New Things in the New Year

Greetings from New York! Let’s talk about some new things that I’ve already experienced in this new year! (Has the word “new” lost its meaning yet? If not, it will after you finish reading this post.)

Our last day of 2015 and first day of 2016 was spent with family, friends, and food. Classic. December 31st included sore muscles in new places that have never really been sore before (maybe my subscapularis?. It also included a delicious Vietnamese lunch with my cousins.


grilled chicken and shrimp vermicelli bowl at Saigon Star (one of our faves)

We counted down to the New Year with our other cousin’s family and all their cool kung fu friends. I helped out by cooking some rosemary roasted potatoes and a garden salad, and I got a new compliment from my little cousin: “These are the best potatoes ever!” I might never hear that again. #cherish

Also, check out this beautiful appetizer spread by my aunt!

IMG_9683 IMG_9684 IMG_9685

Do not be deceived. I ate this and much more.


Camping out by the snacks. She’s my mini-me.

Dessert was mochi ice cream and freshly baked {Pillsbury} chocolate chip cookies. Perfection, I say.

IMG_9690 IMG_9692

We learned some new moves and grooves with Just Dance on the wii. My mom filmed Ben and me dancing to “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga. I was doing the dance a lot better in my head.

IMG_9687 IMG_9688 IMG_9689

when around kung fu masters, you do active things always

When it came time to count down the last seconds until 2016, we poured some bubbly and watched the live Times Square ball drop on TV. It was great, except the TV kept freezing up, and of course it froze on the last 5 seconds of the countdown.


“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, fi- NOOOOOOO!”

Nevertheless, 2016 was still there and we all had a fun time celebrating.

IMG_9694 IMG_9703

reppin’ my classiest wardrobe selection

On New Year’s Day, I got up early to try a new fitness class — the ever famous BodyPump! Now let me make this clear: I only tried this early (9:30AM lol) class on New Year’s because a) it was free with a gym trial pass; b) I don’t have BodyPump close to home; c) my cousin Liz came with me.

IMG_9704 IMG_9705

Verdict? I enjoyed it! It could have been more challenging, but that’s because Liz and I stuck with lighter weights since it was our first time. I would do BodyPump (or other Les Mills classes) again, but I don’t know if I would actively seek it out.

Later that day, I watched a new movie. Guess which one.



Star Warzzzzzz! I’ve never seen any other Star Wars movies, but I didn’t find it too difficult to follow the plot, and I actually loved the movie! BB8 (pictured above) is my favorite.

IMG_9710 IMG_9711

Ate a banana from home and a whole small bag of popcorn.

My family and I departed Canada on Saturday, Subway sandwiches in tow. Thankfully, the drive was safe and pretty swift.

IMG_9717 IMG_9718 IMG_9720

road trip snacks!

Before hitting the road, I did this quick leg circuit. After the long trip, I was missing Just Dance with my cousin, so I did a random Shaun T dance DVD in the basement.

Yesterday involved Mass, buying new textbooks for the semester, Korean food, another new movie, errands, and a short workout.


beloved Korean side dishes


chicken bibimbap shared with Madre

After Mass and lunch, Pop and I watched the new film Brooklyn in theaters. We both loved it! It’s pretty much a rom com, but more old-timey (it takes place during the 1940s era of immigration in America).



Highly recommend if you are up for a sweet, feel-good movie that’s not too intense.

And here we are at Monday. Best of luck to all those heading back to school or work!

……..I have two more weeks until I go back to school sorrysorrysorry.

May the force be with you.

So tell me:

What did you do for New Year’s?

Have you done anything new yet in 2016?

Did you watch Star Wars or Brooklyn?

What is the best thing you ate this weekend? The bibimbap for me!


26 thoughts on “New Things in the New Year

  1. Happy 2016, lovely lady!! I hope it’s an awesome one for ya 😀 I was downtown watching the fireworks at midnight, but I’ve gotta be honest and say that I would have preferred staying in and having a game/movie night with a bunch of friends. First, because it was a little chilly. And second, because crowds can be a little much sometimes. As for new things in 2016… hmm. OH! I got to watch the Northern lights from a frozen lake up in the mountains. That was pretty epic.

  2. I went to the movies and saw Joy, the rags to riches story starring Jennifer Lawrence (girl crush!) but I wish we had saw Star Wars. It looks so good. I kicked off 2016 cleaning our house. We did the floors, bathroom and freezer. I also bought new clothes. There were some great sales on New Years Day and I had time so I tried on about 20 pairs of jeans. Guess who went up 2 sizes since the last time I shopped? Yup, this girl! Now I have clothes that fit! Holla!
    You look like you had a wonderful New Years and 2015. Here’s to the new year!

  3. Your family looks so fun! I loved the Star Wars movie, and didn’t love The Big Short. I started off 2016 playing games and watching football with my family, and then we headed back to Chicago since my classes start today! Happy New Year!

  4. Fun stuff!! I used to do BodyPump off and on when I had a gym membership, but I have yet to really enjoy strength training so now I don’t do it. I have seen a couple movies over the past week but didn’t see either of those!

  5. Best thing I ate this weekend was definitely 100% this dish I made from one of Danielle Walker’s cookbooks. It was Cajun chicken and zoodles in a creamy cashew sauce. All the spices kind of blend together into the sauce and it’s just amazing, comfort-y goodness!

    New Year’s Eve we watched a family movie, then some of us went to bed while some stayed up to count down to 2016. Next day, we chilled and had a family day. We’ve had a pretty crazy few months, so it was much needed. I’m not sure if I’ve done anything new yet this year…better get on that!

    My dad recently showed us some of the old Star Wars movies, and now I really want to see the new one! I haven’t yet, but I probably will end up waiting till it comes out on DVD, ’cause that’s what we do most of the time.

  6. For new years I spent time with high school friends! The best thing I ate this weekend was probably peanut butter&banana on whole grain toaster waffles or a thai chicken salad from panera!

  7. I love playing Just Dance!!! It’s probably the only time you’ll catch me dancing 😂 My New Year’s was really low-key; it almost felt as if it was a normal Thursday night.

    I haven’t seen Brooklyn or Star Wars but I am watching Sisters this afternoon with a couple of friends. Looking forward to a lighter, laugh-out-loud kind of movie.
    Happy 2016, Alison!!!

  8. Happy new year Alison!!!
    I totally stayed in with the family on New Years and no regrets👵🏼😝
    I would say the corn bread or the homeade pesto pasta I had were my food highlights!
    Aaaaand that’s all I got for ya! I’m in veg out mode for the day 😉
    Ooo but I really want to see Brooklyn! Looks like my kinda movie
    Have a great one pal!

  9. Your blog is always such a delight to read.

    Yay you finally made it to Bodypump! I didn’t really like it the first time I tried it because the instructor “made me” use small plates for everything… (even though I was like, um, I already know how to lift heavy things and do it regularly, kthanksbye)
    Is that alcohol bubbly in your glass? You were in Canada after all….

  10. Can your family seriously adopt me? Whoever’s house you were at, they have like…everything you need there! You wouldn’t have to leave home.

    My NYE was typical. Fireworks somewhere with lots of people and I was the only Asian.

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