Chronicles of Becoming a Grownup


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1) I’m very tempted to see if I can cook an egg on the sidewalk. It is blazing hot here in New York!!! It was 92F yesterday, but I’m pretty sure it felt like 110.


for now I’ll stick to cooking my eggs on the stovetop

2) Let’s talk about transitioning into a grownup. I guess I’m at a point in my life where I have a million revelations about how the world works, how other people work, and how I myself work. It’s really cool to be learning so much about life through new experiences, rather than just learning about them through textbooks and lectures.

3) So here starts my chronicles of becoming a grownup. Account #1: I was taking in the trash bin from the curb, and the lid was open. As I went to close the lid, I looked inside and saw a profusion of maggots at the bottom of the trash bin. Cue ALL THE HEEBIE JEEBIES.



Rather than waiting for my dad to get home, I put on my big girl pants and used our garden hose + dish soap to spray the trash bin a bunch of times and rinse out the nastiness. Biggest accomplishment of the summer, in my opinion.

3) Account #2: I’ll clean the floors meticulously, admire the newly cleaned floors, walk two feet forward, and find more dirt/crumbs/scuff marks. Then I’ll clean that spot, walk away, come back to that spot 15 minutes later, and find that I missed a whole section of dirtiness thanks to the different lighting.



4) Account #3: I paid for my own year-supply of contact lenses for the first time ever ($$$$). Then I realized those contacts weren’t fitting my eyes correctly.



I’m getting that worked out, don’t worry.

5) Account #4: I’ve been making several doctor appointments, going to those doctor appointments, making decisions for myself (“OKAY I’LL TAKE THAT SHOT SINCE YOU SAY IT’S GOOD, DOC. I DON’T FEEL PRESSURED OR ANYTHING.”), and figuring out how insurance cards work…and stuff.



Copay? Erm, yes? No? Can I phone a friend?

6) I often wonder how I’m going to get through life. I’ve been raised in a comfortable, loving environment; I’ve been pretty spoiled. But I’m trying to learn as much as I can, taking each experience (no matter how ordinary) for all it’s worth, and slowly learning how to be a grownup. All with God’s grace. #LordHelpMe

7) And don’t get me started on the mental/emotional/spiritual changes and revelations that are occurring as I become a grownup. To be chronicled in the future…

8) Let’s lighten up this post with some food photos. I’d like you to know that pesto and goat cheese go together mighty well.


pesto chicken, goat cheese, greens on an English muffin

And that summer peaches are one of life’s simple pleasures.


9) I tried a sample Vega One French Vanilla nutrition shake (from Blend, surprise surprise) mixed with just water yesterday (since I was drinking it on the go).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

in a Quest shaker bottle, also from Blend

I don’t know if I’m just not a fan of the whole protein powder + water thing, but this was gnarlyyy. In a bad way. It was kinda goopy and mealy, and the green color (from the veggie content of the powder?) did not help the cause. I still finished it, but it was a little bit of a choke.

I’m not discrediting Vega One. I’m sure it would have been great in a smoothie or something, but with just water? Never again.

10) This seems like such a complain-y post, but it’s all for a good laugh (if you’re not laughing, at least I’m laughing at myself). God is good, and I am grateful.

Hope you have a day filled with learning, discovery, and good vibes (<— idk, trying to be hipster).

So tell me:

If you’re around my age, what’s a recent experience that made you feel one step closer to being a grownup?

If you’re already a grownup, do you still have trouble doing grownup things? (This question is to comfort and console me for the future.)

Have you ever tried just protein powder and water? 


41 thoughts on “Chronicles of Becoming a Grownup

  1. I find that now that I just graduated (from BU, actually), that I have to do all adult things all at once. The biggest thing I’ve done so far? Sign a lease for an apartment! That’s when I realized things were getting real, and that I had to be a true adult soon. Scary! Thankfully, my mom (and Google) help me out with any questions that do come up.

    And I’ve been on and off protein powders for a while now. MY coach tells me I should take it, but it tastes so gross. I’m thinking I might try just adding vanilla protein powder to fruit smoothies for taste, or mixing it with water and matcha powder for a green tea taste. I’ll let you know if either works when I try it out!

    • NO WAY! You’re a BU alum!? That’s awesome! Wow I’m really excited to hear that, haha.

      Congrats on the new apartment!! I know from my friends how stressful it can be to find one. And yes, protein powders are much better in smoothies, oats, or baked recipes!

  2. I’m a sophomore in college too, and I can totally relate to this post! I thought the trash can was hilarious because I had a similar situation this summer. It has really started setting in that I’m a grown up now because I’m starting to pay for more things and doing more of my own banking!

  3. Adult-ing is hard haha, recently I have been having to make a bunch of decisions about my future and filling out all these forms for study abroad and man I just wanna call my mum and make her do it for me like the good old days haha! Protein powder and water is not great…like at all… I used to make myself drink the stuff and thinking back to that right now gives me the shakes. ew it was nasty.
    Can I also just say that you’re eggs on toast look beyond amazing, I suck at making fried eggs so i’m really trine perfect that at the mo:) Have a great day Alison!

  4. I’m in the same boat as you. It seems like everyday I am get a step closer into the “real world”. It is a little scary sometimes. It feels odd going to doctor’s appointments all by myself and scheduling them. Anyway, I am proud of you for defeating the maggots! Those things are nasty. Alison = 1 Maggots = 0
    I also tried the Vega One protein powder in water. It was disgusting. I don’t see how people can drink protein powder and water straight. Yuck!

  5. Being an adult is so bizarre. I’ve been scheduling and going to doctor’s appointments on my own for probably a year now and it still feels weird. “Wait, you mean I have to detail my medical history for you? And ask the right questions? Um… my mom is probably better at that. I’ll try.”

  6. Wow yes, growing up is hard. I think one of the biggest experiences for me last year was going to Uganda by myself. O_o I didn’t have anyone to help me navigate the airports or talk to airline officials. IT was just little ole me. 😉 Somedays I still feel so young and naive, but I guess it’s a process. My mom wasn’t 50 in a day, and I won’t be either.

  7. Woah in total admiration of your maggot cleaning and contact paying duties. If that doesn’t scream grown up I don’t know what does. I have to say I still live a pretty sheltered life at home, as my mom honestly does almost everything. However I am finding myself realizing all the things I can do to increase my independence, as I will hopefully be transitioning to a different university on my own next year.
    Also, it is one of my personal nightmares to try protein powder and water… for some reason the thought makes me cringe and I am glad you were able to prove my validations correct ;).

  8. Okay so I have a random grown-up experience that recently happened to me. I am not even sure if this is me being a grown up, but I feel like it applies so I am rolling with it. I accidentally broke my retainer two months ago, and I realized, I could go my whole life without getting a new one. I only wear it a few nights to bed anyway. But then, I started to realize that I wanted my teeth to be in good health, so I sucked it up, went to the orthodontist where I had to pay for a new one uninsured (ouch!), and I was cringing at the bill. However, I know it was the adult thing to do, and it sounds silly, but it really made me satisfied!

  9. You are the cutest. I agree with you on the protein powder…mixed with water it’s gross. But I also just don’t like/use/buy protein powder for any reason so mixed with water sounds about as bad as it would get with that stuff. I still don’t feel like a grownup in so many ways and doubt I ever will. Danny fills in the gaps where I still am like “HUH” so that’s helpful 😉

  10. Oh I can SO relate! And my parents have been proactive at helping us be comfortable with doing those kinds of things, but I’m still just as nervous, and I-have-no-clue-let-me-ask-my-mom. I think one of the things that made me feel grown up was when we went to the hair salon to get our hair cut (bear with me 🙂 ). We usually have a friend cut it, because we’ve had so many bad experiences with hair salons, so we haven’t been to a salon since I was like 10-12. This time we needed our hair cut, and she wasn’t available, so we had to go to a salon. It was my first time of directing a complete stranger (who couldn’t speak English very well!) on how I wanted my hair cut, and the whole experience made me feel very grown up. Kind of small, but still. That and every time I get into the driver’s seat of the car. Even though I don’t quite have my license yet (almost!), it still makes me feel grown up, and it makes me a little scared to think how it will feel my first time driving alone! I want to say I have had protein powder and water before, but if I have, it’s been long enough that I can’t remember for sure. Which means I didn’t like it enough to repeat it! 😛 I think it was chocolate whey, though, so it probably tasted more like funny chocolate milk, and nothing like your green goop. Ugghh. That makes me shudder, because I know I would be a total chicken and not finish it. 😀

  11. Becoming a grown-up is so odd. I felt the same way with Vega the first time I had tried it. It is much better when mixed with a milk or in a smoothie. Making appointments and dealing with bills/insurance/etc. is such an odd part of growing up. Almost like, “Am I really old enough to do this?!”

  12. Lol!!! I’m nodding my head and laughing at all of them!!! Seriously can phone a friend be a real thing?!
    I cleaned the kitchen sink the other day only to find out I used to bathroom cleaner?! O well I tried🙈 anything with banking or the dmv still needs to be explained to me so if you’ve got that stuff figured out, hit me up!! 😉
    O and that vega stuff is so gross even with milk!!! I can’t imagine with water 😝 the only way I can do protein powder is mixed with lots of other creamy things

  13. I wish I liked protein powder… but it’s kind of gross and expensive. And I think all the time “I guess that makes me an adult”… but then I forget and feel like I’ll never be older than 20 (and I’m 22). Maybe we will just always feel like we are “growing up.”

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  15. lol as I was reading this it is actually 110 where I live and I was also eating a delicious peach:) I have tried protein powder in water and it is definitely not my thing… Much better mixed with milk or a smoothie in my opinion:)

  16. Girllll, I turned 30 this year and I feel loike I’m -still- working on becoming a grown up. I’ll let you know if I ever get there, but I’m pretty sure it’s more of a lifelong process than it is an actual destination. And honestly? I don’t now if I ever want to get there. Big kid at heart, right here. And that Vega powder? Yeaaaaaah. I love most of Vega’s stuff, but I definitely can’t use it on it’s own with water. Gnarly doesn’t even begin to cover it. But I love it in smoothies or oats, or you can even mix it into Greek yogurt!

  17. The first time I really felt like an adult was on the plane to Cambodia when I was 17. I volunteered tree for awhile and in my oh so confident, I’m a grown up now way I decided to do it all without goog through an aid organisation. In retrospect, kinda crazy.

    I saw your comment above about studying abroad. I say do it! The biggest regret I have about university is that I didn’t!

  18. I turned 30 a few days ago and at one point thought ‘does this mean I have to grow up now?’ – then I realised heck no! All up for being responsible, that just comes with age, but ‘growing up’ – nah! I will still go to the cinema to see Disney movies, watch cartoons and laugh at funny words!
    And don’t worry about growing up comfortable and ‘feeling spoilt’ – having read your blog and seeing all the things you have been up to since graduating and heading to Uni, your determination and spirit, your courage and passion and your drive all indicate to me that you will be just fine! 🙂

  19. This made me laugh yes! I turned 20 recently, but sometimes I [jokingly] think to myself: jeez you’re useless. But I’m cool with it because I don’t feel quite close to being an adult and I can only imagine that it’ll work in our favor when we’re like 60 or something 😉 .

  20. Being a mom to Charlotte has definitely made me grow up quickly! Granted, I’m 27 years old now but I think the 20s are for transitioning into adulthood, finding out who you are and what your purpose is 🙂

    PS- Protein + water = not so good (IMO)

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