Friday Fun(ny) Facts

And then there were three…

We helped move Ben back into his apartment in Boston yesterday since he starts classes on Monday, leaving Pop, Madre and me at home. It’ll be my turn to go back to Boston in 8 days!


not in this weather though…

For this Friday’s post, I’m sharing some random fun/funny facts about this week!

1) I accidentally discovered a way to make my eyelashes look fabulous. First of all, I have super short, straight eyelashes that point forwards and sometimes downwards (#AsianProblems). Mascara helps, but it’s still usually hard to see those little stinkers.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Last week, when I was roasting baby potatoes for our New Year’s Eve dinner, I opened the oven to check on them and hot air/steam blasted my face. It kinda hurt and I felt something weird happen to my eyelashes. I feared they might have burned off or something, but when I checked in the mirror, it looked as if I just used the best eyelash curler in the world. The hot air seemed to have “ironed” my lashes upward (I was also wearing mascara).

Lesson: I need to put on mascara and then nearly burn my face to get nice-looking eyelashes. (Nah.)

2) I attempted to make lava cake for Madre, but it ended up being…cake. With a weird texture.


I think I scrambled the egg in the stovetop portion of the recipe. At least it tastes good (to a chocolate-lover)!

3) I decided to run on Wednesday night, and I kept passing a couple ladies walking their dogs whenever I looped around. One of the ladies said, “You’re fast!” Hahaha that’s new. She was being quite generous because I was going at, like, 10:00 pace. But I still appreciated the encouragement!

4) I ate peanut butter with chopsticks.


Long story short: I needed something to eat, there was nothing else to eat in the car, and there were no spoons around. Thankfully, Madre carries chopsticks in her purse.

5) Ben’s apartment is on the fourth floor of his building. There are no elevators in his building. I’ll leave it at that.

We did fuel very well the night before with a lovely family dinner at a place called Bistro 12IMG_9750

delicious, light, and crispy calamari to start


(HUGE) tasty salmon

Madre, Ben and I fueled very well after the move-in too. Large platters of meat, rice, and veg at our favorite Vietnamese market.


7) I am constantly in awe of the supportive blog community. Seriously, thank you all for being such great people who truly care about the person behind the blog post. ♥︎

Speaking of the blog community, here are a few of my favorite links from this week (and last week)!

A Letter to All Girls: You Are Magnificent, So Don’t Settle via The Peanut Butter Lover

The Smartest Thing You Can Do For Yourself Today via Marc and Angel

Sit Back and RELAX via Emmy’s Yummys

Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Bake via Fit Foodie Finds

Happy Friday, friends. I’m seeing Daliza today!!!

So tell me:

A fun/funny fact from this week.

Do you have a secret to luscious lashes?

What are you doing today?


24 thoughts on “Friday Fun(ny) Facts

  1. I don’t know a secret to great lashes. Sometimes if I sleep on my face I wake up and they are curled upwards. It’s like waking up with great bed head looking like you got a blow out, when all you did was sleep in the correct position. Today I have the day off so I’m gonna do some biking, cleaning and reading. Have a wonderful day!

  2. I love it when exercisers encourage each other. I feel like fitness has this sort of natural air of competition. It’s nice when people recognize that we’re all doing what’s best for us and that’s an achievement in itself. Secret to great lashes? Hmm. I just use mascara and hope for the best, since I’m super blonde. 🙂 Oh, and YES to the supportive blog community. Love it.

  3. I don’t know if it is exactly funny… But I had pretty down/terrible days on Monday and Tuesday and felt the week wasn’t going to get any better. I even texted my bestie because I was legit worried about my mental health. I did make sure to continue to work on positivity and woke up the rest of this week in MUCH better/amazing moods. I’ve been so happy and so productive (except last night – brain gets exhausted on Thursday nights…always).
    I don’t really have any secrets – I was blessed with some pretty amazing lashes. =)
    Today = hair appointment and cleaning/organizing!

  4. #4 = SKILLS! I can’t even use chopsticks to eat normal food, never mind nut butter. BUT! I imagine it might actually be a easier since all you have to do is stick it in the jar and lick it off 😉 Actually, I’d love to learn how to eat with chopsticks, so that might be a goal for this year. And I have pretty decent lashes, but one side is stubborn and refuses to curl, no matter what I throw at it. I’ve never tried fake lashes, but I’ve actually been considering playing around with them to see how they look.

    Happy Friday!!

  5. Lol this was entertaining😜 😝
    One perk of being spainish and Italian =lots of hair=long eye lashes but also a unibrow and sexy forest legs if I don’t keep up 😂🙈
    Have a great weekend my dear pal!

  6. Sorry I can’t offer you any advice on the eyelashes. Nguhh, I’ve got Asian eyelashes too!No matter how much mascara I put on they look the same. I have this strange fear of sticking things at my eye so I haven’t attempted to curl mine yet.

    Highlights of my Friday were
    i) a relaxing hour long massage. Definitely needed that before the start of a new semester.
    ii) a nourishing dinner with my family. My sister and I made an asparagus, mushroom & fontina quiche. Despite a crust that was falling apart, it came out extremely successful!

  7. I had to move into a building with no elevators and on the fifth floor. Pure torture!

    And that’s hilarious (about the eyelashes). It makes sense, though, when you consider that you can buy heated eyelash curlers. Heat must definitely help lol

  8. Oh, this made me giggle so much. My mother often eats peanut butter with chopsticks – not to worry. 🙂 Also, my father used to live on the fiftieth floor when he was younger. Though they did have elevators, the elevators often needed repairing… How he survived, I do not know.

  9. Oh my gosh! You’re so cute. Hahaha, the eye lash curler!! That’s crazy! …and you ate PB with chopsticks?! Hehe, that’s awesome. Also, sorry the cake didn’t turn out like lava cake, but I’m a chocolate lover like you!! So as long as it tasted like chocolate, we’re all good! Amiright?!

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