2015 Summer Bucket List Review

Time passes these days like:



I was never even a Harry Potter fan (sorry), but somehow this gif makes me feel like I should be emotional.

Speaking of emotions, I have a whole cocktail of those happening inside me right now.

  • Disappointment that summer is over
  • Contentment with how much I’ve learned this summer
  • Excitement for going back to my beloved Boston
  • Nervousness for how things will unfold this school year
  • Sadness that I’ll have to say goodbye to my family (…and the kitchen)
  • Gratitude for everything

I made a summer bucket list back in May, and it is now time for tasting and judgement to see how well I did! Before I take a look, I’m going to say that I think I got at least 50% of the items done. Fingers crossed.

1) Go to the beach (with Colby hopefully!)

beach collage

not with Colby unfortunately, but with friends at BU!

2) Get a decent spot at a Tori Kelly concert

tk collage

almost got stuck behind a 6’5″ dude, but Tori was incredible

3) Go on an easy hike with friends


I’m counting the one in Portland…with family

4) Watch a movie in the theater

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

5) Watch The Parent Trap ➔ {sadly, I never found the opportunity to find and watch this classic}

6) Meet up with Arman in New York City

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

wish I had time to meet up with him again!

7) Improve my handstand and other yoga arm balances

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


still working on it! trying to get proper alignment first and foremost

8) Come up with at least three new recipes ➔ {got at least four!…even though I almost never measured the recipe exactly}


energy balls


mango banana chia seed pudding


best roasted sweet potatoes ever


strawberries ‘n’ cream smoothie

9) Get my full splits back (semi-comfortably) ➔ {you’ll just have to believe me on this one}

10) Re-read The Story of a Soul ➔ {nope…but I did start Unbroken!}

11) Eat a Dairy Queen Blizzard

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

12) Learn most of the muscles in the body (there is a diagram on the wall at my PT internship, and I’ve been studying it every day when I have free time) ➔ {wrote them down but didn’t LEARN them}

13) Go to a farmers’ market ➔ {I feel like I did, but I don’t think I actually did…}

14) Find an occasion to which I could wear a maxi dress, and wear a maxi dress for said occasion ➔  {wore a maxi skirt to the wedding rehearsal dinner in Seattle, which is good enough}

15) Watch the sunrise ➔ {I’m counting my watching the sunrise while driving to Toronto}

16) Hold an L-sit for 10-15 seconds ➔ {I think I may have underestimated myself, because I think accomplished this the day after I posted my bucket list}

17) Do another vlog with Daliza

Questions Nobody Asks

18) Have a picnic with a friend ➔ {I wish!}

19) Gain weight (for real) ➔ {update on that whole shebang coming soon}

20) FaceTime with bloggers ➔ {FaceTimed Julia from Lord Still Loves Me!}

I completed 15/20!! I’ll take 75%.

I can’t forget about the food bucket list either! I completed…six. I made peach blueberry cobbler a la mode, chili, peanut butter cookies and fish cakes, and I ate Bareburger (twice) and a meatball sub at Festa Italiana. But I also cooked up a lot of new things this summer that were not on the list, so I’m happy!


Liv’s sweet potato lentil chili!

food bucket list

I also accomplished a lot this summer that I did not originally set out to accomplish!

extra summer

Needless to say, it’s been a fun and blessed summer. Now it’s time to move ahead into the school year for more adventures!

So tell me:

Two things you accomplished this summer that you wanted to accomplish.

Two amazing things you ate/cooked this summer.

Two things you accomplished this summer that you weren’t planning on doing.