Overwhelmed with Goodness

So much to tell you. SO LITTLE TIME.

How in the world is it the last week of classes this semester? I can’t deal. I can barely deal with this weekend. I went to work on Friday, and two things stood out to me while I was working:

  1. I set off the fire alarm making steak (this is the second time I’ve done that now, but that steak was PERFECT).
  2. My boss told me I have “a look of wellbeing.”

I was very flattered and humbled by that comment. Part of me was thinking, “Really? This is the face of one tired lady.” But another part of me was thinking, “Well, I think I know why.”

If I do indeed have a look of wellbeing, it’s because God has filled overflowed my life with nothing but love. He always has filled my life with love, but I think I have learned to better appreciate and focus on His love, rather than sulk in my insecurities, trials, doubts, guilt, and fears.

Basically, I am overwhelmed by the goodness around me. Sometimes I feel unworthy. Sometimes I squander the gifts I’ve been given. Sometimes I’m afraid it will all disappear. But that’s humanity. We’re not worthy, we do fall, and the world will pass away. That’s why I need God. Like, NEEEEEEEED.

And yeah, this got religious real quick, but even if we don’t share faith, I hope that you can relate to this sense of gratitude and awesomeness (in the truest sense of the word) in your life.

So what’s all this goodness then? Time for show-and-tell!

-People who genuinely care about your life.

-People who wait 3 more seconds to hold open the door for you.

-Laughter, even when studying is stressing you out.


me trying to figure out if respiration is hindered when lying supine

-Good conversations with people who I’ve just met.

-Really good hugs and high-fives.

-Running with your best friend, even though you didn’t really want to at first.


-The wonder and beauty of the human body and being able to learn about it in depth.

-Soul talk. It’s fun talking about food, fitness, the latest party, and Justin Bieber’s comeback, but nothing is as satisfying and fulfilling as talking about, well, what truly satisfies, fulfills, and challenges our souls.

-Seeing and experiencing the beauty of God with and through other people.



-Sharing food and fellowship.


Mike & Patty’s for our food bucket list!


“Egg Fancy” = two fried eggs, avocado, bacon, cheddar, and house mayo (OMG) on multigrain

That was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten.

My lab partner/friend/fellow foodie, Christina (go follow her on Instagram @foodietunes!), have been on many food adventures this weekend…


breakfast before lab


Indian night in the d-hall


distracted by cupcakes during our walk on Saturday


split a pumpkin gingerbread spice cupcake— OH WOW.


grand opening promo event at Sweetgreen yesterday


free {healthy} food? yes, please.


One of my friends just came home after studying abroad in Australia for the past four months, and he gave me a Tim Tam to try! Very tasty.


thinking about you, Arman

-People who affirm and encourage you constantly. It’s easy to be self-conscious or upset about your body, personality, or achievements. However, having people who truly believe that you are beautiful and who push you to be the best version of yourself— that helps you live a little more fully and confidently every day.


So to YOU, I say: There will be many lies and doubts (both internal and external) holding you back from being the best version of yourself. It’s tempting to sit in grief until you feel good enough to finally do something great. This time of feeling weak and useless is the perfect time to start giving. In giving, you will receive so much. Give your smile, your thoughts, your talents, your love.



I know I am currently living at a time of peak physical and social nourishment, so I understand that everything in my eyes seems like rainbows and unicorns. I have nothing to truly complain about. Maybe I’m naive and in a bubble. But I know for sure that “to whom much is given, much will be expected,” and I pray that I can just give from the overwhelming amount of goodness I am given.

Phew. Hope you all have a wonderful week 🙂 “Let us begin.”

So tell me:

The best thing you ate this weekend.

Three good things from last week/this weekend.

About the last time you set off the fire alarm (if ever).


24 thoughts on “Overwhelmed with Goodness

  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I want that sandwich! It looks amazing! Like, all of my favorite things all in one sandwich, and I can’t even think of a way to improve it!?!? Yes, please!

    But on the serious side, I am so glad that you are so happy. Those times are the best! Thank you for the reminder not to let our fears and insecurities get the best of us; I definitely needed that reminder right now! You’re the best! ❤

  2. That’s so funny you set the fire alarm off, at least the steak was good! One time I set the fire alarm off at my house while cooking salmon burgers in a cast iron skillet and the fire trucks came and everything, it was so embarrassing! It’s great to hear someone who is able to remember how blessed they are in the midst of every trial! God is so good!

  3. Sandwich love!!! Actually, more like sandwich envy?! Yep, I think so!

    I pretty routinely set off our smoke alarms (having sensitive smoke alarms helps this…at least, I tell myself they are sensitive 😆). So I don’t remember the specifics of the last time I set it off. I was probably broiling something on a piece of foil that had already broiled something previously, and then the stuck-on stuff started burning. I have however, lit something ON FIRE *without* the smoke alarms going off!! 😯 That was at my aunt’s house, though, and I think I was reheating some leftover that I didn’t want to get soggy. Pizza maybe? Not sure, but thankfully whatever it was, I saved it while it was stil edible.

    Ooh, the best thing I ate this weekend?? I think my favorite, oddly enough, was this thing I made that’s like dough you’d normally make into breakfast/trail mix cookies, but since I tend to like everything better raw, I made it single serving size and ate it all raw! 😋

    Three good things from this week…
    1) Going out with a friend of mine for coffee and having a sweet time of sharing and realizing that just because someone is not my age does not mean they cannot be my friend.
    2) Having our weekly sibs night for the last time for almost a month, because my sister is going to California for several weeks. It was awesome and the best and full of all the things a fun night with the sibs should be, IMO.
    3) My extended family including me. This is a big one, because I have such a keen need for belonging and feeling loved as a part of my greater family, and for so long, I’ve felt like that side of the family could really care less whether I even existed or not. But recently, they’ve definitely showed me differently, and this week, I was touched once again by their kind, thoughtful and loving actions.

      • I really should write down the recipe and post it on my blog…I started with this recipe from Eating Bird Food, but I started changing it drastically and it’s nothing like hers anymore. I put in oats, salt, dried cherries/raisins, chocolate (of course), hemp seeds and shredded coconut, then add in applesauce, maple syrup, vanilla and sunflower seed butter to bind it together. I have some measurements for some of the ingredients, but a lot I just do to taste and until it’s a dough like consistency. If you are interested, I’ll comment with a link when I finally do write a post for it!

  4. Thank you for this. This post couldn’t have come at a better time. Lately I’ve been so worn out and you just totally reinvigorated me. Nailed it👊🏼😉
    Love you Alison. And can I come live with you in Boston?! I’ll bring an air mattress and snacks and won’t pee in the middle of the night 😂

  5. That sandwich… Oh wow. But then again anything with eggs, bacon, cheese and avocado is just a blessing in life 🙂
    I don’t think I have ever set off a major fire alarm, just the small smoke alarm in my apartment. I was always so scared to set off the alarm when I was at university – the whole please would be evacuated and the fire brigade called! And your were charged for the call out! :-S

  6. your food adventures in AND out of the dining hall look SO GOOD!! like, i want that dining hall food too! (i guess mine isn’t too bad. but we have an indian cafe… it’s pretty VERY sad).
    and ahh Sweetgreen! so lucky! I’ve been there once. And that caption of the photo of you on the couch… so good 🙂 hope you stay well and best of luck on finals! (i’m ochem study breaking now :/)

  7. You are most definitely the furthest thing from naive and living in a bubble, for even though you feel so much gratitude and happiness right now, you remain open and aware that life does not always feel like this, and empathetic and hopeful for anyone who many not be in such a positive state. This in itself transcends and helps. “It’s temping to sit in grief….” I’m in quite a low phase right now, but even these words have sparked something in me. Some new sparkle of hope and beauty that I know is out there. Thank you so much for sharing all this gratitude – you are one special lady.

  8. This post made me so happy 🙂 I needed this reminder today to recognize the goodness in my own life and be grateful. I only wish we lived close so we could have soul talks in person together (followed by cupcakes). ❤

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