A Look Into My Interesting First Week of Second Semester


Thinking out loud today with my fave!

1) We’re almost done with our first {short} week of classes, and I’m pretty pumped up!



It’s been exciting to reunite with friends, and my classes are equally as exciting. I’m taking intro to nutrition, behavioral biology of women, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and modern dance (again!). Geeking out!

2) There have been some less exciting things happening this week as well though. I (and a lot of my friends) came down with a cold, and I strained the back of knee somehow after my extra long day of physical activity on Sunday. The latter gave me a limp for a few days, but I think it’s on the mend… Except now there’s a huge knot in my mid back that kinda hurts when I breathe.



^^^I’m really okay though.

3) Rachel and I got right back to work on our food bucket list on Monday. We chose Anna’s Taqueria for some burritos!


My burrito: rice, chicken, grilled vegetables, lettuce, salsa, cheese and guacamole lovingly hugged together by a warm, whole wheat tortilla.


Rachel and I agreed that these weren’t the most flavorful burritos we had ever eaten, but we were hungry and cold, so these totally hit the spot!

4) Although I miss cooking my own meals, I certainly cannot complain about the food here at Boston University.


lighter breakfast of whole wheat toast with almond butter and banana, blueberries, and a hb egg


part of a sick day lunch: tomato kale florentine soup + cornbread


free pasta supper at the Catholic Center!


salad + pork and rice with mango salsa


plain yogurt with granola and banana

5) I ate three bananas yesterday.



6) Speaking of food and classes… For my nutrition class, I will have to record a whole day of my typical eats for a project. This includes breaking down the calories, macronutrients, and micronutrients, and then we will analyze what we should add/subtract from our diets.


I’m not really nervous about the project, but I’m definitely thankful that I’m taking this class now rather than earlier, when I may not have been as secure in my eating habits. Nevertheless, I will take all analyses with a grain of salt!

7) Scenario #1 from yesterday:

Girl at the gym: *points to the small bottle hanging off my backpack* “Is that antibacterial hand  stuff?”

Me: *embarrassed* “…Uhh no it’s hot sauce.”

Girl: “It IS Sriracha! I thought so. I was going to be so disappointed if it wasn’t.”

People get me sometimes.

8) Scenario #2 from yesterday:

*I’m walking down the street bundled up in the frigid cold while listening to music.*

*A middle-aged, white-haired man wearing a Big Bird costume (carrying the head part) walks past me. He looks frazzled and seems to be asking another student for directions. It all just looks like part of a montage as I listen to my music.*

*My jaw drops slightly.*



Pretty sure this was my exact reaction.

9) To end on a meaningful note… There’s an ongoing service project that a few of my dear friends help organize every week called Back Bay Mobile Soup Kitchen. The participants make sandwiches and bring snacks, socks, blankets, gloves, and other clothing items around downtown Boston by foot to people who are homeless. I walked with them for the first time this past Sunday, and it was a humbling, upsetting, joyful, and inspiring experience all at once.

If you live near a fairly large city and are looking for a way to reach out personally, I think this is a simple yet effective service project. (Strength in numbers! Make sure to bring friends, both male and female.)

10) Hope you all have a marvelous day! Dance like Brad Pitt a little.

So tell me:

What were/are some of your favorite college/high school courses?

Has anything surreal happened to you recently (like my Big Bird encounter)?

What do you like in your burritos?

Do you have a favorite service project?


26 thoughts on “A Look Into My Interesting First Week of Second Semester

  1. You mean you don’t have guys in costumes walking around your city on a regular basis? Huh. Must be a Canadian thing 😉 And I remember having to do a food journal like that when I was in college as well… which was crazy simple because that’s something I was doing on the regular back then anyways 😕 It’s good to be in a place now where that’s no longer an issue, and I think you’ll rock the socks off it without a problem 😀

  2. There’s this guy who walks around my city in an odd assortment of clothes and mumbles or sings to himself. His story is that he went on a really high acid trip and never came back. It’s kind of sad but he always makes my jaw drop.
    I love guacamole and black beans in my burritos. Everything else is good too, but I love those ingredients.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Your classes sound so interesting and your school food looks seriously delicious! Let’s just say there’s a reason I wanted a kitchen this year 😛 Glad your semester is off to a good start!

  4. These pics are killing me today😝😂
    Hate any classes that require writing papers 🙈😉
    And that service project sounds incredibly fulfilling. It brings me back to my Girl Scout days when we would do stuff like that all the time. It’s rewarding and makes a big impact and I really must make time for things like that. More important that classes or school work if you ask me
    Hapy tgiaf girl!!
    Ps that hunka cornbread looks mighty tasty 😉

  5. That mobile soup kitchen sounds like such a wonderful project to be involved in. As I don’t currently live in a huge city but rather a small town we don’t have any homeless people on the streets. When I see them while in Hamburg, though, I always wish I had a blanket and food for every single one of them. Previous volunteer jobs of mine were at a local food bank, recently in a “clothes bank” at a camp for refugees and teaching German to asylum seeker’s children. It isn’t much but at least I’m hoping it helps at least a little.

  6. Bananas are the best and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with eating three in a day 🙂 my favorite class this semester is abnormal psychology! And I love rice, corn, beans, and salsa in my burritos. So yummy!

  7. I love that you and your friend have a food bucket list…I would so do that if I lived in San Fran…maybe I should anyways. So weird about the Big Bird encounter!! Hopefully he was going to a kid’s birthday party or something or that’s just cray

      • Glad to see you’re enjoying school! Your deliciously colourful IG photos are so inspiring.

        Sometimes taking a nutrition class after going through some body image challenges can be intimidating. I felt the exact same way when I took nutrition 101 in college. I love your attitude about taking everything with a grain of salt; and I’d like to add – focus on the positive and listen to your body. You look amazing, you’re a beautiful athlete, and on the whole you are a very healthy person. 🙂 Good luck with all these health-geeky classes!

        On the SF Note – no matter what anyone says, EL BUEN SABOR has the BEST Mission Burritos hands down. Papalote is only really known for their sauce. The burrito is meh compared to el beun sabor (18th and valencia.)

  8. Just found your blog from a comment you posted on lordstilllovesme(:
    I too love bananas, and GIRL…that Sriracha story made me laugh!! Seriously I do not laugh out loud very often, but that was just gold!! Someone knows where their food priorities are, #goals haha 😀

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