Strawberries and Cream for Wimbledon

Jury duty day #2 is ahead of me today!

I added the exclamation point for motivation and positive vibes, because I’m so not looking forward to it. It’s a blessing and a curse to be young and open minded. Mostly a blessing though.

I wish I could tell you guys about the case, but alas, I would be tracked down and killed if I shared anything. (Joking about getting killed, but seriously, I cannot share!)

In other news, Wimbledon (one of the grand slam tennis tournaments) is happening. I haven’t been watching, but I plan on catching as many matches as possible from here on out. I love watching tennis. I’ve never even played, but it’s one of the only sports I actually enjoy watching (others include gymnastics, figure skating, hockey [in person at Boston University only], and soccer [World Cup only…I’m a fake fan]).

I’ve been to the US Open for tennis before, but I think it would be amazing to attend Wimbledon for two reasons:

1) It’s in England.

2) Strawberries and cream is the signature food to eat at the event.



According to this website, the recipe for Wimbledon strawberries and cream is super simple: strawberries with sweet, soft-peaked whipped cream. Classic England being classy.

Today I have a more substantial version of strawberries and cream for you in the form of a smooooothie.


A company called MyProtein kindly sent me a bag of their strawberries and cream protein powder to try, along with a mega jar (40 oz/2.5 lb!) of peanut butter (the way to my heart).



Funny enough, MyProtein is the biggest sports nutrition brand in the UK and Europe. It’s slowly growing in the United States though! In addition to protein powders and nut butters, they sell protein cookies, bars, oats, and supplements.

Now, I am definitely not one to use amino acid supplements or anything like that at all right now (they kinda scare me, tbh). I mostly just use protein powder to make foods like Arman’s cake batter oatmeal, Gina’s cookie dough cereal, energy balls, or substantial smoothies— like this one! Protein powder helps to add calories and satiety to my smoothies.


The strawberries and cream protein powder is sweet, but not sickeningly sweet. However, it does have quite an artificial flavor. Think Nesquick strawberry milk or Starbucks’ strawberry cream frappuccino. Luckily, I love that flavor, so this was good stuff. Also, the addition of real strawberries to the smoothie helps to liven up the strawberry flavor a bit.

Strawberries and Cream Protein Smoothie

  • 1/2 c. milk (the fattier the better!)
  • 4-5 fresh or frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1 scoop strawberries and cream protein powder*
  • 3-5 ice cubes

Blend, baby, blend.

*Can sub vanilla protein powder, just add a couple more strawberries.


Of course, if you’re not into protein powder, you could always just do strawberries with vanilla ice cream too, which is what I ate last night 🙂


Along with a whole lot of drippings from the newly opened and stirred MyProtein peanut butter:


The verdict? DELICIOUS. It is 100% peanuts, just how I like it (although I’m wondering if it’s lightly salted, because it tastes just as good as salted peanut butter!). All the stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth goodness.

I would compare the taste of this peanut butter to Trader Joe’s natural pb, Teddie’s, or Costco natural pb. Maybe a combination of all three.


waterfall of pb fell off the side of the jar as this photo was taken


PSA/BREAKING NEWS: If you mix vanilla ice cream with some cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg (key!), it tastes like EGGNOG. Oh my goodness.


I’m so excited about this. Eggnog in summer form.

So tell me:

What is your favorite sport to watch? Do you like watching tennis?

Have you ever eaten strawberries and cream (in any form)?

Will you try this eggnog ice cream life hack!?

Disclaimer: MyProtein sent me the protein powder and peanut butter for a review in return. All opinions and content are my own.


24 thoughts on “Strawberries and Cream for Wimbledon

  1. I got so excited for a moment there thinking you were in England, I was about to leave a big huge WELCOME TO ENGLAAAAND comment. It will have to wait for another day 😦 I wish I could bathe under a pb waterfall. It looks so good.
    I have never eaten strawberries and cream in the raw form – I have never ever liked cream in my life which may be why..but we get these boiled sweets here that are strawberry and cream flavoured and they are unreal. I used to eat them on the beach as a kid! I also used to eat strawberries just sprinkled in sugar, thats pretty good too.
    My favourite sports to watch would probably be anything equestrian! But I like watching gymnastics and diving too. I’m not big into team sports 😛
    I have NEVER tried eggnog. I have no idea what it tastes like, so maybe I will give the hack a go to see if I like it!

      • Aww whereabouts?! Please tell me you know what boiled sweets are? I think they are like what you call hard candy – basically hard flavoured sugar sweets haha. Anyway they were good 😛 Yeah you’re right, thats my Brit streak shining through, guilty as charged 😉

          • hey, it still counts 😉
            I know right! Some crazy flavours out there. Ah jelly beans are so good too. My favourites are the jelly belly ones. Especially watermelon and tutti fruity 😛

  2. I love watching pretty much any sport! Hockey and (college) football are my regular favorites, but I watch a ton of tennis and a bit of baseball, basketball, and golf, too. I don’t really play sports, I just spectate.
    One of my favorite dessert-y snacks is berries and whipped cream. It feels fancy and tastes delicious – especially with fresh summer berries! I’m also a fan of berries and ice cream. You can’t go wrong with just about anything and ice cream, though 🙂

  3. Apparently we are even more alike than I thought because tennis is one of the only sports I like watching too! I actually have played my whole life and love watching/going to matches. I went to Wimbledon when I was exactly your age (summer after freshman year of college) and it was amazing. I drank Pimms cups and ate strawberries and cream 🙂

  4. I’m not a huge fan of watching sports, but I do like to catch a couple minutes of an intense hockey match. Hockey and football are a big deal where I’m from but I just do not like watching football. It is a bit boring for me…
    Anywho, that peanut butter looks gorgeous- drippy, stick to the roof of your mouth peanut butter is the best 😉

  5. Cannot stop staring at your pb pics… this has got to be considered torture ;)! My favorite sports to watch include gymnastics, figure skating/dance, soccer, and diving. However I am probably the last person you want to talk sports with. I don’t follow them very well and have a hard time remembering what team plays what sport. You are brilliant when it comes to strawberries and cream… strawberry ice cream is basically the best thing ever <3.

  6. Yum yum!!! Strawberry milk brings me right back to childhood!!
    I love watching tennis and hockey and ice skating too!!! Those are the only sports that I can watch and not fall asleep ☺️🙈 I love playing tennis too. I’m not very good but man whacking that ball is so satisfying😉
    Have fun at day 2! You’re such a good citizen 👍🏼👍🏼😘

  7. I am beyond obsessed with watching athletics on tv haha, but I actually really dislike tennis…and i’m british..and I hate strawberries so the whole strawberries and cream thing doesn’t happen either. I’m clearly a very bad brit! The eggnog ice cream on the other hand is beyond genius and I will be doing that ASAP!

  8. Lucky you!! I love myprotein! I have the salted caramel and the chocolate nut (=Nutella) whey, the latter is deeelicious!
    I love watching gymnastics, and soccer also only the world cup games 😉

  9. 1) Can’t wait to try this smoothie! I don’t have strawberry protein but I think vanilla will work for now.
    2) I LOVE eggnog so I’m definitely interested in trying that combination! YUM. Thanks for the tip!

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