I Should Be Embarrassed About These Things…

…But I’m not.

I’ll get to the embarrassing things in a second. Firstly, Happy Columbus Day to my fellow Americans! If you have the day off, I hope it is relaxing and filled with good people. If you’re not American or you do not have the day off, I hope it is filled with productivity and good people.

I actually have a 2.5 hour Holocaust lecture tonight because my professor took a couple days off for high Jewish holidays these past couple weeks, so we’re catching up tonight. The first half of today will involve apple picking though! I even bought a flannel just for the occasion.

Anyway, let’s catch up by sharing some embarrassing antics and moments! That’s one of the best ways to catch up, in my opinion. Here’s my end of the conversation:

I should be embarrassed that I still don’t really know how to get around downtown Boston. Luckily, I have friends who do. “Independent” is what I call myself.

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shopping with my oh so beautiful and talented friend, Adrienne

I should be embarrassed that I trip on the sidewalk at least twice a day, despite wearing sneakers 90% of the time. I have a routine: trip ➔ nearly faceplant ➔ say in my head, “that didn’t happen” ➔ avoid eye contact with all other pedestrians ➔ move on.

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I should be embarrassed that I still want to take a photo of my lab partner and our matching breakfasts, even though I already did the exact same thing last weekBut c’mon, how cute?

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awkward handling of tea bag

I should be embarrassed that I have completely finished three Costco-sizes jars of peanut butter within two months. To be honest, I am slightly embarrassed, or maybe just dumbfounded. I don’t know how it goes so darn quickly! I’ve got talent.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

putting this third jar to rest the right way — with oats

I should be embarrassed that I can only hold my attention for two pages at a time when reading my Holocaust textbook. According to Rachel, I would have been a much better and faster reader if I read Harry Potter when I was younger. My human physiology textbook, on the other hand, I could read all day!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I should be embarrassed that I spent $30 on dinner on Saturday night. I went out to dinner with some friends at a restaurant called The Barking Crab (does that not sound like it’s from a comedy show?), which had the ambiance of a dive but the prices of a Ritz restaurant. Rachel and I shared the salmon and scallops, which were both amazing, but my wallet felt a little betrayed.

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I should be embarrassed that I take a photo of this view every single time I work out outdoors. But it’s just so pretty!


I should be embarrassed that I nearly cried listening to this song while studying. But there was a dude sitting across from me, so I couldn’t let my guard down.

Thanks for introducing me to Sleeping At Last, Adrienne. I’m OBSESSED.

I should be embarrassed that I eat Raisin Bran. Just kidding, I shouldn’t be. Sugar-coated raisins for life.

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I should be embarrassed that I was actually blogging while “hanging out with my friends”. But they were playing video games.

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That’s all from me today! I hope you all find the humor in your embarrassing moments this week ♥︎

So tell me:

I should be embarrassed that ____, but ______.

Thoughts on raisins?

What was the last song that made you cry? I actually love listening to beautiful songs that make me cry.

What are you doing today?


33 thoughts on “I Should Be Embarrassed About These Things…

  1. The last thing that made me cry was change…which is horrible because it wasn’t exactly bad change. Change just freaks me out. And I LOVE raisin bran :)…YES on raisins.
    I should be embarrassed that I am obsessed with tsum tsums, but I’m not 😛

  2. Don’t be too embarrassed about finishing the Costco peanut butters. I have finished the Kirkland almond butter jar in 3-4 days. Eek. Why does nut butter have to be so dang delicious?!

    Also – I can totally relate to tripping on the sidewalk in flats. I do it at work too.

  3. I totally rely on my friends for help getting around downtown Chicago, as well, so you’re not alone there. Maybe I’ll learn one day….
    I love raisins (and Raisin Bran). No shame.

    Have fun apple picking! I went a couple weeks ago, but today is class for me! 🙂

  4. I should be embarrassed that I haven’t left the apartment (except for hoping to the gym) for almost a week. BUT I have an exam and thesis deadline on Friday. after that I’ll be back to normal 😉

    Oh and I shwould be embarrassed that I type my message into the “name” field. But I’m not cause nobody saw it hahaha!

  5. 90% of students have no idea how to navigate Boston (including me) lol. Once it gets cold outside, I just never feel the need to explore! Also, Boston sidewalks are notoriously warped. I’ve since learned to either monitor the sidewalks, or take gigantic steps lmao. Especially when I’m jogging outside!

    And no one should be embarrassed about Raisin Bran. It’s delicious! And good for your colon xP

    Today, I’m trying to catch up on house chores. Cleaning my room, doing laundry, and doing some meal prep for the week 🙂


  6. I used to love the raisins in Raisin Bran, especially how chewy they were! 🙂 Nowadays, I still love raisins, but I prefer them un-sugared. 😛

    I should be embarrassed by the fact that one of my hobbies is reading over online menus…and how much I look forward to it…and how much time I can spend doing it! But I learn a lot, get inspired to make new creations and I haven’t spend a penny. 🙂

    I don’t remember for sure the last song that made me cry…but a recent one was “Stronger” by Mandisa. First time I listened to it not that long ago, it was late at night and I couldn’t get to sleep, and it was like she was literally talking *to* me! 😉

    Today I’m packing to visit my amazing cousins! It seems like forever since I’ve seen them (even though it’s only been six months), and I haven’t met their youngest, so I’m super-excited.

  7. Raisins and Raisin Bran are my jam!!!!!! (I should definitely be embarrassed that I just used that phrase 😉
    Awkward handling of tea bag!! Lmao I have no idea why I found that picture so funny 😂🙈
    I trip all the time! The trick is to make believe there was actually something to trip on so people dont think you’re just spazzing out! 😉💁🏼
    Have a beeeeautiful day beeeeautiful friend!!!

  8. 1. I’m the same! I can’t find my way around Dallas if my life depended on it. Some of us are just more directionally challenged than others. 🙂
    2. Those scallops look divine. The $30 looks SO worth it.
    3. Raisins are forever…. in granola, in salads, in cookies, or even just alone. Deliciousness!!!

  9. I should be embarrassed about how much I push the limits with gym clothes… sniffing them each time to make sure they’re ‘clean enough’ and see if I ‘need to wash them yet’… college life??
    My mother’s habit has always been to painstakingly pick raisins- one by one- out of her cereal. So I grew up with an ‘inherited’ hate for raisins. But a couple years back I was forced to eat Raisin Bran, and wow, that’s some good stuff!

  10. Wow that song is beautiful. I love raisin bran too – no shame! Have you tried the raisin bran crunch? It’s the same but with little clusters in it and it’s amazing.

  11. I think embarrassment should no longer exist as an emotion. In fact, I’m taking it out of my emotional palate. We have way better things to feel about ourselves. Like… “heck ya raisin bran is delicious” and “gosh I am fricken hilarious how I trip all the time!”

  12. Oh my gosh, I do the sidewalk thing all. the. time! Everytime it happens now, I think of a story my sister read to me from “Perfectly Unique” (Annie Downs). When Annie and her friends were in college, they noticed that there was one particular spot in the sidewalk where people would trip. I forget what they named it, but they would sometimes go there when they had nothing else better to do, and studied the different reactions of the people who tripped. I don’t remember all of them for sure, but there were three reactions that have stuck with me, maybe since I have done all three! 😉 There was the look back and blame the sidewalk; the glance around to see if anyone saw, and the pretend nothing happened option. I usually either pretend nothing happened or blame the sidewalk, lol!

    I should be embarrassed that I’m eating a brownie topped with cookie dough, but my sisters left town and the pan is sitting there begging to be eaten, and I’m the only person it has left (besides my parents and little brother, of course, but they don’t get to share, hehe)! I should also be embarrassed that I’m only just watching Star Wars (and not because of the new movie) but I am really enjoying it so far, despite my doubts. 🙂

    I say yes to raisins, although they don’t agree with me, so I can’t have too many at once. When I was a toddler, I loved raisins so much that if anyone mentioned them, I would get excited. 😜 We had a song with the word “raisins” in the lyrics, and my siblings had to not sing that line or else I would think I was getting raisins, lol! 😀

    I don’t remember the last song that made me cry, partly because I music makes me cry a lot, especially late at night, when my memory is not so swift, but emotions are the name of the game. I want to say it was probably either “God of My Everything” or “We Fall Apart”, both by Bebo Norman. If it wasn’t, oh well, because they make me cry often enough that it might as well have been. I cry easily, though, so don’t expect anything crazy. It’s just that those songs have been perfect for my life for the last like five years (or however long it’s been since they cane out). I swear I cry at almost every new song I hear, though. And I hear you on the in-front-of-other-people thing, and it is especially hard with guys. :S

  13. 1. wait you get those egg scrambles FROM THE DINING HALL?! wow. thats good.
    2. LOVE that view. so jealous.
    3. raisin bran is my “guilty pleasure” haha… like, i grew up on the kelloggs stuff, but we started buying better brands (btw Giant Eagle’s organic version is really good!! the best healthy brand & still tastes like raisin bran, not some granola raisin clusters or whatever). but after eating a handful every.day. every.single.time.i.walk.by., i looked up some and went to 2 groceries to find a good brand haha no regrets 😀 i bought one degree organics sprouted cinnamon raisin cereal, which i didnt realize until after i bought it, it wasnt raisin BRAN, but is still good. and sorry about the long tangent….

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