Not Quite Back to Dining Hall Food

I unintentionally squandered my unlimited meal plan yesterday.

I didn’t eat a single meal in the dining hall. I did, however, use my unlimited swipe-ability without guilt to pick up some fruit as a snack.

Yesterday was our last hurrah before the start of classes, and I’m glad to say that it was both a productive and fun day (without any heart palpitations, thank God).

I felt like a spring chicken after sleeping in and doing a bit of yoga and foam rolling in the morning. Once I was finished with all that, it was 10AM, so a quick dorm breakfast felt like the way to go.

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peanut butter + vanilla protein + banana on Dave’s killer bread

Followed by some human physiology reading, Jesus loving (Mass), and then more food. The admissions office graciously hosted a welcome back BBQ for all the admissions ambassadors (tour guides, etc.), complete with burgers, dogs, cookies, and sunshine.

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there’s a big burger patty in there somewhere

I was kinda antisocial at the BBQ, but I didn’t mean to be. I just needed to sit down and eat my burger with two hands, which meant that I had to remove myself from all the people standing and talking. In reality I was doing everyone a favor by not talking to them with lettuce in my teeth and mustard on my cheeks.

Domestic dorm duties beckoned me, so I went back to the dorm to do laundry and tub scrubbing.

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fueled by some zucchini bread that my wonderful roommate baked

My roommates told me not to clean the bathroom since it’s only been a week, but I rebelled and cleaned it anyway. Mold preys quickly.

And I prey on peanut butter even more quickly.

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My accidental homage to “I ♥ NY (aka The Big Apple)” 😉

I passed more time with blogging, folding laundry, and getting distracted by Tori Kelly’s VMA performance before leaving for the Catholic Center’s trip to the North End!

This week for me is filled with the BU Catholic Center’s First Week events, which is a time for any and all returning students and new students to hang out, meet friends, and partake in a merry time.

Day one was a scavenger hunt with tasks such as proposing to a stranger (who happens to look like Morgan Freeman).

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Day two was a trip to Quincy Market and the North End of Boston, which is like a more quaint version of NYC’s Little Italy.

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gyro plate with rice pilaf and salad from Quincy Market

HOUSED THIS. I told Rachel, “It scares me and thrills me that half of this meat is fat.”

Afterwards we walked to Mike’s Pastry in the North End, where our bomb-dig priest generously bought forty cannoli(s?) for the group.

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best cannoli I ever did eat // no chocolate chips 😀

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back to the endless selfies of college

Beautiful place and weather with beautiful people, eating beautiful food, and celebrating a beautiful Lord.

The day ended with deep thoughts/girl talk in my friends’ dorm room and typing up this blog post. Plus a shower, because hygiene is good.

P.S. I’m going to a modern dance class today, and I haven’t danced in forever, but I’m SO STOKED.

Wishing you all a beautiful day!


So tell me:

Do you get self-conscious eating around people? I don’t usually, but when it comes to things with big leaves, I must hide my face.

Have you ever tried a cannoli?

Are you scrupulous about cleaning the bathroom like I am?


25 thoughts on “Not Quite Back to Dining Hall Food

  1. Yaaasss I take my eating very seriously (I don’t eat pretty) and would rather ‘concentrate’ on finishing than socializing with others if you know what I’m sayin’ ;). I have NEVER tried a cannoli before but it is on my bucket list! With chocolate chips however!

  2. Yes, I don’t really consider myself a clean freak, but when it comes to the bathroom I am a clean freak. I absolutely hate dirty bathrooms, possibly to a fault. All your eats look absolutely scrumptious. And I think we did have some sort of cannoli when we were in Europe? 😉 So creamy and rich and GOOD.

  3. I Really wish my college had some sort of catholic club like that!!! Awesome trips, food, good people, and proposing to random Morgan freeman lookalike😳😜…what more could u ask for 😉
    I’m not usually self conscious when I eat but more so in deep concentration. Like I can’t eat and talk at the same time. I like to enjoy my food💁🏼but I like when other people talk around me so it’s not silent #sorandom lol
    And I’m the same way with bathrooms!!!!!!!!! I get so grossed out if using a community shower of any sort😷
    Anywho happy first day of classes! Lovey yoU girl!

  4. Eating salads and pasta dishes makes me self-conscious around other people. Oh, and really large sandwiches. And I’m definitely a bathroom clean-freak. I hope my roommates understand 🙂

  5. Im super anxious when i have to eat around other people, hopefully it will get better soon! Ive only had a cannoli once or twice but it was super good! & I’m the same way with my bathroom!! I hope you had a good week back so far 🙂
    Sam x

  6. Gyro plate?? Never heard of that before, but since I’ve been obsessed with gyros since I had one last spring, I think I need to find/make one. Also, loved that accidental heart on the apple…I saw it first off, and I was like, “Oh, wow, cool, she made a heart in her apple!” Then I read your caption. 😛 I would’ve died of awkwardness proposing to a stranger…so good for you!

    I am SUPER self-conscious eating around others. I am a really messy eater, especially when it comes to my giant-sized wraps and sandwiches, and I always make a horrible mess and take too-huge bites. Ugh. I’ve never had cannoli before, but HOW can you not like chocolate??? It’s like my life’s blood…what’s in cannoli, BTW? I’ve heard of it, but can’t remember.

    I am a cleaning freak. About pretty much everything.

  7. Glad you’ve enjoyed yourself before starting class! I’ve never had a cannoli… on to the “must try” list it goes. I don’t think I’m self conscience eating certain things in front of people (although sushi can bring on some awkward “I need time to chew” silences), but I agree, sometimes I’m just hungry and want my own space to eat without having to focus on a conversation!

  8. That gyros looks amazing! And you need a bit of fat on your meat, that’s where all the amazing flavour is!
    I love that pic of you proposing – that’s a keeper, one that you will look back on in 20 wp years and go ‘oh my goodness I did that’! And you probably made his day too – the smile is priceless 🙂

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