johnnycakes (← does anyone actually call them that?).


Rachel yelled at me for bringing my own pb and banana. I’m obnoxious, I get it.

I hope you all have a fantastic, stress-free Monday!

So tell me:

Do you feel anxious/stressed when you begin new things?

What are some of your favorite self-pep talks when you’re stressed?

Did you celebrate national peanut butter day?

What did you do this weekend? 


22 thoughts on “Beginnings Are Stressful

  1. I can totally relate to the anxiety of beginnings. Basically I feel like I have to feel stressed all the time and it takes me some time at the beginning of every quarter to get out of that mindset. It happens, though! I have to remind myself that starting is the hardest part. That’s true of big things (like school terms) and littler things (like individual assignments).
    And national peanut butter day? Oh, you better believe I celebrated with lots of peanut butter on apples… and stuffed into a batch banana muffins, most of which I demolished this weekend 😋

  2. I think I get more excited for new things…and anxious later haha. One of the things (it’s a song actually) that I repeat in my mind is “it is well” somehow I am calmed down by that significantly. I celebrated national PB day how I usually do, PB at at least two meals hahaha
    Have a great week!

  3. My gosh I couldn’t have written a more accurate description of my mind right now if I tried. I completely 20000% relate to everything!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m praying that as the ball gets rolling and we get into our “groove”;) these thoughts will lessen and we will be like “hey this is no biggie”
    All those pep talks are definately getting written down:)
    For me “change your environment, change a thought” works. Even if it’s just to get out of my room and spend time in a new space in the house my thoughts are diverted for the moment. Making lists help to bc logistically speaking if it’s on the list it shouldn’t be on my
    But girl this is such a struggle for me!
    Praying for you and for peace of mind 🙂 love you

  4. I totally can relate to always feeling stressed with school and what ever life is throwing at me. But like you said, it’s important to prioritize and make a list to get it all done. I also notice I bloat sooo much more when I’m stressed! By the way that wrap looks to die for and I’m jelly.

  5. I do feel anxious/stressed when I begin new things; especially new classes and a new semester. I try and tell myself that my mental health comes first: I need my me time and my relaxation time for my sanity and the school work can be put on the back burner for an hour.
    I did celebrate national pb day. Had two big globs of skippy natural on my oatmeal 🙂 With some banana of course! Hope you have a great rest of the week! xoxo ❤

  6. Completely agree on the anxiousness of a new semester. I’m taking a lighter load (only 13 hours?!?) but I still feel stressed. 😦 When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I like to remind myself that what I’m feeling, like most things in life, is only temporary. Have a great week, Allison! Hope you’re feeling less stressed out ❤

  7. Beginnings are definitely stressful and I think a lot of people want control – it seems like the amount we feel in control of our lives is the amount of confidence we have too. I know that is how it feels for me at times. I love those reminders you keep telling yourself, especially about being in the now. Such good nuggets of wisdom. Thinking of you lady!! ❤

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