Lonely Girl Thoughts


with the amazing Amanda ♥ 

1) I didn’t make anything red, white, and blue on Fourth of July in Boston, so I made this blueberry strawberry banana bread in muffin form a few days late to celebrate…

DSC_1607 DSC_1609


…except I didn’t make them to be patriotic at all, I just had all the ingredients and I wanted muffins.

2) My service as a juror is finally finished (for the next 4-6 years at least)! It lasted three days. I can tell you now that the case was pretty minor: a girl and her mother sued the girl’s middle school for employee negligence, which they claimed caused the girl to get injured in gym class. It happened almost four years ago.



3) Although the process was long, slow, and not the most exciting thing in the world, I still walked out with a smile on my face because it was such an interesting process. I literally kept saying to myself, “This is so cool.”

(P.S. Solely based on the evidence provided, the jury’s verdict was in favor of the plaintiff—  the girl.)

4) Speaking of injustices, I was assaulted by a fly on Tuesday night. I was about to dry my hair after my shower when I heard bzzzzzzzzz. 



I ran away and turned off the light in the bathroom in an attempt to get it to follow the light into the hallway. It did indeed fly out, but then it flew super close to my ear again and I fell to the floor to avoid it. Yes, ladies and gents, the fly knocked me down.

6) My friend told me that I’m at least twice the size of the fly, so I can take it. I replied that I’m also at least twice the size of HIV, rhinovirus, and pollen, but IT DOESN’T MATTER. They’re still evil.

7) I’m craving saucy meatballs. Luckily I’ll be able to get some at the local church’s Festa Italiana tomorrow!

photo 1 copy 2

8) Thank God for technology. I know it’s good to “unplug,” and my mind/body knows when it needs to do so, but social media, music, TV and YouTube are currently keeping me company during my lonely hours.

I miss my friends in Boston. Daliza, come be my friend.

9) I need to manage my time better in the morning. I like taking my time to eat breakfast, catch up on blogs, meditate, and pack lunch in the morning, but more often than not, I’m running out the door because I’m a couple minutes behind schedule. I think I just need to prioritize my tasks before going on the computer.

10) Does anyone ever eat regular yogurt anymore? As in, NON-Greek yogurt? I bought a tub of regular full fat yogurt since the store didn’t have plain full fat Greek yogurt (at a cheap price at least…I love Fage, but my wallet does not).


To be honest, Dannon regular is only a little thinner than 0% Chobani, but not that much more. The only real difference is the lower protein content, which I know is a deal breaker for a lot of protein fanatics out there. 8 grams of protein in the regular yogurt does the trick for me though!

Hope you all have a fabulous pre-Friday 🙂

So tell me:

How are you with bugs?

I’m craving ______.

Do you ever eat regular yogurt?


24 thoughts on “Lonely Girl Thoughts

  1. I do eat regular yogurt! Why not. It’s thinner/more liquid than Greek yogurt (or rather quark since that what we have here), sometimes I mix the two…it doesn’t really matter to me.
    Just an hour ago a wasp attacked me while I was making my salad!! It didn’t want to follow my directions out the window again, so…no chance for the wasp (sorry 😦 ). A while later its friend came over and annoyed me while eating that salad – I caught it with a glass and let it free outside. I’m not that cruel!

  2. No to bugs. I never want to see them, hear them, and I especially do not want to feel them. I’m totally craving pancakes and waffles recently… going to have to get on that 🙂

  3. I actually really don’t like regular yogurt and never have! I didn’t start eating yogurt (except froyo) until greek yogurt became a thing because I hated the slimy texture. I LOLed reading the story about the fly. Flies freak me out!! As do most bugs. When I see a spider I feel like it’s crawling all over me for like an hour haha!

  4. Me? bugs? AHAHAHA NO. I will literally not come within a five mile radius of a bug if it’s in our house. Even though our house is much smaller than that. Spiders are out to kill me with their fangs, and I am not about to let my life end that soon ;).
    I have always eaten european style full fat plain yogurt my whole life, I get the Strauss plain yogurt. In our culture, yogurt is always eaten as a savory dish, and often times as a side dish with rice- so I never really jumped on the greek yogurt bandwagon. And since I don’t do low fat/fat free, its a bit too thick for us :)!

  5. I will definitely be making that bread when I’m finished with the ‘Whole30’ at the end of the month. Your muffins look like they turned out so delicious! Very moist? Also, I can relate to needing to manage my time better in the mornings. I like a slow, gradual schedule but I’m finding that it’s too slow – I need to pick up the pace a bit more or try a new routine. 🙂

  6. Flies 😭😭😭😭😭 ugh! They are the worst! I did manage to kill one a few days ago for the first time…ever👊🏼💃🏻boo ya!
    Craving muffins…preferably those patriotic ones…if not just regular😉
    I haven’t had regular yogurt in such a long time! Remember those sprinkle dannimal ones or the trix yogurts? What is sugar 😂

    And that court case🙈😂dying lolol

    • It’s like hitting the jackpot when I hit a fly (is that really terrible?). I cannot stand them!
      OMG Trix yogurts with the two colors!? Those were my jam! Holy smokes if I ate one today I’d probably only be able to have a bite or two because they’re so sweet. Also, GoGurt??? 😉

  7. Hehe.. Yes I do love regular yogurt. My favorite brand is mountain high, Original (plain or vanilla) I like Brown Cow too, but it’s expensive. Ok, I know this is weird, but I LOVE watching bugs. If they are crawling on me or a bee is buzzing by my head it’s a different story, but stopping to watch an ant hill or a spider spin a web is something that I’ve always found fascinating.

  8. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had regular yogurt, but I don’t think I was the biggest fan just because of the texture — I like my yogurts a little on the thicker side. And I’d have to say that I’m pretty okay with bugs… but mostly because I had a basement room for 3 years and had to deal with all manner of creepy crawlies. Snakes, on the other hand, TOTALLY different story…

  9. I want those meatballs. Oh my goodness, you just gave me the biggest hankering for both muffins and meatballs. But they don’t go together… I am conflicted.

    Also, I ONLY eat regular yogurt. Greek yogurt… okay unpopular opinion: I am not a fan.

  10. um…cue attack at 4am this morning with buzzing then waking up covered in bites.

    I just bought bug spray 😀 Not even kidding you, my worst nightmare would be jury duty. HELLLLLLLLL. In Australia, my mates went for like, 4 months straight. Also. My mum only gets normal non Greek yogurt.

    • Ew ew ew. So sorry to hear that.
      Yeah I got lucky with such a short and minor case this time, but there can be some crazy cases that go on forever! You do know that you’re going to be summoned soon, now that you’ve expressed your fear of getting summoned…

  11. I usually eat Greek yogurt, but recently I have been switching to regular because it’s so much cheaper. AND, it’s not like I really need 20g protein in my yogurt anyway – I eat plenty!

  12. Bugs are a nuisance. I just moved into a new house yesterday and so many bugs got in. It is creeping me out. I hate (strong word, I know) bugs.
    I am craving…. having a convo with you! 😀
    It is so hard to find regular yogurt now of days! I usually pick regular over Greek. Sometimes Greek yogurt is just too thick for me.

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