If I Had One Last Day to Eat Anything I Wanted…

Guess who got retweeted by an Iron Chef!!!

gzchef retweet


I guess this irons out the wrinkles from our first encounter when he didn’t acknowledge my existence.

In other exciting news, I am off to the Midwest today for my baby cousin’s Baptism! I’ll be sure to update you all on the hip happenings as I roll through fields of corn experience that Midwest charm.

We’ll actually be traveling every weekend for the rest of August until I move back to Boston. Many family visits and celebrations to come!


When Daliza was over at my house last week, she offered an age-old question: What would your last meal be?

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Then I countered with the age-old response: Don’t make me choose!

So she graciously allowed me to share what I would eat on my last day of life. I didn’t answer on the spot, but we agreed that I should write a blog post about it. Here’s what I came up with. It was mighty difficult to narrow it down, because if you didn’t notice, I like a lot of foods.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 9.56.22 PM

P.S. Let’s just say my stomach also has unlimited capacity on this last day of my life.

BREAKFAST:  A huge stack of banana pancakes with peanut butter, Greek yogurt, and maple syrup + fresh berries and a tall glass o’ milk


LUNCH: The “Double Awesome” scallion pancake sandwich from Mei Mei in Boston (pesto, cheddar, poached eggs aghhh)

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SNACK: Fresh fruit that is so ripe it tastes like candy





COCKTAIL HOUR (yes): Shirley Temple + pita chips with hot spinach artichoke dip

BREAD BASKET: Cheese biscuits from Hemingway’s


THE SALAD: Arugula and mixed greens with roasted beets, artichokes, candied pecans, and fried goat cheese

THE APPETIZER (you read that right): Crab cakes


THE MAIN COURSE: Chicken gyro, locked and loaded


THE SIDES: Really super cheesy mac and cheese, roasted brussels sprouts, and cornbread with honey butter

DSC_0464 DSC_0468

THE DESSERT: Peach cobbler a la mode and/or carrot cake


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

…and now I lay to rest in an eternal food coma.

Morbid? Sorry. But seriously, who’s drooling right now?? {meeeeee.}

Catch ya guys on the flip side! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

So tell me: 

Choose three of the “courses” listed above and tell me what you eat for them!

Are you traveling at all this month? Where to?


31 thoughts on “If I Had One Last Day to Eat Anything I Wanted…

  1. Man, after a day like that, I would definitely die happy, Alison.

    Here’s mine:
    Breakfast: Oh god… this is harder than I thought. Avocado toast? no wait, mickey mouse shaped waffles? No. I’VE GOT IT! CREPES! Ok, my final breakfast would be two crepes, one savory and one sweet. The savory would be filled with pesto and other fresh, yummy vegetables and the sweet would be filled with nutella and rasperries. Yes. I am content with that.

    Lunch: Sushi and ice cream. Because if that isn’t a perfectly balanced lunch, I don’t know what is.

    Dinner: The best for last. My favorite food has always been Italian so this would be a full on Italian affair. Fresh bread dipped in herbed olive oil, bruschetta, carbonara pasta… and for dessert: flourless chocolate cake. Phew, I am tired just thinking about consuming all those carbs!

    And for a night snack: Cookie dough. Because if I’m gonna die anyway, I can eat this without the worry of salmonella. 🙂

  2. Um….ok now I am officially starving 2 minutes after breakfast. For dessert I would definitely also have carrot cake with extremely thick cream cheese frosting AND a side of coffee ice cream mixed with brownies and chocolate chips (aka what I order at Coldstone).

  3. Oh my gosh! No way! I would TOTALLY be freaking out if I were you. Heck, I’m freaking out now and it didn’t even happen to me! *deep breaths, deep breaths* As for the food, I honestly don’t know. I’m not really that into food, but I think probably bread sticks (I’m really craving them right now), ice cream and chocolate would all be involved. 🙂 I’m not going anywhere this month, although my grandparents are visiting from CA at the end of the month. I’m on call for a friend of ours to watch her kids when she goes into labor, so that will be fun! We are considering squeezing a staycation in after our friend has her baby and before our grandparents visit, but we aren’t sure if that is going to work out. Have fun on your travels! I can’t wait to see Midwest pictures… I love flat, open places! ❤

  4. What part of the Midwest are you traveling to? I hope you have lots of fun in the place where nothing happens.. kidding.. not really.
    Anywho.. I love how your dinner has courses. Seriously, it wouldn’t be a last supper without a bread basket! 😉

  5. Ahh I’m literally sitting here planning out my last day of eats on earth for the past 10 min🙈😂
    (Keep in mind I would also have unlimited stomach capacity)
    Breakfast: raisin bran, cinnamon Cheerios, life cereal, granola with banana and PB and a side of carrot cake pancakes
    Lunch a good ole deli turkey sandwich with BBQ chips
    Dinner: pasta, pizza, and some Spanish shrimp and rice. Or maybe sweet potato fries? And corn bread!!!!
    Dessert chocolate ice cream/gelato/fro yo with brownie and Oreos
    Done!! Gone!!! Adios! Lol
    Have a great trip Alison!!!

  6. Dont you love getting retweeted by celebrities? Oh wait, I am talking as if its happened to me. Or that I actually have a twitter account. One can only dream…
    Your question poses some deep introspective thinking!
    Breakfest for me would probably be something chocolatey. Maybe a gigantic chocolate chip muffin with chocolate chips.
    Lunch and dinner would for sure incorporate sushi, and sashimi, and sushi.
    For snacks, I would love some gigantic baked buttery yams/sweet potatoes dosed with infinite amounts of cashew butter.
    After that there would be some peanut buttercup cookie dough ice-cream (new flavor I invented).
    And then hopefully I would rest in peace ;).

  7. Is it horrible that the only real thing that comes to mind when I think of the last meals I want to eat is dessert? 😆 Because food is all well and good, but my sweet tooth pretty much rules my life. That being said, there would definitely be some sort of chocolate cake. Probably Black Forest, with tonnes of whipped cream and real cherry filling. And a cappuccino on the side, because coffee and chocolate are just a match made in heaven.

  8. I absolutely love this post. First, fangirling for you over the Geoffery Zakarian retweet. Second, SO much deliciousness! I’m bad at favorites, so my meals would probably be obnoxiously huge 😀 A few of mine:
    Breakfast – Pancakes + peanut butter + maple syrup and a mix of bananas and berries… with a veggie packed omelet
    Dinner sides – Perfect French fries and sweet potato fries, roasted asparagus, broccoli, and brussels sprouts, bacon-wrapped dates
    Dessert – a cheesecake bite, apple crumble a la mode, a warm chocolate chip cookie, and a warm fudgy brownie a la mode.
    I’m going to San Francisco at the end of the month! Have fun on your trip!

  9. I have to do either Breakfast or dessert. So can I do both?

    Breakfast – Boy, yes, I would definitely do pancakes with lots of toppings. And a big bowl of granola with fruit.

    Dessert- Apple pie and ICECREAM! :), Homemade chocolate chip cake, and a peanut butter cookie with icecream!

  10. All that food looks amazing! Choosing last meals is so hard, I love so many different foods! But I guess if I had to…;)
    Breakfast would have to be waffles with maple syrup and banana and whipped cream:) Lunch would be some kind of epic sandwich featuring cheese, tuna and a ton of salad. Dinner would have to be pizza and a dessert of a pint of Ben and Jerrys!
    I am actually off to New Zealand today, for a month! I’m so nervous haha but hopefully it’ll be a cool experience and I’ll like the people:) enjoy your trips too! Xo

  11. Omg I would do terrible things for the brussels/mac & cheese/cornbread combo.
    I approve of all your choices. Maybe not the fresh fruit though. C’mon, you’re about to die! Let’s replace the fruit part with ice cream.

    Mine would be:

    Breakfast: blueberry waffles topped with maple syrup and fresh whipped cream
    Lunch: gooey cheese pizza
    Dinner: ‘Thanksgiving dinner’
    Desserts: strawberry rhubarb pie + vanilla ice cream, carrot cake and a super fudgey brownie
    Drinks: red wine

  12. Breakfast: huge omelette with cheese, avocado toast and veggies.
    Dinner: roasted chicken leg with crispy skin, crispy roasted potatoes and a big fresh salad with arugula, tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette.
    Dessert: mum’s cheesecake and fresh berries, or maybe my first Ben & Jerry’s? 😀

  13. I’m traveling to Monterey, California this Tuesday! But it’s more work than play 😛 Still traveling! I have no idea what I would eat for those meals…I need to think more. I definitely know that ice cream, my moms homemade mac n cheese, bread with butter, and apple pie would be on the menu 😛

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