15 Signs That I’m Back in Boston

15 Signs That I’m Back in Boston

1) I eat overnight oats the morning I travel to Boston.


2) “Baeeeee!” – my roommate

3) Dining hall food and cottage cheese bowls (and judgement for eating cottage cheese).

IMG_9898 IMG_9899

4) Absurd amounts of walking.


I’m shocked that I walked that much yesterday. But at the same time, I’m not.

5) Being the first one in the suite to wake up because I’m hungry. And just being a bottomless pit in general (most likely due to said walking).


Thank God for pancake mix. (And thank you to my good pal who mailed this to me! You know who you are 🙂 )

may or may not have snagged a little bit of someone’s butter from the communal kitchen fridge


may or may not have been disappointed that I didn’t have peanut butter in my dorm at the moment

6) Cold wind that chills my soul.

7) Taking the T (and getting off at wrong stops because I don’t pay attention).


display of my short stature

8) Going to Mass and lunch with friends on Sunday.

9) Getting salad in my teeth and only realizing it after I leave the ten friends with whom I was just talking/smiling/laughing. (Be better friends!!!)

10) Girl talk in the dorms until we’re all ready to fall asleep. And choosing girl talk over typing up this blog post at night.

11) Always having to stop at the water fountain to fill up my water bottle and Rachel always being “shocked.”

12) This view.


13) Lots of big hugs.

14) Scheduling meetings and gradually expanding my to-do list.

15) Dorm oats.


with almond butter (ch-ch-chaaaaanges…[RIP Bowie])

To all my fellow Americans, Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! What a man to celebrate, yes? I’ve said this before, but the tour guide in me feels compelled to say it again: He’s a BU alum! 



Hope you all have a blessed day wherever you are and whatever you’re doing ♥︎

So tell me: 

If you’re in college, what are some signs that you’re back?

If you’re not in college, what are some signs that you’re back to the work week?

Butter or nut butter on your pancakes? Preferably nut butter, but some classic butter can be spectacular.

What are you doing today? Meeting with a friend to work on a Catholic Center presentation, eating lunch with Rachel, going to the gym perhaps, and just soaking up this last day of break!


16 thoughts on “15 Signs That I’m Back in Boston

  1. I love peanut butter so much but sometime real butter is just what’s needed!!!
    I’m having a lazy day today 🙂
    Hope you’re all settled and staying warm up there!!
    Ps totally judging you for that cottage cheese 😂😝😖lol jk!!!!! Love you gal

  2. Some signs that I’m back is that first shower with shoes, staying up till 2 am talking to friends, and coming back with a huge stash of protein bars and pb since I wouldn’t survive school without them!

  3. YOU didn’t have peanut butter on hand?! I’m… shocked 😯 But sometimes it’s good to run out of your staples because it makes you try other equally as delicious things that you forgot you loved. I’m pretty flexible with what goes on my pancakes, but one thing is a MUST — maple syrup 😉

  4. My work week usually does not have a start, so I try to keep the same schedule. I realized I love brunch rather than breakfast, so that is a daily thing now. The best part about being out of school and adulting is that you can live any way you want.
    I’m a peanut butter person all the way, but sometimes I love a good slab of butter on a toasted muffin. Blueberry is the best for that 😊

  5. Love it. Especially the girl talks til you fall asleep – one of the things I miss most about living with a bunch of friends! Getting back to the work week is always the hardest after a long weekend…like today.

  6. I didn’t realize that the cottage cheese bowls were odd, until I did that in a dining hall. ;-D And you WALK so much! :)) Keep fueling it up. 🙂 Definitely nut butter on my pancakes, but sometimes I combine both of them. I didn’t realize how much walking can make you hungry until we did a BUNCH of walking in London one year. YIKES. O_O Walking is a WORKOUT.

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