Christmas Chronicles

Post-Christmas healthy living bloggers be like:



And I’m still just like:



There’s been an endless supply of food on our vacation in Canada so far, and I can’t say I’m very stressed or upset about it at all. It’s definitely a lot more sugar and salt than I’m used to in such a short period of time, but there’s some nutrition in there. Most importantly, though, there has been a lot of fellowship and joy surrounding the meals, which is the best part!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/weekend. Here’s what’s been going on with me and my family…

Christmas Eve breakfast was a festive affair! Davida’s green pancakes with pomegranate arils to complete the holiday look.


We went to Mass on Christmas Eve since we would be traveling all day on Christmas.


After Mass we ate dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant for suuuuushiiii.


note the ideal fish to rice ratio — crucial aspect

Apple pie a la mode was waiting for us at home (leftovers that we froze from Thanksgiving)!


I WAS SO FULL. But superbly content.

I woke up at the fine time of 4:20 AM (lol) after going to sleep at midnight. I had a little bit of time before we were hitting the road, so I did a super quick workout just to get the blood flowing before being the car for 10 hours. Working out before traveling these days is about moving for the sake of moving, not for the sake of burning calories. It’s nice and a lot less self-imposed pressure.

Mom and I packed some quality road trip food, if I do say so myself. Exhibit A: Mom’s salmon, brown rice, and broccoli packets.


When we finally arrived at my grandparents’ place, we had some good rounds of ping pong (if that doesn’t scream Chinese workout of the day, I don’t know what does).


(Also, my grandma owns me in ping pong.)

Dinner was the first of many Chinese meals on our trip. It was absolutely delicious, MSG and all. The fish was super fresh too. Suuuuper fresh.

IMG_9571 IMG_9576

I apologize if any of you are squeamish, but that fish was incredible.


We’re staying at my fellow fit relatives’ place currently, so of course we partook in some ninja activities upon arrival.


My bro offered to take a slow motion video of me throwing knives, and I thought that would be a fantastic idea so I could scare all my best friends back at college. ‘Twas a great Christmas overall 🙂

Leftover green pancakes the next morn’!


My cousin and I worked up a sweat for an hour or so playing Just Dance on her Wii. That game is no joke! Like, you need a decent amount of dance skill to be fairly good at it.


And then more food with more cousins for lunch! Followed by Mah Jong (Chinese card game) and Chinese checkers. Did I mention we’re part Chinese?

10003536_10153552164156749_7947284756882638807_n IMG_9605

solid combo of leftover Christmas food and fresh sushi

At night, we all attended my great uncle and aunt’s golden anniversary celebration. 50 years of marriage, how ’bout that!? Inspirational.


It ain’t no celebration without copious amounts of food in this family. Ergo, more eating.


Peep the full pig on the right. We like heads on our food evidently.

IMG_9609 IMG_9610


Also, ermahgersh at all the little ones and the ex-little ones who are now taller than me (not saying that much, because I’m so short).


Yesterday morning, I woke up early-ish to get some moves and grooves in. I did a fun yet killer circuit workout that I came up with in the basement. A classic and refreshing Greek yogurt bowl was breakfast afterwards.


My family went to Mass and lunch (more Chinese food!) from the late morning to the early afternoon. Then we drove over to my mom’s side of the family for the rest of the evening. They greeted us with more food hahaha. ha. ha.


another great combo of Thai food and Shepherd’s pie

Surprisingly, I never felt super full or overwhelmed. I ate what I wanted, and that was that. Yes, there were more times than usual this past week when I felt stuffed, but honestly, it’s the holidays. THERE, I SAID IT. I’m using the holidays as an excuse. What are we gonna do about it?


The best part was hanging out with my cousins though. We even unintentionally matched with our cousin telepathy.


girls show teeth, boys do soft smiles

It was a fun evening, and now it’s late… and I’m kinda hungry again… Not even kidding.

I am beyond grateful for my family, nourishment, health, and fellowship. God is good. Joy to the World, the Lord has come!

Hope you all have a great Monday! Three more days of 2015!!!

So tell me:

Three things you did this Christmas/weekend! 

Best thing you ate over the holiday. The sushi on Christmas eve OR that super fresh fish.


27 thoughts on “Christmas Chronicles

  1. What a fun (and delicious) Christmas! Just Dance totally does take some skill, and I miss when that was my cousins’ favorite game because I’m much better at that than at Super Mario (the current fave).

    Best thing I ate? That’s tough, since my grandma’s Christmas dinner is always one of my favorite meals of the year! I’m going to go with a tie between the egg casserole she makes for brunch and the ham and cheesy potatoes she made for dinner. So much good food 🙂

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful holiday! I can relate to the long car rides, I had an 8 hour drive and my body hurts after 😦 and oh my gosh my family loves ping pong!

  3. You woke up early to do a workout only after four hours of sleep??? Crazy girl. I would have fallen asleep mid plank hold. There is so much food here and that makes me so happy. All of it looks so delicious! Minus the fish. But I have a weak stomach so that’s why.

  4. I’m totally not ready to get back to real life just yet… it might be the food hangover I have 😛 But it’s so great to see that you had such an amazing Christmas and were able to enjoy what it was really about without worrying about all the food and exercise. Hope you’re still enjoying some awesome downtime before the New Year! 😀

  5. ALL THE ASIAN FOOD👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏼😂 I love it!!!
    So glad you had a great Christmas:)
    I would say the everything bagel on Christmas morning my moms shrimp marinara on Christmas Eve take the cake/cookie for me:)

    Hope you have a wonderful week up there in Canada😘😘😘😘

  6. That anniversary cake looks delicious! I think I actually had more holiday food in the weeks leading up to Christmas than on the actual day =P I went to the movies on Christmas afternoon and so I had a blue slushie and popcorn. Not festive, but really good (who knew a blue slushie has a celery aftertaste?!) Christmas was fun and I am blessed. You and your cousins are a fine looking bunch!

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  8. oh man. I’m not going to lie- Watched that knife slow mo on Snap and then on Facebook too…So FAH MULAN of you.

    I legit think this post in itself is the new definition of Fusian cuisine. Glad you had a good one though- Good food, good people, but not the best people. Clearly because I wasn’t there.

  9. oh my gosh, your family makes AMAING food! can i come over for the next gathering? 😉 (kidding but wishful ;D ) i love korean too! our family has had korean on new years eve the past 3 years, haha (or a few days late this year). the sides are my fav!

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