In and Out of Canada

Because everyone takes a weekend road trip to Canada.

Our adventure was supposed to start on Saturday morning at 5 am after a nice early bedtime on Friday night. But of course, why start the excitement Saturday morning when you can start it Friday night?

7:30 pm

Dad: “Aghh. I left my drivers license at the security desk of the bank today… They don’t usually take my license for security, so I forgot. You’re going to have to drive all the way to Canada by yourself…”

Alison: “Ohhhh man….. Well okay. It’ll be fine.”

8:30 pm

Dad: “I need to go get my license. I’m going to need to drive around when we’re in Canada.”

Me: “You’re going into the city to pick it up now??”

Dad: “Yep. You’ll drive me down. It’s better if I have my license.”

Me: “Oooooookay. Alllllllrighty.”



So instead of going to bed at 9 like planned, we drove an hour down to the city, picked up his license, and then an hour back. Whatcha gonna do?

I’m glad we made that extra push to get his license though, because that made the 9 hour drive to Ontario much more doable being able to take turns.

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Overnight oats in a jar is THE way to go for early morning travels. 100%.

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Plus egg and cheese sandwiches.

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It’s also fun to know that I can import and order alcohol legally in Canada. *purple devil emoji*

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{importing scotch for my aunt, and had one sip of beer at a restaurant. haha.}

My dad and I are spending just a little bit of time here in Toronto primarily to visit my grandparents, but we’ve also seen tons of other relatives.

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Where there is family, there is food.

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puffy pita + fattoush chicken salad

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dim sum

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Moroccan feast incl. harissa carrots, fish tagine, and orange creme brûlée 

Things I’ve learned this trip:

  • All my cousins are growing up so fast (I guess I am too), and I’m having a little retrospective freak out.
  • Asian elders will always comment on your physical appearance, so you just have to deal with it.
  • I know I love my breakfasts, but making breakfast for five people is nerve-wracking, especially when you’re not in your own kitchen.

But it works out well when the people (my healthy, fitness-loving relatives) love the breakfast trifecta as much as I do.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

impromptu yogurt protein pancakes + classic banana oatmeal with fruit and nut butter

  • How to throw a knife.

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But I’ll keep that on the DL. *three purple devil emojis*

Canada is where the wild things are.

Today I’m rock climbing with my cousin! I’m in ninja training, essentially. Tomorrow, Dad and I are driving all the way back to New York, unpacking, and then packing again for Washington for a wedding. Weeeeeeee!

Hope you all have an awesome week. Watch out for ninjas.

So tell me:

Have you ever left something very important behind accidentally?

What is your favorite travel food?

Do you have any ninja skills? 


19 thoughts on “In and Out of Canada

  1. I am craving a roadtrip so very much; preferably to a game reserve – I need some wildlife in my life. We have quite a few not too far away so hoping that will happen soon. I love that you and your Dad rocked it solo 😀 ! And ohmybugger that puffed up pita is all kinds of beautiful! Schwarmas, homemade bars involving nut butter and chocolate, toffees and dried fruits are my favorite roadtripping foods.

  2. Glad you guys got the license thing sorted out- I can’t imagine having to drive for such a long distance on your own!
    I know how you feel about relatives commenting on your body, no matter how ‘well intentioned’ it is, it never feels good to hear others analyze what you look like.
    My favorite travel eats would have to be the amazing sandwiches we take with us- chicken, egg, mayo, veggies or these wonderful potato and lamb patties my mom makes… they always hit the spot :D!

  3. You know what I think would be a great idea? If you took a little detour west and ended up in the Rockies… just saying 😉 I do love road trips though, and I usually take one every fall with the family so I’m hoping that we head somewhere nice this year. Like maybe BC? To the ocean? Lol we always seem to head west, and while I’d love to drive out east one of these days, I’m not sure I’d be able to handle 3 whole days in the car 😛

  4. Can I come with you on your next adventure?!🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼👭 I’ll bring yummy snacks😉
    What a weakened!!!! I think all elders will make a comment on appearance 😭
    Good thing they are old😂
    Have a great time today and a safe trip back to the good ole usofa😘😘😘😘💗

  5. OOh wow. It looks like your relatives all really like the same kind of food as you. And you are super flexible when it comes to food. 🙂 This looks fun. And you and your dad are pretty hilarious together.

  6. “Asian elders will always comment on your physical appearance, so you just have to deal with it.”

    omg lol. YOU ARE SO FAT. (to me). YOU ARE SO THIN. (to Niki). YOU ARE SO OLD (Niki to them). She then got in trouble 🙂

    Hope you guys are having a blast and give mama an extra hi 5 for me 🙂

  7. I agree on the cousins growing up! Like, who gave them permission to be in HIGHschool?! Ugh. I don’t think I’ve ever left something like a drivers license behind! I’ve lost stuff, but usually semi-replaceable stuff with no major consequences. 😀 Nijna skills… I’m working on that one. 😛 But seriously, the only thing I feel semi-ninja at is moving along laundry and sorting it, which is not exactly a cool ninja skill to have. 😀

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