Under 24 Hours in Kansas City

Greetings from St. Louis! Sorry I’m posting this update so late, but the past 48 hours have been a whirlwind. If you follow me on Snapchat, you might have seen that my travels to the Midwest did not go quite as planned.


At 6AM, overnight oats in tow, Pop kindly drove me to the small local airport for my scheduled 8AM flight to Washington DC (where I had connecting flight to Kansas City).


Long story short, my flight out of New York was delayed four times due to a broken plane, so I had to change my connecting flight a few times before they finally sent me to another [larger] airport in the city for a direct flight to Kansas…7 hours later than I was supposed to leave New York.

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I arrived safely though, so that’s all that matters!

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You might be wondering: Why the heck was I in Kansas? Well, we used to live near Kansas City over 10 years ago, so my mom wanted to walk down memory lane by visiting our old house, church, school, etc. It was pretty cool to revisit some bits of my childhood again!

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our old church

Our gracious friend invited my mom and I to stay at their house (which is like a palace, to be quite honest) for the night, so we ate some delicious home cooked food…

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…and snuggled their Yorkie who is better-groomed than I ever am.

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Now that I’m older, it’s wild to see how different the Midwest and Northeast cultures are.

Midwest: mostly white people, lots of land, huge houses, competitive suburbia, more Christian radio

Northeast: diversity, small houses for way too much money, people mind their own business, better food (had to say it)

Those are generalizations of course! 🙂

After a quick sushi lunch yesterday afternoon, Mom and I hit the road for St. Louis.

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Mom and I passed the time in the car with some great conversation. We checked in at our hotel at around 7PM and then headed to dinner at a fantastic little eatery called The Hot Pot.

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local chicken hotpot with all the veggies (“rake up the garden” is what they called it) and lemon mango curry sauce — finished every last bite!

We finished our day with some TJMaxx shopping, House Hunters, and face masks. Girlz nite.

I’ll catch ya later today with a little celebratory post… 😀 I’m seeing my little cousins today! I love babieeees.

So tell me:

Have you ever had crazy travel delays?

Do you notice regional differences in your country?

Have you ever been to the Midwest/do you live here?


11 thoughts on “Under 24 Hours in Kansas City

  1. What an awesome travel opportunity! I am sorry your flight was changed so many times- sounds like an airport nightmare. While I was born in Illinois and have traveled to Ohio and Massachusetts, I have never seen the rest of the U.S besides California.
    I enjoyed looking at all of your wonderful food, and I hope you have a fun, memory filled trip!

  2. I’m thiiiiiis close to downloading snapchat soley because you are freaking hilarious! “This is to much for going to Kansas!” Lol
    I definitely notice regional differences
    New York City -stressed out dirty
    Everywhere else-clean, people smile and talk to you

  3. Luckily I haven’t experienced any troubles with flying so far. Fingers crossed it stays like that!
    You can definitely see/hear/feel differences between parts of the country. There are so many dialects of German. And every part has its own food specialities. Also they say in the north people are “cold”, neutral and mind their own business. In the south they’re friendly, but more conservative. The differences between people’s mindsets in villages vs cities are huge which is so interesting! I love diversity 🙂

  4. Man, I really wish I could travel more! Reading posts like this makes me stir-crazy! I’ve never had travel delays (unless an emergency trip to the mechanic before a road trip counts! 😀 ), but I have been on the other end of people who have! I’m sorry you were delayed like that…the airport isn’t the funnest place to spend vacation. Their house really does look like a palace. It’s hard to believe that people live in something like that! And that Yorkie…too cute and perfect for words. The more I hear about the south/midwest, the more I feel like I belong there. Maybe I’m wrong, but I need to visit sometime to find out! 😀 Have fun with your cousins! Family is the best!

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