I just walked outside to check the mail in shorts and a t-shirt.


I mean, I was chilly, but I was okay. Don’t get me wrong— I very much appreciate this warmer weather, because only God knows what the rest of winter has in store for Boston…

Speaking of Boston, I’ll be back there in less than a week! I was complaining to everyone that winter break is too long (I’ll miss my friends, wahh wahh, #firstworldproblems), but this one has gone by in a flash. I’m not even sick of my family yet! 😉

I feel like I have a lot to tell you, but I am completely stumped on how to make it all cohesive, so I think this is a great time to do a “Currently” post! Julia and Hayley recently shared theirs for this month, and Amanda always does them. I like this bandwagon, so I’m hoppin’ on it!

Current book: Story of a Soul by St. Therese of Lisieux. Rachel and I are reading it together over winter break, but I feel like we’re not going to finish it by the time we get back to school. Or maybe that’s just me.



It’s St. Therese’s autobiography, and it is one of the sweetest, most inspiring stories ever. My opinion may or may not be influenced by the fact that she’s my patron saint. But still! It’s beautiful.

Current music: I’m loving a lot of songs right now, but I just listened to this one. So sick.

Love the song. Do not condone smoking.

Current guilty pleasure: Froyo and pizza. Except that I am not guilty whatsoever. I ate froyo with Daliza and Michael on Friday night, and I ate pizza with some more high school friends when I hosted them on Saturday night.

IMG_9774 IMG_9775


Um, I really like pizza. It had been tooooooo long.

Current nail color: Some metallic rose color that is chipped and fab. You don’t want to see it.

Current drink: Honestly, this will probably always be water or milk, unless we decide that melted peanut butter counts.

Current food: Opened-face egg sandwiches— one with melted cheese, one with avocado and sriracha, and then let it rain cracked black pepper. Angels sing whenever I pierce open that runny yolk (← that sounds really freaking weird, but I’m keeping it).


Current obsession: Stretching my calves. I have very tight calves, and I blame that on my childhood habit of walking on my toes around the house and possibly figure skating. As a future physical therapist, I figured it would be a good idea to make sure I have that range of motion in my calves for movements like squats. I’ve been doing this stretch:

Also, I’m not super keen on the fact that my heels naturally pop up when I walk. I feel like an eager five-year-old going off to kindergarten.

Current craving: Probably sleep. Me:



Current need: To do my nails (see “current nail color”).

Current bane of my existence: Nothing major, thankfully. The cost of textbooks?… I really need to work once I get back to Boston.

Current indulgence: I am currently sitting in our cushy recliner chair with a fluffy blanket and pillow on my lap. I would get up to get my phone that’s ten feet away to take a photo of the scene, but I’m being indulgent and not moving (see gif under “current craving”).

Current procrastination: Unpacking from college. Oh wait, but I’m going to have to pack for college again on Friday… DARN. (Fellow college students, am I the only one who doesn’t really unpack over breaks?)

Current confession: I’m stuffing all my friend catch-up in these last 1.5 weeks that I’m home. But that’s just concentrated smile-time right?


she has such pearly white teeth

On Friday, Daliza and I went to an old garden that was owned by a wealthy lawyer named Samuel Untermeyer during the 1800s. The garden is obviously not that lush right now in the middle of winter, but it still has a cool, eerie vibe. Totally up Daliza’s alley. Totally some place I would only visit with Daliza.





Later that night, Daliza and I met up with our pal Michael for crepes… until we found froyo at the crepe place. The next night, I hosted a few of my other high school friends for pizza and a huge catch-up session. We talked for a solid 5 hours! Lettin’ those good times roll.


I kept bringing down snacks throughout the night, just like mama taught me. You will never go hungry in the moves and grooves household.

Current quote: I’m really feelin’ this.



Current excitement: I am meeting up with two friends today! First is Colby, who was one of my cabin-mates at Blend last year (her Instagram is filled with pancakes and motivation). Second is Christine, who graduated from BU last year (she also has a blog!).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Colby is right next to me!

Processed with Moldiv

Christine, my fellow banana (yellow on the outside, white on the inside)

Current mood: Blessed/content/humbled. I am incredibly grateful for the good people in my life and for all God’s blessings.

Have a fantastic week, everyone! Eat a couple slices of pizza at some point.

So tell me your current…




…favorite pizza!


30 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. If we are talk about current food, it’s definitely should be dates. I eat them all the time (and snacking right now). It is like little sweet lifesaver for me. Because my exam don’t start until tomorrow and I should be ready and not hungry in the same time 😀

  2. LOVE your friend time and all that fresh black pepper 😀
    …indulgence: Slow-ish mornings. My classes start at 10:30 everyday, so I’ve been getting up, getting in some moves, and enjoying breakfast, tea, and blog time. I know soon I’ll have work I need to do in this time, but for now, I’m relaxing as much as possible.
    …food: Sally’s Baking Addiction Cheesy Sausage Quiche. It’s sooo good and sooo easy. Love.
    …excitement: Ummm. I took my first CorePower yoga class and loved it so much that I’m already excited to go back 😉
    …favorite pizza: I love pizza! Usually, I order a nice cheesy pizz with ham, pepperoni, onions, and peppers, but there’s one place back home that makes a killer meatball pizza. Sounds weird, tastes wonderful!

  3. Get me to the moves and grooves house😝🙋🏼💃🏻🍕
    Currently lying on my bed with a blanket and my charger is dying but not moving so yea there’s that 😉👍🏼👍🏼
    And only because you told me to, I will get on that pizza mission ASAP!
    Have a great Monday my sweet pal

  4. Bringing snacks throughout the night, yep I do that too whenever I am hosting! And yes I totally believe I got that from my mother! She is the reason I always feel the need to feed people! Well, at least now I feed them tasty heathy snacks… Most of the time 😛

  5. Current…
    Indulgence: Spending a little extra time in the warm/hot shower, just because I love it.
    Food: All sorts of breakfast bakes and breakfast cookies with banana…I’ve just been craving it! Most recent food was a yummy dinner of zoodles with a veggie Alfredo sauce.
    Excitement: Ooh, I could answer this several ways. But the most significant current excitement is seeing my extended family again in February/March!
    Piiizzzzaaa!!!! 🍕💞 WAY too many answers to this question! My current favorite is probably Papa John’s Tuscan 6-cheese with white sauce. <- talk about to-die-for comfort food! But any pizza that involves some combo of shrooms, bacon and white sauce (cheese too, of course) will automatically have my heart!

  6. I’m currently dealing with super tight calves and sore tendons as a result of prancing around on my toes too much (I think). I’m going to have to give those stretches a shot because… ugh… painnnn. And that garden looks I love photo walks like that, and I’m thinking that I seriously need to start going on more of them because there are some pretty freaking amazing hidden gems out there that need exploring.

  7. I really enjoy reading about what people are currently enjoying. For me it’s beets and figs!

    I live about 90 minutes south of NYC so i can relate on this weather. It’s been all over the place.

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