It’s Okay to Crave Healthy Food Too


What am I? A growing teenager?? (Please say yes, Lord.) I guess a long of day of traveling + a three hour time loss made me a little tired…


I won’t be here for long though. I’m moving back up to Boston in T minus two days!

Mom, Dad and I traveled all day yesterday due to two connecting flights. It started at 2:30AM Pacific Time and ended at 7PM Eastern Time, but we made it back safely. Home sweet home.

In case you missed what was happening these past five days, you can check out our Portland and Seattle adventures from yesterday’s post.

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If you read it yesterday, you probably noticed some a lot of typos and mysterious floating fragments. I was rushing to publish it from my phone right before the plane took off, so I took the leap of faith and hit publish without editing it a single bit. It kinda looked like tipsy typing at some spots.

You also may have noticed a lot of heavier, more indulgent foods than usual. Actually, that has been a trend throughout the past three weeks, since I’ve been traveling to every corner of the continent (not really) for fun family functions.


The beauty of traveling and being with loved ones is that it’s harder to worry about food and exercise. You eat out at a restaurant you normally wouldn’t choose, you eat two desserts instead of one, you go longer without eating a snack, but then you eat a huge meal later….

It’s liberating and nourishing to be able to eat foods with lots of sugar, grease, and salt without feeling stressed. It adds enjoyment and adventure to the travel experience.

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It’s wonderful to know that I can eat out with family and friends on more than one occasion without worrying about how the food will make me look in the minutes, hours, or days afterwards.

However, just as I crave something sugary, salty, or greasy after eating lots of salads, plain grains, and lean meats, I also crave something fresh and healthy after eating lots of heavier foods.

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Not too long ago, I would be afraid that craving healthy foods meant I was reverting back to disordered eating, because all I would eat during my ED was salad, plain grains, and lean meats.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely had my days when I said I was craving a light and fresh meal, but I was honestly craving a more meat-and-potatoes meal. This year though, I have continued learning to trust my body, and I’m finally at a point where I’m not mad at myself for eating foods that make me feel kinda crappy afterwards. Throughout basically three weeks of vacationing and eating foods that I’m not used to eating, my body has felt a little more “bleh.”

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I developed three huge zits on my forehead, a canker sore, and an irritated palate. I could go cry under my blanket, feeling guilty about all the salt and oil that made this happen; I certainly would have in the past. But God has slowly shaped me to be so at peace with myself that I just acknowledge these facts and move on.

Just after two days of eating a little less fried food and a little more fresh vegetables, my zits have almost all cleared up, and the roof of my mouth isn’t burning every time I eat something crunchy. I still had my share of sweets and grease in those couple of days, but I let my body gravitate towards, quote on quote, “cleaner” foods to make my face feel better.


last night’s dinner with whatever we had in the freezer/fridge


this morning’s breakfast afternoon’s lunch of cookie dough cereal + more unpictured chicken and spaghetti squash shortly after

I’ve said in the past that I’ve “finally found balance,” and I truly believe that I did back then. Nevertheless, God is constantly improving me {in all aspects of life}, so I think I can say that I’ve learned even more about balance.

I can go a little bit past the point of “indulgence” but not feel horrible about it. Instead, I can bring myself back to healthy eating without swinging into the “compensation” mindset. It’s not about calories, it’s solely about quality.

Sometimes I want peanut butter cookie a la mode. Sometimes I want peanut butter, banana, and milk.

So tell me:

What is the latest you’ve slept in until (that you remember)?

Do you notice that eating greasy, salty, sugary foods frequently makes you feel “bleh”?

What is your favorite greasy/salty/sugary food? And what is your favorite “healthy” food?


23 thoughts on “It’s Okay to Crave Healthy Food Too

  1. So true that even after we think we’ve fully recovered from an eating disorder and found balance, there is still always ‘more balance’ to be found. Often I still try to trick myself into thinking by body is craving so-called healthier foods, when in reality it really wants ice cream and a burger! Always a journey..

  2. I’m a libra so I’m constantly looking for that balance and it’s definitely not easy. Reading and seeing this is incredibly inspiring and comforting?! I’m not alone… whew!!! So thank you.
    The latest I’ve ever slept in was probably like 1:00!!!! 😳
    Favorite greesy less wholesome 😉foods are pasta pizza burgers hot dogs ice cream brownies soft cookies muffins …I’ll stop there! Lol and favorite healthier foods are roasted veggies, BBQ meats, Greek yogurt, fresh fruit!
    Have a great last few days back in Ny!!!!

  3. Those foods totally do the ‘bleh’ to me, and I usually start to regret (wish I could find a better word) them because my stomach gets upset right away. I am definitely getting more trusting of my body on what it wants/needs and doing my best to get more intuitive eating in my life.

  4. I love this because I too notice this now more often! Sometimes all my body is craving is something dense and carby such as dates stuffed with nut butter and I cannot fathom eating any sort of raw fruit or vegetable. Other times, I really want some fresh crunchy cucumber/lettuce combination with my meal. I think the fact that you have these cravings says a lot about how much more in tune you are now with your body.
    My favorite salty/greasy food would probably have to be pizza or anything super duper cheesy :D!
    Favorite healthy food would probably be figs, eggs, and sweet potatoes!

  5. I seriously gave you mad props when I saw the snap. I think the fact that you crave healthy food (and not some ga ga voice telling you so) is perfect evidence of trusting yourself again 🙂

    Also….I kind of want that seafood salad now, minus the leaves.

  6. When we arrived in Australia we slept for just over 12 hours… So unlike me! Jet lag sucks, the next evening we couldn’t sleep at all!
    Sometimes you know it’s going to make you feel bleugh and its not worth it and sometimes it’s so worth it! you definitely have the balance in check and have such a good mindset to it all. I’m getting there – if I’m tired or stressed then it’s a little harder to fight with those negative thoughts but it’s definitely getting easier over time!

    • You make a great point, Jen. Sometimes the “unhealthy food” is worth it and sometimes it isn’t—just like any decision in our life! We should do our best to tune into our bodies, but we should not be upset if we choose a food that happens to make us feel a little worse than we expected.

  7. im sleeping in till 10 at the minute…strangely i am growing suddenly im 5ft7?! I always notice that bleeh feeling and i am craving fruit at the minute like no other…I NEED a nectarine like asap! Great post looking beautiful as always!! Xx

  8. Like jeez you have been travelling the world!! I love that you’re experiencing this; its pretty life-changingly vital I believe. Speaking for myself, an important point: my idea of what is considered healthy versus not so much has really done a 180. Case in point – As long as its not making me feel like shiz I’m totally fine with having white (processed) flour on a daily basis. Just like not having a sugar laden dessert every single day and enjoying more natural sweets – which I happen to enjoy tremendously – is completely a-okay. You’re rockin’ it Ali 🙂 .

  9. The latest I ever slept in was 11:00… I think… I was quite young and was a growing girl. Maybe 12? Eating an abundance of foods rich in oils, salt and whatnot do tend to make me feel more “blah”. You are absolutely right- craving healthy food is okay. Sometimes I just crave a nice fresh apple! My favorite “unhealthy” food has to be ice cream. Shocker, right? 😉 My favorite healthy foods include salad, cauliflower, and apples.

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  12. What is the latest you’ve slept in until (that you remember)?
    I think 3 pm, after Winter break 1 year ago, when my sleeping schedule was so off I feared I never get it back on track! Thankfully, I did(:

    Do you notice that eating greasy, salty, sugary foods frequently makes you feel “bleh”?
    Yes!! Carbs are y fave though(:

    What is your favorite greasy/salty/sugary food? And what is your favorite “healthy” food?
    Sugary would have to be ice cream or fudge or something, I tend to like less sugary desserts, but fatty, so equal parts fatty to sugar. Don know if thatś a good thing or not..? Anyway, salty I LOVE steamed broccoli or carrots with olive oil and salt, thatś the greasy, salty, carby right there(;

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