Spontaneity Can Lead to the Best Experiences

I’m not that adventurous.

If I say yes to doing something a little offbeat or spontaneous, it’s because I’m really going against my natural tendency. That natural tendency is to stick to plans or do productive things at home. Even in college, I can be a total homebody.


my go-to excuse

However, during my last couple of days at home, I’ve agreed (sometimes reluctantly) to a few spontaneous ventures that I 100% loved.

It all started on Thursday morning with a spontaneous breakfast that I had never tried before: Julie’s egg white oatmeal protein pancake.


I had been familiar with how much Julie loves this recipe for a long time, but I was always skeptical of it because the ingredients are egg whites, oats, stevia, and cinnamon. No blending involved. Hm.

Nevertheless, I branched out and made the monstrous pancake. First of all, just flipping the thing took 3 minutes. Secondly, I wasn’t very impressed at first bite, because it tasted like sweet egg whites… But the more I ate it, the more I enjoyed it. The peanut butter and banana helped, I’m sure.

Spontaneous breakfast — thumbs up!

My workout on Thursday was also spontaneous. I was kinda sore and really full for a long time from the mass of egg whites sitting in my stomach, so I bundled up, walked outside (per Amanda’s suggestion!) and headed towards the playground. When I got there I ended up doing a fun circuit workout using the bench!


Spontaneous workout — thumbs up!

Lunch wasn’t spontaneous, but it was at a weird time of day (like, 4pm?) since I slept in and ate breakfast really late that day.


flatout wrap with avocado, greens, honey mustard chicken, and artichokes (!!!)

I attended modern dance class at my old dance school on Thursday night, which was so fun. My good friend Susie (who was in dance company with me in high school) also attended the class asked if I wanted to join her for dinner afterwards.

My thought process: “I could go home and do some things on my to-do list. But that would be stupid and boring because COME ON, of course I want to catch up with Susie!!”

So we ate and chatted, and it was absolutely wonderful.


We also ordered the same grilled vegetable sandwich, which was delicious.


Spontaneous dinner date — thumbs up!

Yesterday brought about a few more spontaneous events. One was a lovely lunch date and walk with Madre! She wanted to take me to a cute patisserie in Greenwich, CT (where I spotted Food Network superstar Geoffrey Zakarian, who ignored me) called Aux Delices.

IMG_9870 IMG_9871

It’s a pricey little place (classic Greenwich), but the food was well worth it.


salmon salad, golden beets, wheat berry salad, and Italian tuna salad (#FishFriday)

Then we walked/jammed out/danced/snacked together.


Spontaneous mother-daughter date — thumbs up!

I think the real kicker is this one. Our neighbors had two tickets to see Blind Boys of Alabama last night, but they offered the tickets to us since something came up and they couldn’t attend. I was about to say, “Aw thank you, but we have plans for dinner tonight.” But Madre quickly answered, “Oh! Thank you! Alison, you can go with Dad!”


So we all ate a nice dinner at home together, and then Pop and I went to see this group that I had never heard of before.


last sunny side eggs on avocado/cheese toast for a while! (drizzled with sriracha post-pic)

If you haven’t heard of Blind Boys of Alabama (like I hadn’t before last night), they’re a group of men who met at the Institute for the Negro Blind in the late 1930s, where they first started singing together. They toured when Jim Crow laws were still in place, and they even performed for Martin Luther King Jr. benefits (how appropriate for this weekend in America!). HOW COOL!?


I’d describe their style as bluesy gospel with a big dose of soul and a sprinkle of funk. They’re incredibly talented people!


Verdict? Well, I was smiling and dancing in my seat the whole time if that says anything. I might have been the youngest one in the audience, but I was clapping and bopping my head just like the rest of ’em.


Overall, I adored their music and their fun-loving, soulful character. Check out their grooviness.

Spontaneous concert — thumbs up!

Pop and I finished off the evening with classic yogurt bowls back at home.


No-bake treat sampler on the side, compliments of Arman!


Throwback to last year when Pop and I ate dessert together…


Why did we decide on Greek yogurt over ice cream this year??? Beats me.

I’m going back to Boston today! Sad to be leaving home and blogging more than once a week, but stoked to be seeing friends and diving into the semester (← also nervous about the latter).

Happy Saturday!

So tell me:

Do you like spontaneity?

What was the last spontaneous thing you did and loved?

What was the last concert you attended?


17 thoughts on “Spontaneity Can Lead to the Best Experiences

  1. I am not very spontaneous in my life but often do things on impulse. The last spontaneous thing I did that sticks out was getting my nose piercing. I literally thought about it that morning and had an hour to kill before work, so I walked next door (my neighbor is a half tattoo shop half espresso bar) and got it done. No regrets on that one. My life is pretty structured and constrained both by time and financial means, so being spontaneous is something I have to work at. I don’t think my dad has ever eaten yogurt lol. However, he and I share a love of peanut butter so it’s all good.

  2. I became much more spontaneous when I moved to a new city! It led to some hilarious moments (like when I went to a singles volleyball night, not knowing it was a 50+ singles group hahaha) but being spontaneous has led to so many great memories and opportunities!

  3. I’ve never attended a concert, and I’m terrible at spontaneity, though it’s fun when the spontaneous people in my life drag me into something! 😉 I don’t remember the last spontaneous thing I did, but I have the best memories of on-the-fly decisions to go out to eat as a family, popping in to do some random shopping and taking life as it comes with some of my favorite people!

  4. I love being spontaneous! sometimes it’s not the easiest thing for me but I love going out and going with the flow-it’s such a freeing feeling! Last spontaeous thing I did was eat cinnamon sticks at 1:30 am with my friends last night- definitely super fun and yummy!

  5. Yahoooooo for you!!! Spontaneity is def not my middle name but this is a grest reminder! I actually think I’m going to get some bagels for lunch with mi padre #livinontheedge;)
    Have a great and safe trip back up! Love you lady!

  6. All of this makes me smile SO much, because I think I’m learning that same lesson. I’m a HUGE homebody, so thank you for this challenge to be spontaneous. I like spontaneity sometimes, and sometimes I just want to lay on the couch and do nothing. Is that terrible? 😉 I LOVE YOU Alison. You are such a blessing!

  7. I’m definitely a person that avoids as many social outings as possible – I have a schedule that I like to stick to, as well as a to-do-list I have to complete! However, I’m learning to be more spontaneous by encouraging myself to say “yes” to everything (or rather, most things). Saying “no” only brings regret later on!

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