Living the Suite Life

If you’re under 25 years old, don’t tell me you don’t remember The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

on deck - 1


I still make references to that show in my daily conversations.

Anyway, the point of that reference is that I’m all moved into my dorm suite!

Madre and I left our house at 7AM and drove up about 4 hours to Boston yesterday. Any travel day of mine requires overnight oats if at all possible. Luckily (scarily) for me, I was polishing off yet another jar of peanut butter— perfect for overnight oats.

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brought four large, Costco-sized jars of pb to college, and that might be cutting it close

Once we arrived in Boston, we were hungry for lunch, so we stopped by our favorite cheap Vietnamese eatery for chicken vermicelli platters and egg rolls.

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fueled and fired up for moving in

Move-in went quite smoothly, thankfully! Madre was superwoman as always and helped me unpack and situate my belongings while I helped move Rachel from her summer apartment to the suite.

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my home for a while

The suite is set up as a double connected to another double, so Jordan (same roomie as last year!) + I are in one room together, and Rachel + Sheila are in the other.

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The space in the room and this view is quite remarkable. It’s quite an upgrade from our little box last year.

My only qualm is that the bathroom is in Rachel + Sheila’s side of the room. I tend to drink a lot of water, so I feel bad about walking through their room every time I need to empty my tiny tank.

Like last night at 2 AM. I woke up needing to pee, and I think I panicked for a good three minutes wondering whether I should try going to the bathroom in our suite or just going downstairs to the lobby to use the bathrooms there.

“It’s the first night, and I’m already going to piss off my roommates. Almost literally.”

“Should I just not flush? No, ew.”

“The guard in the lobby will think I’m a freak.”

The lobby idea won, and I learned my lesson to not chug half a water bottle before going to sleep.

Moving on…

The dining halls don’t open until Saturday night, so we’re doing our best with snacks and our MicroFridges.

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Jordan and Sheila cooked Rachel and me dinner last night though! A dorm-cooked meal, how lovely ♥

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They were able to cook this the night before in our dorm’s communal kitchen, which is BEAUTIFUL.

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We’re allowed to use it after 7pm on weekdays and anytime on the weekends. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, the sight of shiny kitchen appliances.

Jordan also brought us lunch from her work today. Cool roommate, that one.

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While most of my friends are working, I’ve been cleaning up the dorm rooms and doing other housekeeping things. I even got to go back to the beloved Esplanade to do some stretching and exercise. Goodness gracious, I’ve missed Boston.


recycled picture from April when trees were still naked


So tell me:

Did you ever have to work out bathroom schedules/issues with roommates?

What is your favorite dorm food? peanutbuttersorrynotsorry.

Were you a fan of The Suite Life?


27 thoughts on “Living the Suite Life

  1. I was always the lucky one, so I never had to figure anything out. My junior year the bathroom was in my room, so everyone had to walk through to get to it, which was kind of annoying, but I knew it was unreasonable to really be too upset. I recommend just going lol. As long as your quiet, and knock beforehand, it should be fine, haha

  2. I literally get up every hour to pee🙈🙈🙈it’s a mighty good thing I don’t have roomates😂 whenever I’m sleeping over somewhere and I’m with other sleeping non constantly peeing humans I sometimes don’t flush until the morning …ok way tmi
    Looks lik you have some pretty sweet suite mates there!!! 😉😉😉
    Have a great one Alison!
    And yes peanutbutter, oatmeal, and remember to hoard any fresh produce;)

  3. Hi hun! Do you go to Boston college? My brother just headed to Babson and I’m excited to come visit him sometime! I’m all the way in California so super far.

  4. Never have I ever had to share a room with another person in my college life. Thank goodness. I almost shared a room in an apartment because it had a gym and sauna and covered parking. Because, whaaat? City life. I love it. I share a bathroom with one person right now, but he’s almost never home and really clean anyway, so it works out pretty well 👍
    My favourite snack food is definitely chocolate coated ginger, hard pretzels (dipped in peanut butter) and trail mix. YUM. I will never, ever get sick of them haha. Thank goodness for living in a house of my own (with five other people), so we can cook/be messy/loud/annoying for as long as we want.
    I LOVED The Suite Life. My sister and I were obsessed with it when we were younger. Haha. Hard to believe that it has been so long since they made an episode. Ah, to be young again 😉

  5. Hahaha I have a tiny tank too. It’s especially spastic in the mornings after I drink my big glass of lemon water & coffee. I purposely stopped drinking water in the evenings (unless I’m dying) because I HATE WAKING UP TO PEE!!!

    Wow, that kitchen is impressive. #IWant

  6. Gorgeous kitchen! And Boston is beautiful! I have never seen or heard of that show. And I’m under 25, so I’m not sure what’s going to happen to me… 😉

  7. Is it bad that I am 30 but still remember the Suite life??!! Ok, so I loved watching kids tv, great way to relax! Haha!
    Your new room looks lovely and homely! It’s a shame that you all have that kitchen to hand but yet can only use it at certain times. Is there any reason why?

  8. Ugh Zack and Cody was my LIFE as a child. Still to this day I owe all of my dance moves to Cody’s one-legged-hand-behind-the-neck grooves. I was also obsessed with Maddy and London #NoShame. Your bathroom story makes me scared because I am a total nighttime (and excessive day time) user of the bathroom, and while I can get away with not flushing at night in my own house, I doubt anyone will want to room with me if I do that at night :P.

    • HAHA I know exactly which dance move you’re talking about!
      Ahh don’t worry about the bathroom situation! Every person has to pee. My roommates actually agreed that it was okay to not flush at night if I didn’t want to bother them, but flushing would even be fine. People do understand 🙂

  9. Glad to see you all settled in! I must say, that dorm kitchen is gorgeous :O I’ve never had to share a room with anyone, but I live in a house with 3 other girls and the toilet flush is..well..not the best if ya get my drift 😉 I always try to go first thing in the morning before anyone else is up because you never know how long you’re gonna be in there flushing, haha! Fave snacks to keep in my room are nuts, nut butters, and dark chocolate for sure…oh and quest bars when I splurge 😛
    I’m intrigued by the way almost all American unis are catered for. In England the majority are self-catering and our halls/dorms have kitchens for us to use. Some are catered though, but nowhere near the extent of our American counterparts!

  10. Boy, I know that dilemma of waking up at night having to go to the bathroom. It happens to me when I go camping often, but this past week, I remembered not to drink a ton right before bed.. I’d rather wake up dehydrated (slightly), than have to go out into the woods in the dead of night. ;-D

    Your dorm room looks really cute!!! Here’s to a wonderful year of college!!!

  11. Your room looks great! I love the big window with lots of natural light coming in. And that dorm kitchen is beautiful.

    And last year, my suite mates and I set a no flush rule at night hah (as long as it was just pee)- sounds kind of icky, but we all got used to it and didn’t really notice after a while haha.

  12. Resident old lady here, I know nothing about that show. Plus I’ve never had cable except for a few random years here and there in my 20s. But awwww you are bringing me back to the college years. My dorm room did NOT have the sweet suite set up. It was more Orange is the New Black type bathrooms, so you are really lucky. Actually all of that dormery is pretty impressive…that kitchen? Pretty fancy. Good friend just moved back from Boston, she is going to miss that Esplanade. Enjoy it, college is a blast and you will always look back fondly on it. Goes by so fast!

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