Old-School Things That I Hope Never Die

Look what went down in our kitchen last night.


PeachBlueberryCobblerICannotContainMyExcitement. !!!!!!!!!!!


I used this recipe as a guide, which is different from the one I used last year. This one is more of a biscuit-topping-cobbler, while the one I made last year was more of a cake-like-cobbler.


I used a little too much fruit, because the cobble to fruit ratio was a little low for my liking. (I was seriously considering making another batch of the biscuit topping but decided not to be so greedy.) I also used lime zest instead of orange zest, and added ground nutmeg and ginger to the fruit, which made it somethin’ special. Dad and I enjoyed it a la mode of course.


Something about baking peach cobbler makes me feel like I should be wearing a 50s housewife dress and a white, lace-trimmed apron. That sounds so anti-feminist, but frankly, I think making something delicious by hand that brings a smile to someone’s face is anything BUT lame.



After baking fresh peach cobbler— a classic Southern dessert— I started thinking about some other old-school things that should never go out of style. For the record, this list does not include long-haired slick backs, white T-shirts, good girl faith, or tight little skirts.*

Old-School Things That I Hope Never Die

1. Sit-down dinners with family members.


Sitting down for dinner with family members is a privilege. I find that having dinner with loved ones not only encourages good conversation and slower eating, but it also helps foster greater gratitude for the food and people I have in my life.

2. Snail mail.

Seriously, there is no feeling like getting a letter addressed to you in the mail that is from a loved one and has nothing to do with bills, coupons, or local politicians.


During the summer I love taking the opportunity to find a couple pen pals and write back and forth a few times. It’s exciting receiving a letter and equally as exciting sending one, especially if he/she isn’t expecting it!

3. Late nights at the diner.

Diners seem to be more of an east coast thing if I’m not mistaken, but I love the casual, family-style atmosphere, as well as the comfort food (fries, milkshakes, pancakes, HIIIIII.)


Diners on rainy nights are quintessentially classic. Like, cue some Grease music, please.

4. Real books.

I know a lot of people would agree with me on this one. As much as I love reading blogs and I love the environment, you absolutely cannot replace the experience of reading a book with tangible, dog-eared pages and that glorious smell of…paper…when you flip through.


Although, I have issues taking care of my books, because I always tend to get them wet and wrinkly. The way I see it, the water damage adds character and vintage vibes to the book.

5. Ballroom dancing.

Secret sharing time! I used to take ballroom and latin dance lessons, and I would dance with my tall, skinny Russian instructor in shows (and in one competition).

Oh. Look what I found from six years ago…


So there’s that.

Anyway, amidst the grinding, twerking, you’re-a-jerk-ing, and pop-lock-and-dropping of this era, I like to think that ballroom dancing remains a respected art that displays romance in a classy manner. I think it would be a sad day if no men knew how to properly frame a woman for dancing (not the prom-style hands on hips, arms around neck thing).

Wait, have we already reached that day?

6. Sleepovers.

Not that I think this will go away anytime soon…for young girls at least.

Is it socially acceptable to have sleepovers with my girl friends when we’re out of college? (I could say “adult sleepover”, but that connotes something quite different.) Like, if/when we’re married and my husband is out of town? Can I invite my gals over for pajamas, nail painting, face masks, cookie baking, chick flicks, and TMI talk?

Imma do it.


Call me a retro-wannabe, but I think some things are called classic for a reason!

*Reference to Taylor Swift’s song, Style, in case you didn’t know what was going on there.

Hope you cool kids have a groovy day! 😉

So tell me:

What is your favorite summer desert?

Are there any old-school things that you hope never die?

Do you agree/disagree with any of the things on my list?


30 thoughts on “Old-School Things That I Hope Never Die

  1. I don’t know if it is considered “old-fashioned”, but I hope manners never ever die. A simple please and thank you is delightful to say the least.
    I love snail mail! Maybe we can be college pen pals? 🙂

  2. Family dinners are the best. I’m sooo grateful to have grown up with so many of them. And it goes along with snail mail a bit (which I LOVE), but I hope thank-you notes (real ones, not emails) don’t die. I’ve always been supposed to write them after birthdays, Christmas, and anytime people do particularly nice things for me. I used to really hate it because it felt like there were SO MANY to write, but it’s the least you can do to let someone know how much you appreciate something they did. Now I enjoy sitting down and writing to people, thanking them and updating them on life. 🙂

  3. Sit down dinners are totally a thing of the past. I feel like even if families sit together, they’re usually watching a TV show or not exactly conversing. Growing up and moving out I miss those family dinners!

  4. YES to real books! I know all those e-readers are crazy convenient, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give up real books. They may be heavy and take up tonnes of space, but there’s just nothing like the feel and smell of a real book… especially when it’s old and well-loved. My biggest goal in life is actually to have a library like Beast gave Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Working on it 😉

  5. These are all so wonderful Alison! I seriously hope books never go out of style, I practically live in bookstores and libraries and electronic reading makes me feel lethargic real fast! Adult women sleepovers should be a real thing. I haven’t been to a sleepover in SO long… it’ll give me something to look forward to when I’m ‘older’ ;)!

  6. “During the summer I love taking the opportunity to find a couple pen pals and write back and forth a few times.”

    I knew that ad was familiar in craigslist. Also we need to chat! I have goodies to deliver to you. (ha, ironic with the address and all)

  7. I was so jealous when I saw your fruit cobbler post on IG. 😦 My favorite combo is strawberry rhubarb – with vanilla bean ice cream.

    I’m not going to be happy until I get some in my face. I hope board games never die! It’s fun to see how a lot of “old trends” are becoming new again, hey?

  8. I agree with all of these!!!!!!! Ballroom dancing, diner nights, real books,family dinners (sans technology!!) Oo and I’ll totally join you for sleepovers🙋🏼😉
    I also think little things like guys holding doors open, Sunday(or Saturday) mass, special weekend breakfasts, special birthday dinners, and reading the newspaper stay put!!

    And maybe I’m anti feminist too but there’s nothing more satisfying than cooking up some thorn delicious for someone!
    Have a great one!!!

  9. My favorite summer desert is fruit, can’t lie, because it doesn’t make me as thirsty. That being said, I’m always up for churros. Like…any season…
    And I can’t even stress how important 1 and 4 are for me. I don’t do snail mail anymore but I used to be really into pen pals. I just can’t find anyone willing anymore which makes me really sad.

  10. I love love love this post haha! My favourite summer dessert has to be ice cream, there is just no competition at all:) I completely agree with pretty much everything on you sit, particularly the one about family dinners, because that is something I really treasure, sitting down together and sharing aspects of your day is just so nice and comforting. Also, I think outings with my parents! It was something we always did when I was a child before I got to that whole i’m a teenager and my parents aren’t cool kind of phase. Now i’m starting to enter those scary adult years i’ve realised that my parents are actually my best friends and I love going on fun outings with them, no matter where they go haha!

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