Cool Fact About Thicker Thighs

I’m glad you guys have similar sentiments on becoming a grownup.

One thing that I definitely don’t mind about becoming a grownup is grocery shopping and cooking for myself…


yesterday’s breakfast: full fat Greek yogurt mixed with chia seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, stevia + banana, berry banana muffin, and peanut butter

So the hot weather took a turn for the CRAZY yesterday afternoon. The clouds were pouring like it was going out of style. I was driving 30-40 mph on the highway with my blinkers on, and visibility was maybe 10%. I thought the windshield might break because the rain was coming down so hard!

A thunder bolt from the fingertips of God seemed to strike right next to my car too, so that was exhilarating to say the least.


While driving in the storm of the summer, I was listening to the Balanced Bites podcast (as requested by some of you!), and I learned the coolest fact from episode #191!

They talked about how having “nice, curvy, meaty thighs” as women is actually healthy. This is because the fat in our thighs is an indicator of “being a healthy, fertile woman.” Our thigh fat stores DHAs, which are amino acids that promote good neural developments for babies in the womb, and having those extra stores will contribute to a healthy baby.

Neat, eh? This isn’t to say that having naturally thin thighs is a bad thing, but having thicker thighs (holla!) is definitely not a bad thing either! Basically, just embrace your legz, ladies (and gents!).

My legs were fed by this delicious dinner last night:


Jen’s honey balsamic chicken with pan-roasted brussels sprouts. Simple and tasty!

And lastly, here are this week’s moves and grooves! Wow, this post is all over the place, but it’s Friday. Everyone is loosing it, right?

weekly moves and grooves

  • Friday: 60 min. yoga
  • Saturday: Walk and lower body exercises every once in a while
  • Sunday: 8 minute abs
  • Monday: Handstands + bridges and leg lifts
  • Tuesday: Gymnastics warmup + 20 min yoga
  • Wednesday: Random exercises and stretching
  • Thursday: Rest


Me when I’m blogging:

in the zone

A more pleasant face than I was expecting…usually I have total RBF (hi, Amanda 😉 )

Photo credits to madame Daliza:

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

So tell me:

Have you ever driven in torrential rain?

Which body part do you embrace, despite some insecurities? My legs used to be my least favorite part of my body, but now I’ve never been so grateful and confident in how strong and supportive they are, regardless of their size/shape.

What are you doing this weekend? I have a very special visitor coming in tonight! 😀


22 thoughts on “Cool Fact About Thicker Thighs

  1. All the time haha! It rains non stop where I live (yay).
    I used to hate my stomach, it’s my biggest insecurity. But now I’ve learned to embrace it for what it is. It will never be flat but it’s mine and it keeps me alive:) this weekend I am packing for my trip:)

  2. My stomach would be my biggest insecurity – especially now that I’ve had a baby. Things just don’t look quite the same anymore. I’m trying to remember that it’s okay – I birthed a human being; however, it can be frustrating sometimes…

    PS – Love the idea of a muffin in the Greek yogurt! Nomnomnom.

  3. Now that is awesome! Thanks for sharing it; I’m always needing reminders to accept the my body is, and it helps to know that God created us to be this way, and it’s just our society that makes us think otherwise. I want to say that I have driven in heavy rain, but if so, it was probably when I was first learning. Around here we usually just get pretty moderate but constant downpour, or a gentle mist (what we call “spitting” in our house; just enough to be annoying!). I think my legs, too. I haven’t always been as strong as am now (which isn’t very strong, lol!), but I like how much my legs can do, and I don’t mind as much the way they look. I’m working on accepting my whole body, but my legs are the easiest for me to accept. 🙂 This weekend I’m going to a specialty dog show that is just for Whippets! I’m super excited! Hope you have a fun weekend!

  4. One time, my best friend and I were driving back from Disneyland to our school in San Diego, and all of sudden it started pouring! The raindrops went from zero to sixty in about five seconds and it freaked us out. I slammed on the breaks as everyone’s driving went chaotic and I couldn’t see anything! Emily had to reach over and start manually hitting the windshield wipers because they weren’t going fast enough. It was one of the scariest moments!

  5. I actually listened to that episode and found it eye-opening as well. There is a lot of criticism going out to women who follow the ‘paleo’ lifestyle, saying that their diet can’t possibly be healthy since a lot of them aren’t ‘skinny’. It is true that many of these women have thicker, more muscular bodies that don’t fit societies norm. However I began to realize that for a majority of women this is actually and amazing thing. It signifies being fertile, healthy, and strong. Unless someone is genetically very slim, there is honestly no real reason or health benefit for them to strive to fit a ‘smaller’ mold. The more we embrace our beautiful assets and try to strive for real health, the higher our chances of happiness are. I felt and occasionally still do feel self conscious about my own thighs and also my sides, as my body shape is unique in its own way. However I beginning to let go of these thoughts and just love and embrace my body as it is, healthy <3.

  6. I love that you embrace your legs now 🙂 I was always that way with my tummy/hips. I used to want a flat stomach so bad and that’s just not my natural shape. So much easier to just accept and embrace ❤ Also.. you look cute while you blog. I totally have a RBF usually as well, but I think half the time when I am blogging I am smiling so it's more likely I look bitchy when doing my day job haha

  7. Definitely my legs and thighs!!! But that’s a pretty interesting tidbit there and will definitely be reminding myself when my brain tries to mess with me👍🏼👍🏼
    So this is weird but I love the time right before it storms and gets super dark and scary! When I was little I used to want to go outside at that time😳 more evidence of my weirdness lol
    Have a great weekend Alison!!!! 😘

  8. Ok so you’re gorgeous even when you don’t smile — no RBF at all! And my legs were actually a huge insecurity for me as well, especially since I do a lot of snowboarding so they have a tendency to get more muscly. But I’m totally with you in that I’ve been way more appreciative of them lately, especially because of how strong they make me feel and how I can do so many more things than I could when I was underweight and not fuelling my body properly. It’s a good feeling 🙂

  9. Well that’s a fun little fact! I think my legs are part of my I am/was insecure about, but it is certainly getting better because I now realize how strong they make me! I’m so proud of you for getting to this point with yourself. The journeys we go on are so crazy, but we learn so much from them in the end. And no worries – I don’t see an RBF.

  10. First of all, you do not have thick thighs- they are healthy and beautiful and they carry the gracious woman you are! My thighs were (and still are) my most “troublesome” area. I still am extremely self-conscious of them. Those facts are really cool, though! I will definitely be thinking of that when ED tries to mess with me.
    I have driven in horrendous rain, before! A few times, actually… It is definitely scary but I just take my time and pray. Sometimes I wonder if my windshield wipers are going to bust when I need them most!

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  12. It was really interesting to read all of the comments before I commented because at this time in my life, I’d probably have to say my thighs, too! And that’s a really interesting little tidbit that you included from the podcast- it sounds like aiming for thin, stick-straight inner thighs if that isn’t our natural body shape is actually going against what’s healthiest!

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