The Type of Exercise I Do Not Miss


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1) A great moment of judgement from others: When I’m walking through the dining hall wearing my athletic head band, athletic clothes, and athletic iPhone armband all while proudly holding a plate of dessert.

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But if you tasted this pumpkin bread pudding [a la mode], you would have #NoRagrets too.



2) My current favorite salad dressing is CREAMY. Creamy honey mustard dressing, to be exact.

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I’m not a huge fan of other creamy dressings such as caesar, ranch, thousand island, etc., but honey mustard has a special place in my heart. Side note: The chicken in each of these meals was on point—flavorful and not a workout to chew it.

3) I have not done steady state cardio training (as in, running, elliptical, rowing, stair master, etc. for a longer duration) in several months now, and out of all the types of exercise I used to do, I definitely miss this the least (if at all). In fact, I don’t think I could enjoy doing it ever again.

4) I’d much rather get my heart rate up with burpees or dancing, and I’d rather build my endurance with something like hiking or bouldering (<— stuff is no joke). One of the great things I’ve truly internalized after taking time off of formal workouts this summer is that it’s not worth it to continue exercise that you don’t enjoy. 



5) Also, my roommate just convinced me to air squat through a whole song with her in our pajamas. #FunctionalFitnessForFriends

6) I cracked open and ate a whole lobster all by myself for the first time last night!

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Once every year, the BU dining halls have lobster lobstah night, and since I missed it last year, I made sure to join the festivities this year. It was madness in the d-halls, but it was worth it for this little bugger. Especially followed by this local macintosh apple crisp + oatmeal raisin cookie a la mode.

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7) Current jams:

8) I cannot begin to tell you how much I’m loving modern dance class. Even though I’m not planning on pursuing dance professionally, I think I’ve realized that I want to keep dance a part of my life forever. Dance = soul speaking (<— such artist language).

9) If you have a Snapchat… What the heck are those new filters!? Like, those things are straight out of nightmares and horror movies. I just know I’m going to have trust issues opening snaps from now on.

However, I do approve of Daliza’s usage of the filter on Donald Trump.


10) Wishing you all a wonderful day! Happy Pre-Friday 🙂

So tell me:

Do you like steady state cardio?

What is your favorite form of exercise? Dance or fun calisthenic-type stuff for me. Anything that feels more like playing than working out.

Have you ever eaten a whole lobster before?

Have you ever felt judged for eating something unhealthy in your workout clothes?


19 thoughts on “The Type of Exercise I Do Not Miss

  1. Dancing is amazing! I’m all about exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise, and dancing is probably my favourite out of all of them. Confession: I have dance parties at home on a regular basis. And bonus points for when I do them while I’m cleaning 😉 Also… no lobster for this girl. I’m allergic to them.

  2. Pumpkin Bread pudding?!😍 add some corn bread and PB and that’s basically my foodie heaven😉🙌🏼
    I hate running so much!!!! I’m with you on dancing and hiking and basically anything that doesn’t actually feel like working out 😂
    I actually don’t like lobster but love shrimp and everyone thinks it’s weird since they taste so similar. O well💁🏼
    Have a great one Alison!!!

  3. The new rainbow tongue thing is so weird- the first time I saw it, I was SO confused haha!

    And I’ve never tried lobster (not a big seafood fan) but I’m super impressed that your dining hall served it?! So fancy over there! 😉

  4. Um, let me see, no! Unless I am walking for a purpose (in real life, not a treadmill), I do not like steady state cardio. So far yoga is one of my favorites! I would love to try some sort of dancing sometime, though!

    No, I only just tried lobster for the first time a couple weeks ago and loved it, but it was two lobster tails. Now I have another thing to add to my food bucket list. 😉

  5. I’m too old to understand most of this, but I share your feelings about salad dressing. Your blog is becoming the place where I catch up with “what the kids these days are into.” I do actually know what a burpee is and I did one once- no current plans to try another.
    I can’t look at a lobster without thinking about the little mermaid but again, that may be an age thing.

  6. I love lobster, but still hate cracking it open… I guess I don’t like to work for my food that much 😉 And I’m kinda odd, but I do enjoy some steady-state cardio. Could I do it everyday? Probably not, but I definitely look forward to it when I do it. That said, I still love to hike and dance and stuff. Mixing it up is the name of the game!

    • It was indeed quite a lot of mess and work for the lobster meat, but that was what made it a fun experience 🙂
      I actually get how steady state cardio can just put you at a happy place, especially if you let yourself daydream and zone out. Or maybe that’s just my way of liking steady state cardio, haha.

  7. I’m totally with you on cutting out exercise that you don’t enjoy. I’ve been on the hunt trying to figure out what exercises I 1) truly love 2) are sustainable for my lifestyle 3) are beneficial but enjoyable. I realized that as much as I love the calorie burn from spin class – I just hate going. I am not a huge fan of leg workouts. Some other workouts I’d like to try: yoga + barre3!

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