WIAW: Then and Now

You wanna know what’s pretty darn cool?

These photos of Pluto.

Wanna know what else is pretty darn cool?

Looking through my blog and seeing progress in my health, faith, and maturity. I’ve only been blogging for {almost} two years, but what an eventful two years they have been!

I’ll save the teary-eyed talk for my actual blogiversary (which I have not even memorized), but today for What I Ate Wednesday, I want to do a little “then and now” comparison of my eats. The “then” photos are from early 2014, and the “now” photos are from yesterday. So this is comparing my eats between a 1.5-year period.


What I am taking away from this comparison of eats is that:

a) The eats don’t look all that different between then and now.

b) The volume of eats is more or less the same between then and now.

c) The caloric density of my eats is much greater now. (My eats last year were very “clean” with minimal sugar and oils.)

d) I’m doing much less activity now.

e) I’m pretty sure that I feel more energized now.




plain 0% Greek yogurt with a crumbled banana muffin, banana slices, and nut butter



full fat Greek yogurt + chia seeds with a crumbled berry banana muffin, banana slices, and giant scoop of nut butter


(In this instance, my “then” snack was more calorically dense than my “now” one.)



Coconut nut bar


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

finished off a bag of Enlightened wasabi crisps*




grilled chicken on undressed spinach + grapes + carrots + BelVita


DSC_1644 DSC_1645

two fried eggs with goat cheese and honey on an English muffin + zucchini sautéed in sesame oil




plain 0% Greek yogurt with banana slices and nut butter // I would often only add the nut butter if I had just worked out


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

handful of almonds and the last Quest bar from Blend (finally!) // not post-workout, just hungry




farro with baked salmon and steamed greens // little to no oil or sugar




quinoa with turkey meatloaf (included eggs and panko, topped with a sweet ketchup maple glaze) + salad dressed in a homemade maple mustard vinaigrette




Greek yogurt with dried figs // I still eat this and love it, but today there’s a lot more of this…



peach blueberry cobbler a la mode + some unpictured 2% milk

Like I said, the eats may not look that different, but when I keep in mind the caloric density of my foods today and the absence of formal, intense workouts lately, I have to say that I’m proud of my progress.

And guess what. I feel so much better now. I don’t agree with those who say “clean eating” makes you feel better than ever. Yes, eating nutritious foods most of the time makes me feel great, but getting rid of sugars and oils from everything makes me feel crabby, not better than ever.

My goal in this comparison is not to judge my past self or ridicule myself for being a little restrictive, because that time period was just another part of my journey. I’ve learned that recovery seems to keep unfolding itself, even if you think you’re just about done, which is why I say I’m 99.9% recovered.

So tell me:

Do you notice any differences between your eats now and your eats a year (or two) ago?

What did you eat for lunch yesterday? That goat cheese, honey, egg sandwich hit the spot.

Do you like meatloaf? I LOVE MEATLOAF, and the one I made last night was fantastic.

*My friends at Enlightened sent me more of their crisps because I’m in love with them and I blogged all about it. Honesty = best policy.


39 thoughts on “WIAW: Then and Now

  1. I can tell a big difference between the “then” and “now” meals. Your now meals look so so good and satisfying… and let’s be honest, plain fat-free Greek yogurt isn’t the greatest. But you are so right! We shouldn’t ridicule ourselves for the choices that we made in the past. We have the freedom of learning from them and moving on.
    I am incredibly proud of the progress that you have made. It is truly a joy watching you grow into a healthier, godlier woman. I look forward to all the things the Lord has in store for you. Keep nourishing yourself to achieve them ❤

  2. You’re amazing. You’d be more amazing if you shared that meatloaf.

    PS-I think we have the same blog birthday…or sameish. Then- You made vlogs about brussels sprouts looking like aliens. Now- You share lame pluto facts. Geeze. 🙂

  3. I had four egg whites, Diaya cheddar cheese, and two quinoa/broccoli cakes for lunch! I used to love meatloaf but now I find it hard to find a vegetarian equivalent… if you have any suggestions please let me know!!

  4. I was still on holiday yesterday and for lunch I had fresh gazpacho with croutons, fresh guacamole with tomato crackers and finished up with a scoop of coffee gelato! Too good *drool* Also…i’ve never tried meatloaf – I don’t think I could even explain to someone what meatloaf is. My bad..:) keep up the good work girly you’re doing great!

  5. Can definitely tell the difference, and your meals now look so much for fulfilling and delicious! I often mentally compare my then and now meals, and notice who much more flexible and intuitive I have become. Your latest sandwich creation sounds out of this world! Anything featuring goat cheese or nut butter belongs in my mouth ;).

  6. Well done Alison!!! For anyone who thinks it can’t be done all they have to do is read this and see that’s it’s not only doable, it can be a pleasant and tasty adventure 🙂
    Lunch yesterday was a tuna salad pita!!!
    And i love me some meatloaf!!!!!!
    Love you girlie

  7. lunch was a bagel with pb and some greek yogurt on the side. yum.
    I think when we are able to recognize our progress we have come the farthest. when others are used to us being “better” and forget the past, we remember how far we’ve come

  8. I definitely agree that everything you eat now looks like it’s even fuller of flavor, fat, and well rounded. I would say, I’m probably a little behind you in my eating journey, but maybe I’ll do a post like this in a year from now! 🙂 I have to say that you are REALLY good at taking food photos too.

  9. Drooling over that meatloaf! We actually had that on Monday night but we took the uncooked mixture and rolled into balls instead! Oh gosh, my eats a year ago are just sad… It consisted of a lot of raw vegetables and rice cakes; no thanks.
    Yesterday for lunch I had a BLT made fresh from the restaurant! DO I LIKE MEATLOAF? LOVE. Hands down delish.

  10. Oh, absolutely I’ve noticed a difference. When I first started caring about what I ate, I thought I was supposed to eat a low-fat diet. I wouldn’t even put dressing on my salads – WTH.

    My lunches are usually pretty boring – I eat at work and sometimes the offerings are questionable (hi, mystery meat!) so it’s usually a salad + protein. Yesterday I had a big spinach salad with roast beef & kale/chorizo soup.

    Meatloaf isn’t horrible but it’s not good. Hahahaha

  11. I feel like meatloaf gets lots of flak but I actually like it 🙂 And I didn’t eat much lunch today because I’m currently in a little rural part of Indonesia where everything’s closed for lunch because of fasting for Ramadan (it’s largely Muslim), so I snacked on almonds, a KIND bar, and a banana with PB in the car 🙂

  12. You eat some gooooooood food. Please make me all my meals, thanks. You’re so right that eating 100% clean does NOT make someone feel 100% healthy (in my opinion too). Eating nutritious foods obviously is good for you but so is eating food for your soul, like that cobbler. Mmmm. You are a gem and are growing into such an amazing lady. ❤

  13. Meatloaf is so delicious but I actually didn’t have it for the first time until a few years ago! So crazy. My mom never made it for dinner until recently and I’m SO glad that she did – I absolutely love meatloaf. I prefer it with tomato sauce instead of ketchup.

  14. I totally agree with you… I still love running, but I have to take an unexpected two-week hiatus and while at first I struggled with wanting to eat the same amount, I realize now it’s a good thing. Your body needs time to heal, and good whole food heals it!

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