Snapchat, Podcasts, and Current Snack Addiction


1) I used to think Snapchat was the worst social media platform ever. Sending anyone photos that will be forever deleted (or so they say) after a few seconds seemed funny, but also very….dangerous? My fear was opening a snap and being like:

AHH - Oh my


2) But now Snapchat has this whole “My Story” phenomenon, and I don’t hate it. You don’t have to scroll through a feed to see what people are up to, and I find some people’s stories to be quite entertaining. Mine aren’t that cool, but if you want to follow me and see me livin’ life (in case you don’t see enough of that here), my username is alisonmty. Option two would be to scan this:


3) Continuing on the theme of social media, what is the deal with accounts like this?


Zero posts, not following anyone, over 19,000 followers. I don’t know, I just don’t.

4) Yes, I am continually doctoring my social media obsession. I did a pretty good job a few weeks ago by limiting my time on social media to about half an hour total every day. Then I fell off that bandwagon, but I should hop back on.

5) Okay one more thing regarding technology, but this seems more productive than social media. I’ve started listening to podcasts! What I mean by that is I’ve started listening to two podcasts— Girls Gone WOD (found out about them through Tina’s blog) and The Catholic Guy’s Show. They’re both funny, informative, and thought-provoking. Listening to podcasts is like being a passive listener to a really good conversation that fascinates you.

I would appreciate any podcast recommendations! (I do know about Serial.)

6) Popcorners are the most addicting snack in all the land. It’s like opening the door to Narnia when you open the bag.

DSC_1685 DSC_1681

times 5000

*Dad opens bag*

Me: Be careful, those are addicting.

*Dad chuckles*

*I go over to eat one…then two*

Me: They’re just so good!

*I go for another one*

Me: See, as soon as you open the bag…!

Dad: Yeah. Close it. Close it.

7) Sandwiches on English muffins have been rockin’ my world. Not because sandwiches between two pieces of regular bread aren’t fantastic, but when English muffins are BOGO, you hop on it and put yummy things inside.


goat cheese and turkey meatloaf


avocado, goat cheese, two eggs

8) After a hot and humid weekend, the weather eased up beautifully yesterday! My morning walk was crisp and pleasant.


9) “25 Things Girls Put On Instagram That Annoy All Women”. Okay, going back to Instagram for a quick sec because I just found this. Although I definitely don’t agree with some of the things on this list, I do find the post hilarious. “Bathroom selfies: Oh well your house is just lovely, laundry on the floor and all.”

10) I promise there’s more in my brain than social media and petty first world problems. Those things just keep it lighthearted around here. 🙂 Hope you all have a splendid day!

So tell me:

Do you use Snapchat?

Your current snack addiction?

Do you listen to podcasts? Have any favorites?

What annoys you on Instagram? Chances are, if someone’s posts are annoying me, I’m not following the person. That being said, I’m not a fan of random selfies with an emoji as a caption. I’m fine with selfies in general (meaningful caption, with friends, at a cool place, etc.), but the emoji caption is just…alrighty then. There you are.


31 thoughts on “Snapchat, Podcasts, and Current Snack Addiction

  1. I love listening to Podcasts! I got into them at the beginning of the year and live listening around the house or on a walk! You should totally checkout Primal Potential (I have learned SO much from Elizabeth) and Maddy Moon (I think you’d like her too!) Also love one called The Longest Shortest Time about parenting and Gretchen Rubin’s podcast called Happier! Let me know if you check any of these out 🙂

  2. I used to think snapchat was such a silly idea and then my whole family got it and I was quickly converted. Pretty much only snap my family but my parents send the best snaps EVER so I have no regrets.

  3. I’ve been good at unfollowing people if their posts really annoy me, or if I have negative feelings after seeing what they post. I think it works pretty well! I love GGW, and it is really the only podcast I really listen to! I’ve listened to Joy and Claire since the beginning and love the laidback feel they present. It makes you feel like you are just talking/listening to friends.

  4. I still haven’t gotten into the snapchat thing, but I honestly think it’s something I would like… if I could handle having another social media platform 😆 I just like the idea that picture are deleted and you don’t have to really worry about making your account look good like you do on IG. I dunno. Maybe someday I’ll end up downloading it 😛 And omigosh English muffins are the love of my life. I definitely prefer them to bread or bagels.

  5. Everyone keeps telling me to get a Snapchat, but I don’t “get” it… and I don’t want to become addicted. That said, it’s probably just a matter of time 😛
    I seriously love English muffins and feel like they don’t get enough credit in the world of various breads. 😉

    • It’s a really weird social media platform, I must admit. It’s sort of just knowing about what’s going on in people’s lives within the last 24 hours, and then it disappears forever (unless you save/screenshot things…)
      And yes, English muffins are the unsung hero of breads!

  6. Hahaha your comment about selfies with an emoji caption. I agree completely. I am all about podcasts! Especially when driving or on a walk. I love a lot of them but I really like listening to interviews – The Wellness Wonderland and Mind Body Musings are good “wellness” ones I like. I also like This American Life and Freakanomics. Also..goat cheese and turkey meatloaf on an english muffin!?

  7. I am majorly social media addicted! If I try to restrict it, I end up going for hours on end the next day. It is something I need to work on, however it is hard because I am not the most social person and would much rather spend my time by myself on my computer/phone (yes I know how terrible that sounds). However I do love going out for a walk an listening to podcasts! I love Mind body musings by Maddy moon, Paleo for women, the nourished podcast, finding our hunger, the art of charm, ben coomber radio, the jassa podcast, balanced bites, fearless rebelle, the wellness wonderland, does college matter, food psych, precision nutrition, the psychology of eating, life like a girl, the chalene show, the model health show, he ancestral rd’s, and evil sugar radio! Is that enough, I think it’s not enough ;).

    • There are so many benefits yet so many drawbacks to social media, and lately I’ve been feeling the drawbacks, so I think I need to step back a little.
      I’m going to have to check out Mind Body Musings, Wellness Wonderland and Maddy Moon for sure, because two other commenters mentioned those too! Thanks so much, Niki! 🙂

  8. I don’t have SnapChat anymore, but when I did, I only used it for the stories as well. That proved to be more entertaining than one picture. One time, while I was away at college my brother grew out his beard. Then in his snap chat story, he progressively shaved it off, but every new snap chat was a different style he shaved his beard into before shaving the whole thing off. It was hilarious, and I will never forget it!

  9. Hahahah what IS IT about Popcorners that is so addicting? I can’t count how many times I’ve polished off a bag in one sitting.

    I JUST signed up for snapchat this week. I hated it for a long time too, but I’m realizing that it’s giving me the opportunity to share stuff I wouldn’t normally post on Instagram (food, workouts, random stuff)

  10. I have no idea what snap chat is or how it works but i think it’s safe to say I’m better off bc I really don’t need anymore reason to be on my phone any more🙈😉
    English muffins>>>> I rarely use bread actually! English muffins are the perfect doughy platforms for anything 👍🏼
    And not to sound like a Debbie downer but I’m really really not a fan of preworkout/post workout selfies or transformation pics. Too much body focus 😭
    Anywho enjoy this gorgeous day Alison!! Love you pal😘

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