Virtual Breakfast Date

Rise and shine, it’s Friday!

virtual breakfast date

…I would tell you to save your peach skins if you ever make peach cobbler. You can chop them up and add them to smoothies, oatmeal or yogurt. They still have all the flavor of the fruit, so don’t waste ’em!


…I would tell you that I’m actually eating overnight oats right now with some of the peach skins in it. Do it.

…I would tell you that the weather was utterly gorgeous yesterday. Not too hot, not too cold, not a cloud in the sky. I spent lots of time outdoors, including a walk with this chick.

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…I would tell you that THIS is me. #WaitWhereIsNorth

…I would tell you that I’m bitterly missing Boston, my mom, and bro Ben. But I’m loving the quality time I’ve had with Pop this summer.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

…I would tell you that The Zone Blog (by MyProtein) published an article that I wrote on the importance of working out smaller, stabilizing muscles. Hooray for physical therapy-related writing! ➔ Click here if you want to check it out!

…I would tell you that goat cheese has been featured in my lunch sandwiches recently, and I am diggin’ it.


avocado, Moroccan chicken, goat cheese

…I would tell you that this summer has given me the opportunity and time to reflect on how my actions affect others, improve my relationship with God, and grow as a person.

…I would tell you that I am very thankful for each and every one of you. Your support means the world to me, and you’re always in my prayers.

…I would tell you that I’m kinda sick of social media, but somehow I am drawn into it anyway. I can stop anytime I want, it’s fine.

…I would wish you a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend ahead!

…I would ask you:

What are you eating for breakfast this morning?

Are you directionally challenged like I am?

Do you like goat cheese?

Who or what is making you particularly happy currently?

What are you doing this weekend?

(Answer any or all or none of the above 🙂 )


24 thoughts on “Virtual Breakfast Date

  1. The weather was nice here yesterday, too!! I love this not too hot summer weather 🙂

    And I’m the same way about social media. Sometimes I’m sick of it butttttt that’s my full time job, haha. so I have to accept it! I hope you have a great weekend, girl!

  2. What are you eating for breakfast this morning?
    I haven’t eaten yet, so maybe cereal?

    Are you directionally challenged like I am?
    Yes, I AM! As I’ve been driving more and more it’s challenged me to be more aware of directions, and I think I’ve gotten a bit better. 😀
    Who or what is making you particularly happy currently?
    Puppies!!! And really reading God’s Scriptures and being reminded of just what a privilege it is to have Scriptures to read, meditate on, and learn more about God. 🙂

    What are you doing this weekend?
    A triathlon. O_o So nervous. I would appreciate your prayers.

  3. I had an omelet, watermelon, & honeydew for breakfast this morning. Super yummy! I’m also directionally challenged because I usually don’t pay attention very well when I’m going places…so I have no idea how to get back! Fun post idea 🙂

  4. I am BEYOND directionally challenged. It’s semi embarrassing but oh well. I have not eaten breakfast yet but now I want that peach oatmeal with peanut butta. Please come make that for me.

  5. Mmm such a good idea with the peaches!

    And that last one!!! Yep! I’m so stressed and burned out with social media yet I keep going back for more #ineedanewhobby #fomo #whyamihashtagging #caseinpoint #illstopnow🙈😂
    Have a great weekend girl!

  6. I loved this post! Breakfast was a protein smoothie , yogurt and rice cakes.
    I am super good with directions and can navigate around a city like it’s nothing. Goat cheese and me don’t get along haha. My guy “friend” is currently the reason behind my happiness, the sad thing is that he is a 17 hour flight (3 changeovers) away! AH, long distance sucks.

  7. I had a english muffin with almond butter, cottage cheese, and dried cranberries. It is my go-to breakfast and it is dee-licious!
    Heck yeah I am directionally challenged. I have the hardest time memorizing roads and such. Thank goodness for google maps!
    I’m not the biggest fan of goat cheese, but a little here and there is pretty tasty 🙂
    I am currently reading “Redeeming Love” and it is making me very happy. The book is fantastic so far!
    I will be grocery shopping, cleaning, babysitting, and visiting with my dad this weekend.
    I love it when you write these kind of posts, Alison. I get really excited when I see it on my Bloglovin’ feed 😀

  8. Oh my goodness; I just discovered your blog, and I’m already in love with it! I am all in for the peach skin; I never throw peach skin away. I actually quite like it! It’s fuzzy and tastes like velvet. 😉 Anyways, for breakfast this morning, I had some good ol’ cereal with soya milk. I am definitely directionally challenged, and the only reason why I ever got an iPhone was to get my hands on Google Maps. I’ve never tried goat cheese, because my family and I are lactose intolerant, so cheese isn’t readily available. I would also like to thank my dear cats for making me very happy recently, because you know… they’re cats, and cats are too cute for words. As for the weekend (which is just about over now), I plan on relaxing, reading, and doing homework!

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