Sharing Food and Sharing Life in NYC

I am wearing fuchsia yoga pants right now and I feel fabulous.


trying not to pull my tight hamstrings

I decided to attend ballet class at my old dance school tonight last night, but I don’t think I fit into any of my leotards and tights anymore. Ergo, these bright and fun capris! I never wear this color, but I’m a fan.

(Thanks for buying them for me, Madre ♥︎)

These past couple of days I have been meeting up with a few friends to share food and share life. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in college, it’s how to be a better listener and sharer. Last year, I developed a deeper and much more sincere interest in other people’s lives (especially people I don’t know that well).

I’ve also come to believe more that my own life experiences are worth sharing in conversation. I mean, I share my life to the whole world on this blog, but no one has to read it if he or she doesn’t want to. In real time conversation, however, I used to be afraid to talk about my life because I didn’t think it was interesting or that the other person wouldn’t care. Sometimes that’s true, but you never know which little stories could turn into great conversations.  It sparks human connection. I’ve said it before: Your story matters and it’s beautiful!


Anyway, let’s talk about Monday. It started off with breakfast, an 8 minute ab workout, and a train ride to Grand Central.


whipped banana oatmeal: 1/2 c. oats, half banana, milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, chia seeds, an egg, and peanut butter

I was on my way to see my girl Colby, who was one of my cabin-mates at Blend Retreat last year! We met up at Grand Central before walking to The Picnic Basket for some bomb-dig sandwiches.

IMG_9803 IMG_9801

French Goat Cheese – chicken, sundried tomato pesto, grilled zucchini, figs, tomatoes and fresh greens on multigrain

This thing was massive and so tasty. I ate one half and saved the other half for later (ended up being Pop’s dinner on the train ride home!). Then it was time for the 50+ block walk to get the beloved…


Lloyd’s carrot cake! Remember when Ben and I detoured to get this over Thanksgiving break? Colby saw my snapchat at the time and told me she wanted in on it.


I wasn’t mad about it.


does she love me or the carrot cake?

We housed our hefty slices of carrot cake WITH raisins and walnuts (major key) while our fingers froze off. FUNNY STORY: When we were walking back, we stopped at a Barnes and Noble to use the restroom, and my fingers were so cold that I couldn’t re-button my jeans. I am telling you, I could. not. do it. My fingers were deprived of the energy to do any sort of fine motor movements. Luckily, I was wearing a big ol’ belt, so I just buckled that over the button and called it a solution.

Moving on.

We walked only 20-ish blocks back before we decided to take the subway to Grand Central where Colby and I parted ways. It was such a privilege to spend the day with this girl! She is so genuine and kind, and I admire her balanced outlook on food and fitness.


From there, I had two hours to kill before dinner with my lovely friend, Christine. After half an hour of catching up with some things on my phone, I explored Grand Central.


casual squash tournament of champions going down


Grand Central Apple Store


Grand Central Market

You literally have everything you need there.

My phone was running low on battery, so I walked to a Duane Reade pharmacy and stood awkwardly behind a wall of paper towels and nail polish to charge my phone at an outlet. Then it was time for dinner at Lan Larb with Christine!

IMG_9837 IMG_9836

spicy basil pork with rice

I thought I was still full from carrot cake until I finished this whole thing. I guess that’s what walking over 23,000 steps does to ya!


p.s. I never check this app, but I was interested on Monday since we walked so much!

It was so fun catching up with Christine and having some great girl talk. She is such a sweetheart (with substantial sass!).


I need lessons from Christine on how to pose in photos

Bonus: Yesterday I met up with an old friend from high school for lunch! She was kind enough to reach out to me so we could catch up.


tuna cucumber and eel avocado roll (my faves!)

And that, my friends, is how to share food and share life. 

Just kidding, do it however you like. This was all a grand time though. I am so grateful for good people and nourishment.

So tell me:

Are you an open book, closed book, or somewhere in between when it comes to sharing life stories in conversation? I’m still somewhere in between, but I’m more of an open book than before! Also depends on the person/context obviously. Fun fact: I used to be more introverted, but according to my most recent Myers-Briggs test, I’m an extravert!

Have your fingers ever been SO cold that you literally couldn’t move them?

What is the best thing you ate Monday/yesterday? The carrot cake for me. Duh.

The brightest color of clothing you own!


20 thoughts on “Sharing Food and Sharing Life in NYC

  1. What an amazing time! Now I want that carrot cake (or any carrot cake. Hmmm.) LOVE your capris. I’m a pretty open book when it comes to conversation, but I find that a lot of people come to share their problems with me and get advice/an ear rather than to share mutually. As long as I have people to listen sometimes, though, I’m good. 🙂

  2. Well, I am from Russia and story with buttons is common situation there 😀 But Alison, THIS carrot cake! I want it so bad. It is one of my favorite dessert all the time, but in Saint Petersburg finding a good one, perfect carrot cake, takes a lot of work. I still searching:D

  3. Mmmmmm carrot cake. That is all😍

    In definately in between! With people I naturally feel more comfy around and don’t feel judged, I’m an open book and usually end up talking yer ear off! Others, eh not so much!

    Frozen fingers. My life. #icarryhandwarmerseverywhere

    And I own a pair of aqua colored sweats that I know are way too …much ?! Lol but they are literally the warmest things ever! So o well😝

    Have a great one girl! Stay warm

  4. The brightest thing I own is probably a bright orange t-shirt my aunt gave me recently. I tend to like cool colors, but I should expand my workout outfits to include some bright, happy colors. The best thing I ate yesterday was some warm garlic naan from TJ’s!! 😋 My brother adores naan, and I’d only had it once, so he twisted my arm behind my back to buy some (😜) and it was to. die. for. And yes, my fingers were so cold and numb once after a rather foolish decision to participate in a snowball fight with my bare hands (it was impromptu and there were no gloves or mittens around) that it felt like every bone in my hands was breaking and I was nearly in tears as my hands came back to temperature. But it was pretty much worth it. 😄 We still talk about how much fun that snowball fight was.

    Aaaa!! I have to say something about this, because I am OBSESSED with Myers-Briggs! Do you mind telling what your letters are? I am an ISFJ, and literally love discussing personalities and the differences in how we all see situations differently…I could (and have) spent hours talking about it to my family! I kind of was the oppisite as you; I used to be more extroverted, and now I’m more of an introvert. I tend to be slow to warm up and share with other people who aren’t my closest friends/family, though I am working on not being afraid to open up when the time is right. As for being an open book, I don’t really need to say anything to those who know me well, as they tell me I wear my heart on my sleeve/face. 😆

  5. WOAH man that is a lot of steps!!! 🙂 It looks like you have had a wonderful time with friends Alison. I love your easy going nature. I’m kind of an ‘in between’ book. I used to be a really open book, but I think I’ve changed over the years. I have had to struggle through really keeping my eyes on Christ especially when friends move on, but God has been working on me in immense ways in that area. ❤ That carrot cake looks REALLY good! 🙂

  6. I’m definitely more on the closed book side. I really have a difficult time sharing with other people even with the people I consider myself close to. It’s something I’m trying to work on right now, allowing myself to be more vulnerable.

    On Monday, I made this amazing tempeh and snap pea curry. I had it with a Trader Joe’s uttapam. ALL THE YES. And I know all too well that no-button-closing finger coldness. I can’t wait for spring to come!!!

  7. I’m such an introvert, and I can’t tell if that’s a good thing or not! I’m not much of a talker, either, so I’m definitely more of a closed book. (I’m a decent listener, though!) 🙂
    PS: the sandwich looks divine.

  8. I currently am giving you the stink eye. I can’t believe when I asked for NYC accommodation suggestions, you never suggested Grand Central- I could have lived down there! I think we are similar in many regards…not just because we had fat baby hands! 🙂 Gonna try buzzing ya later!

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